Top 10 Landing Page Builder Tools

Top 10 Landing Page Builder Tools

You are missing many opportunities to convert if your marketing campaign does not include a responsive, well-designed landing page builder.

A landing page helps users understand the next steps after visiting your website. What are the chances that they will stay on your site if they don’t have clear instructions?

Your marketing campaign must be successful. You also need to make sure your landing pages are successful. This is exactly what our collection of landing page designers is going to show today.

What’s a Landing Page?

After clicking on an ad or link, landing pages are the destination that a user reaches. Landing pages are a key component of marketing because they directly focus on whether a user will convert.

These pages could be all sorts with different purposes.

If we have a marketing campaign that aims to get people to contact us more often, we will send them to our contact page.

A marketer can have the same scenario when running a campaign for his business. You can set targets to collect emails in order to generate leads, encourage conversions, and increase sales. No matter what reason, the user must convert on a landing page only.

What’s a Landing Page Building Software?

A landing page that is perfect for you? a landing page building software will align with your needs.

Building landing pages takes a lot of time and requires a lot more thought. With a landing page builder, this process becomes much easier.

The landing page builder tool includes hundreds of templates that can be used for every niche. A landing page creator will always have the right template for your niche, regardless of whether it is healthcare, technology, fashion, or any other.

Do you want to create templated landing pages?

You always have two options when creating a landing page: either you can build it from scratch or you can use a template.

You are committing to costs and putting yourself at risk if you choose the first option. If this is not a problem, you can create a landing page that complements your website in the exact way that you want it to be.

A landing page template, on the other hand, could be even more helpful. These templates can be:

  • Cheap
  • It is easy to create and edit
  • Usually responsive

However, not every template fits well with every type of website. So before you decide to buy one, make sure you make it clear whether it matches your website or not.

How does a Landing Page Builder aid in conversions?

Landing page templates are important because they can be optimized for the highest number of conversions.

These templates are often created by marketing experts who know what a landing page needs to convert visitors.

These page templates can also be used for:

  • Easy to edit and cost-friendly
  • The fastest options
  • Few resources are required
  • The most appealing elements are the best

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Top 10 Landing Page Builder Tools

1. Landingi

A complete landing page service that is perfect for all of your marketing campaigns. Landingi can be one of your best options.

Landingi offers a variety of templates that are perfect for ‘most’ of the niches your website revolves around.

This platform also offers a powerful visual editor, making it easy to create landing pages much simpler and more straightforward.


Pre-designed templates included
Includes a free image library to use on all landing page sections
It even comes with an integrated analytics tool that can be used with Google


  • 250+ landing page templates
  • Embeds for your Facebook Page
  • Mobiles could be used
  • Drag and Drop


  • Other features, such as A/B testing and others, are not included in all plans.


Monthly prices start at $29/month

2. GetResponse

GetResponse, a top landing page creator that is automatically optimized for marketing campaigns, is the best.

This tool is ideal for small and large businesses who want to rethink their marketing strategies and increase conversion rates.

When you purchase this software, You get unlimited access to this software to create landing pages, email marketing tips, and other eCommerce features that can prove very useful to your business.


  • Includes A/B testing and email advertising solutions
  • This is a great resource for your entire eCommerce business
  • Integrated analytics and reporting are available


  • You can access thousands of high-quality, brilliant Shutterstock photos
  • A/B Testing
  • Integration is possible with multiple platforms
  • Includes a variety of marketing tools and resources


  • Some enterprises may not have enough budget
  • The landing page does not represent the primary product
  • After a certain time, and with the growth of customers, it is necessary to upgrade.


Starts at $11/month with flexible pricing plans.

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3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a popular eCommerce tool and email marketing tool that you may have heard of. Mailchimp is a powerful landing page software that will simplify your marketing efforts.

It has many great features, including the ability to integrate it with any web-building platform such as WordPress or Wix. The program will then automatically perform its task for you in the background.

Mailchimp has a variety of pricing plans and features, including a landing page builder that comes with a free plan.


  • Has great eCommerce tools
  • Easy drag-and-drop builder
  • Includes a dashboard to manage all of your marketing campaigns


  • Drag and drop builder built-in
  • From start to finish, customize your templates
  • Marketing tools and resources that are great
  • Great for email marketing or other campaigns


  • Not only a landing page tools
  • The free plan is only available to 1000 customers


Starts plan at $10 There’s also a free plan with limited features.

4. Unbounce

Unbounce has the best landing page service. Its popularity can be attributed to its easy drag-and-drop builder and incredible eCommerce tools.

This tool does not give you just landing pages. It provides landing pages that convert.

Unbounce can be used for any professional venture, but it is not easy to use for beginners. This doesn’t mean that Unbounce can’t help with your marketing campaigns.


  • Supports A/B Testing
  • Integrable with Google Ads
  • Real-time reporting using 125+ templates


  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • 150+ AI-powered templates
  • Mobile pages (AMP-backed)
  • Additional features to enhance your use


  • It takes some time to get used to the platform
  • Enterprises are often in need of expensive equipment.


Starts at $79/month with additional plans available for enterprise and business use.

5. Instapage

This page builder allows you to create landing pages in minutes. This page builder is able to handle all stages of your business.

Instapage allows you to collaborate on your templates and have them customized by other members of your team. It’s similar to Google Docs.

There are hundreds of templates available that can be used to make your website live right away. It’s easy to edit and create landing pages in just a few seconds.

This tool is ideal for your marketing goals such as lead generation and app downloads.


  • Provides instant landing pages
  • Has drag-and-drop functionality
  • Easy integration with other platforms


  • There are hundreds of landing page templates
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Features a pixel perfect design
  • It can be easily integrated with other platforms


  • An enterprise plan can be costly
  • Enterprise plans do not include AMP, web personalization, or other features.


Starting at $99/mo There’s also an optional free plan. Get started by downloading a demo.

6. Leadpages

LeadPages has one of the easiest landing page builders. This page creator is the best you can use to create your marketing campaigns.

This tool is also the most affordable on our list. You can unlock more features, such as A/B testing or other eCommerce tools, by purchasing more plans.


  • Can you make a mobile-friendly version of your website?
  • Includes a default payment option
  • Integrated Facebook Ad Builder


  • Drag and drop functionality is available
  • More than 150 templates are available
  • Also, on-page payments are available
  • Includes integrated Facebook ad building tool
  • Includes dedicated marketing tools


  • Higher-tier plans don’t have certain integrations
  • Lacks enterprise-grade security
  • Can’t be personalized well


Starting at $25/mo with a free plan included.

7. Lander

Lander can be used by small businesses to create simple and effective landing pages.

This tool’s pricing plans are based on how much traffic your landing page is expected to receive.

Lander allows you to modify the code of your website. This means that you can customize every element of your landing page. Every plan comes with tools such as A/B testing, landing page templates, and many other marketing tools that can be used to help you in your campaigns.


  • Custom code editing
  • Modern and clean templates
  • The Facebook landing page also included


  • It is beginner-friendly and has many great plans
  • Every package has A/B testing
  • Backend code editing is possible
  • Are Facebook landing pages possible?


  • Editors are not that great
  • This is not the best option.


Starting at $16/mo There’s also a free plan.

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8. LaunchRock

Launchrock may be the best option for you if you have a limited budget but still want an effective, clean landing page. Launchrock is completely free!

It’s driven by supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses in getting started with their marketing campaigns.

Despite the limited features, the tool’s presence includes many other features that will make it easy to use.


  • Everyone is welcome to take part
  • Analytics and real-time reporting are available
  • A builder that builds super fast


  • Free of charge
  • Are you a super-fast builder?
  • Using built-in analytics to make your life easier
  • Many promotional features are available


  • It doesn’t include A/B testing
  • Has limited customization
  • Small businesses usually find this option to be the most suitable


It starts at $29 and offers a great free plan.

9. KickOffLabs

Kickofflabs has one of our top landing page builders. It’s not all about Mailchimp though.

This tool is not for you to launch or market new products/services, but rather it will help you. It provides you with all the features you need to run your campaigns.

This is a powerful landing page creator that also offers additional features like A/B testing, security, and additional eCommerce tools.


  • Ideal for running referrals and contests
  • Real-time reporting and analytics are available
  • More than 40 customizable templates


  • Can be used to create unlimited landing pages or refer others
  • Includes built-in analytics
  • Offers a range of promotional features


  • Campaigns with limited integrations
  • Also, allows for limited customization


Starting at $19 per month You also get a free plan.

10. ShortStack

ShortStack may not be as popular for its landing-page builder, but it can still do a lot for you.

Shortstacks has the greatest strength of all because it allows you to create the most effective lead generation campaigns. These campaigns include app downloading, giveaways, and contests as well as email signup campaigns.

An editor is also included that allows you to create your own landing pages. The editor doesn’t have many templates but you can still create your pages using its amazing builder.


  • Campaign driven tool
  • Ideal for most marketing campaigns
  • Email marketing integration


  • Can be customized to run specific campaigns
  • Great lead generation features
  • Includes email and social integration
  • It also offers great email marketing tools


  • These are great features that could be replaced with other landing page builders.
  • Templates don’t always work out so well.
  • Relatively costly


Starts at $99/month with a free trial included.

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