Top 10 Help Desk Ticketing Systems

Top 10 Help Desk Ticketing Systems

Help desk ticketing systems are tools to keep track of customer issues and aid your support team in solving them quickly. These systems help to convert customer issues or challenges into positive customer experiences and increase customer satisfaction for your company.

There are many help desk ticketing options on the market. It can be overwhelming to find the right one for you. This article will show you how to choose the right help desk ticketing system.

Top 10 Help Desk Ticketing Systems

1. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is an all-in-one customer service software. It can be used by both small and large businesses. You can use it to manage customer service.

It is extremely customizable and simple to use which makes it one of the most popular help desk systems available today.

Freshdesk offers AI-based tools that can help you solve problems quickly for customers. It automates and streamlines your service processes.

It can assign tickets automatically based on set preferences, and its AI-based bot Freddy can suggest knowledgebase articles. You can also track performance analytics with its customizable dashboards or reports.


  • Freshdesk offers a -free plan that supports 10 agents and email and social ticketing. It also includes a knowledge base and ticket trend reports.
  • The Growth and Pro plans, which cost $18 and $59 respectively per agent per Month, enable automation, market apps, custom views and customer fields, time tracking and time tracking, and allow for automation.
  • Enterprise plan $79 per agent per monthly adds sandbox and approval workflows to email bots, etc.

2. Zendesk for Service

Zendesk is an enterprise-ready helpdesk ticketing system, offers many features for service companies. It is a well-known and trusted name in the help desk ticketing industry.

It has a unique feature: the strong cross-channel communication that allows you to reach your customers via their preferred channels like email, chat, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Zenesk AI-powered chatbots can be customized to send prewritten responses, while agents work on other tickets. A knowledge base can be set up to allow customers to access help on their own.

Its workflows allow customers to find FAQs and auto-route tickets according to their configuration. Its reports provide detailed analytics of your service teams.


  • Zendesk’s suite Team plan starts at $49 per Agent per Month for unified messaging and automation. Reporting and analytics are also available.
  • Growth Plan for $79 per agent per Month offers advanced automation and custom integrations.
  • A professional plan at $99 per agent per Month offers skill-based routing and customizable dashboards, among other things.
  • The enterprise plan at $150 per agent per year includes many more features like shared dashboards and customizable workspaces.

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3. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is an all-in-one help desk ticketing software that assists customer service teams to manage customer requests and improve customer experience. It provides many tools and features that enable support agents and managers to provide exceptional service and customer insight.

If your business already uses Zoho Suite, Zoho Desk will work well. It is a multichannel helpdesk system that integrates email, live chat, and social media. It all comes under one interface.

You can also create a self-service portal with FAQs, tutorials, and knowledge bases for your customers. The dashboards and reports offer insight into service performance.


  • Zoho offers a -free plan that supports 3 agents and email ticketing. It also includes customer management and more.
  • The Standard and Professional plans, which cost $20 and $35 respectively per agent per month, offer social channels, public information base, assignment and work rules, dashboards, and integrations.
  • Enterprise Plan for $50 per Agent per Month offers Zia (AI-powered agent), live chat, and custom functions.

4. ProProfs

ProProfs is a helpdesk ticketing system that allows companies to manage customer service and support. It was designed to be a simple, effective tool for customer support departments to handle customer issues and tickets.

ProProfs Enterprise Product was created with the aim of creating a user-friendly interface that is both friendly for the customer and the company.

ProProfs also supports automation options to speed up the resolution of customer tickets. It can be configured to automatically assign tickets in round-robin order and create pre-written responses to speed up response times.

You can also create public knowledgebase to assist customers with common issues. The real-time reports allow you to measure and improve your performance.


  • ProProfs plans begin with the Essentials plan at $15 per user per month. This plan offers efficient support with shared inboxes and essential help desk capabilities.
  • Premium Plan for $20 per User per Month supports unlimited inboxes, and an advanced feature set, including ticket routing and white labeling.
  • The enterprise plan includes more, such as custom automation and integrated systems, Single Sign-On (SSO), and many other features. Live chat is available for $5 more on each plan.

5. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub allows you to create and assign tickets, as well as take action on tickets together. It was designed to be flexible to meet the needs of any organization. It supports collaboration between customer support teams in solving tickets.

HubSpot’s Service Hub allows you to create knowledge bases for customers and agents, enable chat for quick communication and add automation features that speed up ticket resolutions. You can also connect multiple channels to one shared email, including live chat, email, and so on.


  • HubSpot Service Hub’s Starter Plan starts at $50 per month for 2 users. It includes live chat, shared email, ticket pipelines, and automation.
  • Professional plans start at $500 per month for five users that offer ticket routing, knowledgebase, customer portal, service analytics, and more.
  • Enterprise plans start at 1200 per user, Single sign-on (SSO), Sandboxes, and more

6. HappyFox

HappyFox is a help desk ticketing platform that allows customers to better manage their incoming tickets, is called HappyFox. Customers can submit tickets easily and receive the assistance they need with a simple interface.

HappyFox offers powerful features like workflows and ticket routing, as well as integration with other tools and customizable templates.

It allows you to handle customer requests, questions, and problems. Customers and employees can easily report problems or request assistance from other departments.

Use the tool to create a knowledge base or a forum for your customers. The AI assistant of the tool can assist with workflow management, customer support, and chat.


  • HappyFox Help Desk’s Mighty Plan costs $39 per agent each month and offers omnichannel tickets as well as a knowledge base, single sign-on (SSO), and many other features.
  • Fantastic plans cost $59 per agent each month for multi-branding and custom ticket queues.
  • The Enterprise or Enterprise Plus plans are $79 and $99 respectively. This plan offers more: Asset and task management in Enterprise, agent scripting, and all-time reporting history for Enterprise Plus.

7. Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management enables teams to work together, keep on top of issues and provide great customer experiences. This software is used to manage customer support and service needs for organizations of any size.

Customers can use this tool to submit tickets through many channels such as email, phone calls, chat, web portals, and social media as well.

It allows you to categorize and prioritize tickets. You can also create custom workflows for various types of requests and set up escalation policies for certain types of requests.

Jira Service Management provides dashboards and reports that provide all information regarding tickets. This allows you to easily analyze the performance of your service team to ensure efficient customer support.


  • Jira Service Management’s Free plan supports 3 agents and unlimited customers. It also allows for configurable workflows, analytics, reporting, knowledge management, and more.
  • Premium and Standard plans are available for $20 and $45 per agent each month. These plans offer cloud support team, service status webpages, and more
  • Enterprise plans offer more features such as Atlassian Analyst and Atlassian Data Lake.

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8. Kayako

Kayako is a help desk ticketing system that can be used to manage customer queries and requests. It allows customers to keep track of their issues and assists in solving them.

Kayako can be integrated with third-party applications such as CRM and project management tools. So that customers’ information can be automatically updated in other systems.

Kayako is a customer satisfaction tool that provides insight into customer service. It has both a web-based interface and compatibility with mobile devices. The software can be used as either an on-premise or a cloud-based solution that can be accessed anywhere, at any time.


Kayako offers all features under a single plan at $60 per agent per year. Kayako is a bit more expensive than other tools, especially if you have small teams.

9. Mojo Helpdesk

Mojo Helpdesk, another cloud-based service, is an intuitive and easy way to handle customer requests. It can share inboxes with multiple channels like chat, email support, and social media. This allows your customers to access help via their preferred method.

Mojo Helpdesk lets you monitor tickets in real-time, and keep track of what they did for each customer inquiry. It integrates with many third-party applications, such as Slack and Jira. Zendesk is another example.


  • Mojo Helpdesk’s team plan costs $14 per agent per yea,r and offers ticket tracking, a self-service knowledge base, custom forms as well as unlimited automations, time tracking, and single sign-on (SSO), and many other features.
  • Business plans cost $24 per agent per year and include escalation rules and advanced security.
  • Enterprise plan for $34 per agent per month offers more features like advanced reporting, extra quotas, sandbox, etc.

10. Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk can assign agents and employees to handle tickets and set up schedules and track responses. You can create ticket templates to handle different types of requests. monitor ticket statistics, and set up schedules for support agents. Customers can also use the online chat feature.

Vision Helpdesk is a central place for all helpdesk tickets using simple workflows that are based on rule-based triggers. It includes auto-sending notifications and other features to speed up the process. Gamifying ticket handling and a shared knowledge base to boost customer service.


  • Vision Helpdesk offers five plans starting at $15 per agent per month.
  • The Pro plan and the Satellite Help Desk plan cost $25 and $30, respectively, per agent per Month.
  • Pro and Ent Service Desk plans are $40 per agent per month, respectively, with additional features. Additional licensing is required if you want a live chat.

Last Line — Choose the Best Help Desk Ticketing Systems

There are so many tools, you need to ask questions before choosing the right tool for your job. How do customers prefer to get support? What are their expectations for a response? Are they able to use self-service tools? What number of support agents do you plan to have? These questions will help you choose the right tool for your business.

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