Top 10 Lead Generation Companies and Services

Top 10 Lead Generation Companies

Your company is doing well because of loyal customers and referrals. Your goal is to grow your business. This requires you to find new ways of generating leads. Am I right? You will need to create a viable pipeline if you are so inclined. You have two options: either build an in-house sales team that will attract customers, or outsource it to lead generation companies.

There are many services available in the lead generation market. Finding the right one is the problem.

What are lead generation companies?

Lead generation companies Collect consumer and B2B information and sell it to businesses that are interested. Buy new leads Different methods are used to categorize and segment the data in order to ensure buyers have the right contacts.

Software solutions and B2B lead generation companies get their leads through various sources. This is done by combining AI-enabled research with dedicated sales development representatives. Qualified sales leads are what the best companies strive to achieve.

Many large lead generation companies offer comprehensive services such as:

  • Building contact lists
  • Database management
  • CRM integration
  • Account-based management
  • Personalized marketing campaigns
  • Sales Enablement Software for Your Sales Team
  • Scheduling appointments

You should look for a company that can tailor its services to meet your needs, or that specializes in your field.

While some lead gen agencies charge a monthly subscription fee, others charge per lead. The lead’s warmth’ determines the price per lead. They also vary in cost depending on their industry. The most costly are healthcare and insurance leads.

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Hot leads can be up to $100, while cold leads are as low as $0.15. As with most things in life you only get what you pay for. You won’t get much return on your investment if you choose the cheapest option.

Two other, less obvious factors can influence the prices of lead companies’ products:

List of many lead companies distributed contacts to multiple people, which “dilutes their value.” Other times, you may only receive a fraction or all of your total TAM. Your chosen leads agency will offer you exclusive lists of targeted leads that are relevant to your niche and serve other businesses.

Are lead gen companies worthwhile? When you get qualified contacts or targeted contacts that have the potential to convert, lead gen companies can be worth your while. To ensure high-quality sales data, look for lead gen companies offering at least prequalifying.

Top 10 lead generation companies

According to Hubspot’s State of Marketing report, 61% of marketers see generating traffic and leads as their greatest challenge. To help you choose the right company for your business, we have compiled the top lead generation companies. Scroll down to see a full description.

1. Cognism

Cognism isn’t your typical lead generation company. Cognism is a premium platform for sales intelligence with headquarters in the UK. It utilizes patented AI technology that provides globally compliant contact and company data for SMBs, enterprises, and mid-market companies.

Main features:

  • Instant access to firmographics technographics and sales trigger events. Verified business emails. Human-verified mobile numbers.
  • Intent data (powered by Bombora) and research-on-demand service (Cognism’s Diamonds-on-Demand(r))
  • Web app with Cognism Chrome Extension that is user-friendly
  • Marketing and operations teams can bulk-build their lists
  • Do-not-call lists for the US, UK, and Europe
  • Compliance with GDPR and CCPA


  • You have unlimited access to the Cognism database through your pricing plan
  • For a quote, contact the sales team
  • Book a Cognism demo

2. Cience

Cience is one of the best fastest-growing lead generation companies. It provides managed services for lead generation. This is great for startups or companies that don’t have sales staff. You can interact with buyers and track your leads via a proprietary platform.

Main features:

  • Demographic and firmographic data
  • Building and maintaining a CRM
  • Multi-channel Outbound Campaign Launches


  • Very customizable, based on the scope and purpose of the project
  • Book a meeting to receive a quote

3. Callbox

This small business lead generation company offers a comprehensive lead management platform and automation platform for enterprises and scaling businesses. Callbox builds target lists by using a global B2B database. It provides telemarketing scripts as well as email templates to support direct outreach campaigns such as webinar promotions.

Main features:

  • Multi-channel account-based marketing strategy
  • Smart calling and lead nurturing tools to qualify leads
  • HubSpot has partnered to make it easier for qualified leads to be handed off.


  • Book a Meeting for a Custom Price

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4. RocketReach

RocketReach is one of the top lead generation companies that assist IT companies and startups in marketing, sales, and recruiting. It offers a global email database and direct dials to improve lead scoring. Their extension can be used to find leads on sites such as Google, AngelList, or Crunchbase.

Main features:

  • Bulk Lookups to Fill in Missing Data Points
  • API to integrate contacts into your app
  • Best sales lead generation services
  • Track performance and fine-tune conversations with email analytics


  • Three individual plans starting at $468 for 1,500 lookups per year
  • Team and Enterprise Plans available after consultation

5. SocialBloom

SocialBloom provides lead generation services, such as cold-calling, email, and social selling. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that struggle to connect with potential clients. It assists clients in managing and scaling outbound sequences.

Main features:

  • One-on-1 onboarding to determine ICP
  • Write relevant copy and get prospects
  • Weekly reporting to improve prospecting


  • Request a quote after a consultation

6. Pearl Lemon

This company is a leader in lead generation marketing services. This company specializes in eCommerce businesses of all sizes, as well as mid-market companies. To generate organic leads, they can help you rank on Google’s first page.

Main features:

  • Use major eCommerce platforms and CMSs
  • Off-page, on-page, and technical SEO locally as well as globally
  • Website rebranding, auditing services


  • Contact the sales team to receive a quote
  • Prices starting at PS2,000/mo

7. LeadGeneration

LeadGeneration (WebiMax), an agency, offers services of lead generation specialists that create marketing campaigns for clients on multiple channels. A dedicated project manager will help you to identify the right customer profile and generate better quality leads.

Main features:

  • Integrations with HubSpot and Pipedrive, Zoho Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, and other companies
  • Exclusive lead lists and lead replacement policies
  • Combination of outbound and inbound lead generation methods


  • After a consultation, request a quote

8. Martal Group

The B2B lead generation firm is made up of 100+ sales executives. It has four databases with over 100 million contacts. They are experts in generating leads for B2B technology companies SaaS IT industries and telecom industries

Main features:

  • Weekly custom lists of prequalified leads and marketing campaigns
  • A dedicated management group that monitors intent data
  • The onboarding process for new customers


  • Flat Fee per Month after the 3-month Pilot campaign
  • Contact the sales team to get a quote.


These sales lead generation companies to offer 24/7 services to generate sales leads for SMBs. uses the combined power of AI technology with North American-based receptionists to convert potential clients.

Main features:

  • 24-hour handling of phone calls, live chats, and Facebook messages.
  • Intake form competition and lead screening
  • Appointment setting


  • Plans for a virtual receptionist start at $240/mo to make 30 calls
  • Outreach campaign plans start at $400/mo per 100 calls
  • 20 Live Chats Plans starting at $140/mo
  • Get a plan that is tailored to your business needs

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10. Cleverly

This is a LinkedIn lead generation company. This agency specializes in LinkedIn marketing and social media advertising. They offer website design, copywriting, and optimization of conversion rates.

Main features:

  • LinkedIn contacts and cold outreach sequences
  • Services for recruitment, e.g. candidate list building, A/B tested copywriting
  • Dashboard with key indicators and Zapier integration


  • Lead generation plans cost $297/mo to 250 prospects and $397/mo to 500 prospects
  • White-label lead generator available for approval at $397/mo
  • Additional services can be purchased separately

How to choose the best lead generation company?

You need to look at the finer points when searching for lead generation services for small businesses and large enterprises. This checklist will help you compare lead services to ensure you are getting the best deal.

1. Data compliance

When you work with lead generation companies, it should be your number one priority to obtain accurate sales data. You’ll waste valuable time and resources trying unsuccessfully to reach people interested in your product or service. It will be impossible to reach your revenue goals and fill the sales pipeline with leads that aren’t relevant.

2. Data source

You should ensure that the lead generation agency you choose sources leads in a legal manner. Leads who are willing to share their contact information will have a higher chance of converting. Ask the agency about where leads came from and when their contact list is updated. Even if the information was given voluntarily, it might be incorrect.

3. Data relevancy

It is important that you can use the data provided to you by lead generation companies. You need the data to meet your purpose, which can be done by making it easy to manipulate. Is there a way to filter and segment the data? You won’t reach your ideal customers if you don’t offer segmentation and filtering options.

4. CRM Integrations

You should check if your lead generator vendor is able to bridge the gap between your sales and marketing team by seamlessly integrating with your CRM. It allows you to monitor and manage transfer data.

5. Sales triggers tracking

Is the company that you are considering analyzing sales triggers to increase conversion rates? Top B2B lead generation companies analyze prospects’ activity, performance, and funding requests to identify new business opportunities.

6. Data coverage

Double-check to make sure that the companies you are considering offering lead generation services can deliver worldwide leads. Even if your sales strategy is focused on one area at the moment it may change over time. You should ensure that the company you choose is able to scale with you.

7. Local regulations compliance

For violating data compliance laws and not properly protecting contacts’ information, fines can be severe. Make sure that the online lead generation company has been registered with national and international regulators. Also, ensure that consent is provided.

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8. Flexibility of services

Many lead-generating companies offer many services. These include website development, lead nurturing, and appointment scheduling. You can ask the company to tailor its offer to your specific go-to-market strategy. To discuss your requirements, it is best to meet with the SDR team.

9. Pricing

If a company offers a customized solution, ensure that the pricing is correct. You should ensure that the price is fair and offers real value. Some online lead generation companies will resell lead lists to other clients, or charge you for unqualified leads.

Tip! Tip! You should ensure that you are not paying too much for leads, and which campaigns are the most cost-effective.

10. The ownership of the generated leads

B2B lead generation companies may only rent their contact database to you. This means that you will lose your access to leads once the rental period ends. If you want to build a long-term sales pipeline, consider a solution that doesn’t have an expiration date.

11. Support for internal teams

Finally, assess your internal resources. If you have a sales team already, Consider how you could use a lead generation company to help your clients. Sometimes, all you have to do is provide the right sales information. They can optimize revenue operations and have more time to nurture active leads.

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