Top 10 IT Staff Augmentation Companies

Top 10 IT Staff Augmentation Companies

Companies focus on brand value because it is crucial for their business. Companies have begun to rely on IT staff augmentation in order to scale their services. They can do this by hiring a team of developers who help them achieve their goals.

Regardless of their size, Businesses trust IT staff augmentation companies when it comes to recruiting the best talent. Top IT staff augmentation companies help companies fill the void they are experiencing due to a lack of workers. They also help to provide skilled teams that can justify project costs within a budget.

A report from the Manpower group states that there has been a talent shortfall of over three hundred percent in the past decade. Furthermore, over 65% of companies find it difficult to hire the right candidates for the job. Staff augmentation is a great way to find the right person for the job.

We’ve created a list to help you choose the best staff augmentation company based on your tech skills and budget.

Top 10 IT Staff Augmentation Companies

1. eSparkBiz

eSparkBiz is one of the best top IT staff augmentation companies. The company has more than 12+ years of experience and 250+ developers. You can trust its expertise and solutions in tech.

It has served more than 20+ countries and boasts a client retention rate of more than 95 percent. It is also ISO 27001 certified and has CMMI Level 3. It has a strong team of project designers and developers that can take care of clients’ project needs.

The company offers staff augmentation in addition to traditional software development. This company is rated 4.9 on Clutch, and five on HubSpot. This speaks volumes about the professionalism of its staff.

Reason for choosing: eSparkBiz blends design ideas and business analytics in a strategic way. It also assists with documentation, wireframing, and UX.

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2. Premier Systems Inc

Premier Systems Inc. was founded in 1993 and has been the leading name in staff augmentation ever since. The company is committed to client satisfaction and customer service. It meets market demand in a cost-efficient, timely, and well-planned manner.

It offers a broad range of business solutions, which equip you with the right people to do the job. This company offers services such as direct placement, managed IT service, contract staffing, and contract-to-hire.

Reason for choosing:

  • Our team of specialists in recruiting works quickly to reach clients’ business goals.
  • It provides exceptional value and maintains close relationships with clients.

3. Flexible Staffing Services

Established in 1991, flexible staffing services have been providing staffing and augmentation services since then. It is closely linked to many companies success.

It can meet the specific and extended needs of industrial and critical staffing. The company focuses on the development, retention, and recruitment of committed individuals for various roles. It also provides corporate support.

Reason for choosing:

  • Each associate is valued as a resource by the company and it adheres to high standards.
  • It also meets the needs of clients by offering flexible, superior, and competitive market rates. It is a trusted name in IT augmentation and recruitment.

4. Veraqor Inc

The company offers the most advanced technology and technical expertise. The company offers business solutions that are both effective and cost-effective, whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise. It is one of the most reputable IT staff augmentation companies.

It offers tech solutions such as data management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Cloud migration, and staffing. This company can create custom solutions to meet your business needs. Veraqor Inc. uses technology to create a better future.

Reason for choosing:  It offers a select list of clients to ensure the smooth progress of projects. It also ensures timely delivery and exceptional recruitment services.

5. CXR agency

CXR agency helps clients achieve their business goals using innovative technologies, and web solutions. It has experience in business and client relationships, having completed more than 400 projects and served 200+ clients.

It has over 30+ awards, making it a trusted name for IT services. It believes technology in its purest form always produces results.

Reason for choosing:

  • CXR Agency is a trusted source for staff augmentation and recruitment services.
  • With an efficient software development team, you can scale up your tech teams and recruit processes easily.

6. ProCoders

ProCoders is an IT outsourcing company that works in collaborative environments to deliver the best IT teams for companies. It assists in building customized teams that will keep you ahead of your competition.

The company has grown to be a major player in IT staffing services. The company has been providing dedicated teams for clients around the world more than 150 times in the past five years. The solutions offered will help you find the right people to meet your business’s needs.

Reason for choosing: It also offers flexible solutions for IT staff augmentation. It operates in lockstep, which ensures consistency, accuracy, and punctuality.

7. Newxel

The company has more than 100+ happy clients and 500+ developers. You can trust its experience and expertise.

The company can help you find the right team for your project if your goal is to attract top developers or team members. Newxel offers a variety of tech solutions, including web development, mobile development, and Blockchain.

Reason for choosing:

  • Distributed development and augmentation can provide complete support for your services.
  • The company operates on a transparent corporate model which allows you to hire the top software engineers, and establish a local development team at the location that you choose.

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In a short time, the company can provide access to top-quality talent. Matching specialists and their teams will learn more about your company culture before recommending custom-fit candidates based on the requirements. allows you to search for different profiles and recommend candidates based on your role. You can review technical and cultural details to gain a better understanding of the candidate’s skills. It is a top company for IT staff augmentation.

Reason for choosing:

  • The company is not only successful in allocating funds but also helps to build long-term relationships.
  • This Onboarding process is simplified and equips top talent from all corners of the world.

9. DOIT Software

DOIT Software is a trusted brand in IT staff augmentation. It is a company that focuses on your business requirements and can provide the best service for you based on those needs.

Startup businesses can get help with the recruitment of dedicated development teams that will increase performance. It can also help to strengthen your internal team by providing additional resources. It is a great way to share your business ideas and help your company develop the perfect solutions.

It also has a great deal of expertise in the areas of healthcare, fintech, and management, as well as sports, wellness, and other related sectors. Other tech solutions include web and mobile app development Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

10. Devlane

Devlane is a software company that offers a variety of tech solutions, including web development, mobile app development, eCommerce, IT strategy consulting, and staff augmentation.

It also handles project management, payroll, legal, performance metrics, incentives, and admin. Despite being relatively young and founded in 2020 it offers the most expertise in recruitment and staffing processes.

Reason for choosing:

  • The staff augmenting model allows the company to provide the best talent and requirements for the client’s technology teams.
  • It not only provides tech expertise but also offers all the other features that go along with it.

Conclusion — Top IT staff augmenting companies

Hiring developers or employees can be a difficult task for any company, specifically for startups. With the help of IT staff augmenting companies, you can achieve unmatched flexibility at a lower cost.

You won’t need to be trained and will receive full administrative support. Staff augmentation companies are able to provide access to professionals from all over the world. You can also increase the ability of your team to add specialists or experts.

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