Top 10 Ping Monitoring Tools

Top 10 Ping Monitoring Tools

Ping is the fastest and easiest way to check network connectivity between hosts or servers. It is also the most commonly used utility in network troubleshooting.

A ping monitoring tool can monitor and manage Internet protocol and its components.

It allows users to verify their connections and check network availability to make sure that the system is working.

Let’s learn more about ping, its impact, and the best ping-monitoring software to troubleshoot and monitor your network.

What is a Ping?

Ping allows you to check and determine whether a specific destination IP address is capable of accepting requests from the computer network administration. It’s a command-line utility that is available on all operating systems with network connectivity.

Ping is a test to determine if a network device can be reached. If the ping succeeds, the computer will respond to you. The response is then pinged back to the original computer.

The sonar terminology gives rise to the word “ping”: ping refers to an audible sound wave produced by an object when we apply force.

What is Ping Monitoring?

Ping Monitoring refers to the practice of periodically pinging a device to check that the device responds to the signal, A good ping will occur if the device gets a signal from the network immediately. If it is received too late, it can be a poor ping.

You can then determine the average, minimum and maximum response times.

Ping time is the time taken between sending a network packet and receiving the response. It is often measured in milliseconds (ms). Your ping quality will improve if your ping time is lower than it is. This indicates how healthy and fast your network is.

ping also sends an Internet Control Message Protocol echo request to the specified interface on a network. When the target receives the requests, The target responds immediately to the messages by sending the echo replies packets.

Ping Monitoring refers to regularly pinging a device to see if it responds.

How is Ping Monitoring Helpful?

Ping monitoring can be useful for remote workers, online gamers, sysadmins, and IT professionals. It also helps network engineers, hosted services as well as legal IT services. Let’s explore its benefits further:

Monitoring and recording of uptime

When the network is spread across many sites, it can be difficult to keep track of the uptime manually. A ping monitoring system can be used automatically check the connection and response time on a defined schedule from various sources. You can monitor your uptime and spot problems before they become serious.

Device availability

You must ensure that all devices on your network are available at all times for all users if you run a business. Instead of manually checking each site for availability, ping monitoring software can be used to determine if the device has been made available.

Improved security

Many companies have had their data compromised at the physical level due to security breaches at the silicon level and hardware failures.

A ping monitoring tool can help you increase security by monitoring your server’s availability and performance, and identifying any issues. Slow performance could indicate that there are some issues you should address.

Profits boosted

Ping monitoring is a useful tool if you run an online business. When your website goes down Your customer’s experience is affected and so can your revenue. Every second that your website is down can mean hundreds of lost visitors.

You can use powerful ping monitoring software to ensure that your server is always online and resolve any availability issues. You can provide seamless user experiences, reduce time and increase profits by using ping monitoring software.

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Let’s now look at the top ping monitoring tools and see how they can benefit your business.

Top 10 Ping Monitoring Tools

1. Paessler PRTG

Paessler PrTG’s all-in-one ping monitoring tool allows you to check the availability of all network devices. You can get prompt, customized notifications for disruptions and an overview of all the information in the individual dashboards.

This network and ping monitoring software run on all major Windows systems including Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012 R2. This software will provide a reliable tool for managing your entire network. You won’t have to worry about managing any of the systems in your network.

You will be notified immediately by an integrated and customizable alarm system. The ping sensor acts as a master sensor for all network devices within your company. All sensors will go into sleep mode if the master sensor is lost or damaged.

PRTG offers a transparent, easily upgradeable license model. To test it out, you will receive a 30-day trial. Your subscription will automatically be reverted back to the freeware version after the trial period ends. From there, you can upgrade to any paid license.

2. Higher Uptime

Better uptime is an innovative monitoring service that combines ping/uptime monitoring, incident management, and status pages into one beautifully designed product.

It takes only 3 minutes to set up. Once you have completed the setup, you will receive a call, an email, or a Slack notification whenever your website or server goes down. These are the main features:

  • Ping, HTTP(s), SSL & TLD expiration, Cron jobs checks
  • Unlimited phone calls
  • Simple on-call scheduling
  • Screenshots and error logs for incidents
  • Slack, Teams, and Heroku are just a few of the many integrations available.

3. EMCO Ping Monitor

EMCO’s Ping Monitor software allows you to monitor the quality of your connection and the up/down state of your network devices. You will be notified immediately if the host’s connection quality changes.

EMCO tracks every host and collects all statistics such as outage latency, downtime, and other monitoring metrics. This allows you to analyze historical periods to create a real-time report. It uses ICMP pings for status updates and to estimate connection quality.

EMCO software makes it easy to locate hosts with different quality and state characteristics. This allows you to navigate them to get detailed information. It supports sound notifications and Windows Tray. You can also configure a script to create custom notifications. It also includes powerful tools for data analysis and reporting.

This tool displays the information in charts, so you can quickly and easily estimate the performance. EMCO’s engine is specifically designed to monitor multiple hosts simultaneously, such as 32000 hosts at a given time. You can choose between standard ping latency measurements with a precision of 1ms or high precision ping latency measurements with a precision value of 0.01ms.

You can also get high host availability monitoring and connection quality monitoring, host performance analysis as well as detailed statistics, flexible notifications easy customizations, built-in reporting, and more.

EMCO Ping Monitor software is available in three versions, starting with a freeware edition and ending with the enterprise edition.

4. SolarWinds Ping Monitor

SolarWinds’ Ping Monitor continuously monitors your devices’ response time. To check the availability of network devices, you can select from the list. You can export monitoring data as text files or images, and graphs and graphs as image files.

SolarWinds’ ping graph tool displays all results in the following formats: bar, column ribbon, ribbon, area or step charts. You will receive advanced but simple ping monitoring software to help you troubleshoot your network. This software continuously monitors routers and workstations to assist you in diagnosing network problems.

With a simple ping tool, you can get real-time response times and response rates as graphical charts. It sends ICMP messages to the target IP address and measures packet loss as well as the response time. SolarWinds also offers an enhanced ping tool with many visual options that can help you visualize the problem and pinpoint it in real-time.

This ping monitor software will give you visibility to resolve network connection problems. The software also includes 60+ tools for network management and troubleshooting. To resolve more complicated issues, you can access the network diagnostics tools such as TraceRoute and DNS Analyzer from one unified desktop console.

Get a free trial to see how the tools can help you manage and troubleshoot your network.

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5. Dotcom-Monitor

You can instantly ping your servers and all network devices using Dotcom-Monitor. It allows you to quickly identify network-related problems and outages so that you can diagnose them in real-time.

You can dig deeper into your network data using powerful and dynamic reports by verifying uptime status using ICMP requests. You can verify the integrity of routers and firewalls. To verify IP-level connectivity, the ping protocol sends an ICMP request via a target or IP address.

Dotcom-Monitor offers many tools to ensure that you don’t miss any data. These include alerts, filters, and private agents. The XML reporting service, which is flexible and easy to use, offers APIs to monitor your data.

Dotcom Monitor can be integrated with many popular platforms such as Zapier, BMC, and Salesforce. You can get robust enterprise functionality and features in a cloud-based platform and track the actual performance using any of your browsers across all network locations.

You can choose from a variety of pricing options to find the best configuration. Get a 30-day free trial and access public dashboards, multiuser support, PDF reports, and SSO integration.

6. PingPlotter

PingPlotter helps you improve your internet connection. It can check the strength of your network, diagnose problems, and help you find a solution. There are many tools that can be used to solve the problem that you have in mind.

PingPlotter, which is a troubleshooting tool that monitors all of your network devices, plots diagnostic metrics such as traceroute, jitter, and ping on an infinite timeline. It can also be used to identify bottlenecks and determine the root cause of any problem.

PingPlotter has a faster sample rate than other pingers. Some ping every second, while others ping every minute. Industry-standard metrics such as latency, packet loss, jitter, and mean opinion score (MOS) can be measured. You can also use it to identify intermittent patterns and simplify the communication of your problems.

You can also use custom alerts to get notifications about the events to other applications. You can share diagnostic data with anyone with the option to share results. This allows you to easily test the network from any device that is experiencing problems.

Get the trial version for free today to start watching the pings in the network.

7. Nagios

Nagios can improve the quality of your ping monitoring for all network devices. This provides extensive monitoring of pings including packet loss and reachability. This ping monitoring system will allow you to enjoy faster server speeds, improved application availability, and enhanced service.

Nagios Core and Nagios XI are available from Nagios. These tools have ping monitoring capabilities. Nagios XI, the most robust monitoring tool on the market, provides monitoring of all critical devices within your organization. It also quickly detects protocol problems and network outages.

Nagios XI has a simple GUI which allows you to customize layout, preferences, and design based on your user base. Powerful dashboards allow you to view all operations and processes.

Nagios Core, on the other hand, offers powerful monitoring engines that give you the best monitoring ping of all your network devices. Advanced user management, configuration wizards, network management, snapshots, and other useful benefits are available to you for troubleshooting.

Get the free trial now to see how the ICMP monitoring and ping plugins work.

8. Spiceworks

Spiceworks is a good choice to monitor your network devices and get real-time pings, detect problems, and resolve them quickly and easily. This ping monitor solution allows you to detect whether your network device’s connectivity is either offline or online.

The Spiceworks dashboard is intelligent and automatically configures your network devices to monitor them in real-time. The connectivity dashboard lets you monitor routers, printers, and Wi-Fi APs. It also allows for the monitoring of switches, routers, printers, WiFi APs, WiFi APs, switches, IP-enabled security cameras, server status, and many other devices.

To access the infrastructure and monitor it, simply add the hostname/IP address to the dashboard using any monitor on your network. Spiceworks instantly notifies you via smart email when any critical device in your organization is down. Spiceworks subscriptions include a complete IT management cloud tool suite.

Spiceworks includes a free version.

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9. Pingdom

Track and check the ping status for network devices using Pingdown to instantly get the results. It provides an automated ping monitoring solution that alerts you immediately if there are any outages or downtime.

This advanced ping monitoring tool can be used to monitor complex networks of hosts or services that deliver content fast. It measures website availability and response times using a network that spans more than 100 locations.

You can ping across the globe to get accurate page loads and improve your visitors’ experience. You can instantly detect any performance issues on your main website, or CDN data centers. A quick alert will be sent to your mobile device via SMS or email.

You will be notified immediately if there is a problem in your network, or when ping requests fail. You will also receive a notification when your website goes online.

Pingdom tracks every monitoring ping and the results of different tests. The engine’s built-in feature allows you to identify root causes and pinpoint long-term or short-term performance problems. These ping responses show the response of your server to the initial connection.

Pingdom’s group messaging apps allow you to connect with your entire team and check the ping status. This allows you to quickly report any ping problems and address them immediately. Get a free trial to monitor the ping.

10. WhatsUp Gold

HowsUp Gold one of the best ping monitoring tools can monitor network uptime, network availability, connections statistics, and many other things. It monitors your network’s pings and notifies you of any issues.

This software can provide ping, enhanced, proxy, graphical, and SPML to monitor your network health. You can also use it to alert and notify you of important changes.

WhatsUp Gold verifies network connectivity using a roundtrip time required by ICMP protocol for data packets to be sent to the target host. It checks device connectivity automatically with regular pings.

The data will include lost packets and average roundtrip time, maximum/minimum roundtrip time, average roundtrip time, failed pings, uptime, and ping statistics. WhatsUp Gold will also inform you about the status of your connection.

Get the free trial version of WhatsUp Gold and monitor your pings.

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