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Sell Digital Art

Modern society has been rearranged by the word “pandemic crisis”. The digital business was once the dominant role, but it wasn’t the main one. Now the emphasis is on strictly online existence. The digital market exploded, offering an abundance of services and products, as well as platforms for building your digital presence. Many artists have found that the question of “how to sell digital artwork” has been replaced by “where to buy digital art”.

The abundance can be confusing and creates can feel lost. A website is a great way to save your life, but what about passive income? It’s easy to create work and then use existing marketing tools to sell artwork projects.

We’re a firm believer in efficient time and effort and have a lot of experience working in graphic design for many years. Here are some marketplaces where you can sell your design. There are many options available, regardless of what type of domain you choose (digital illustrations or graphic design assets for different programs or physical products).

It’s not just about market research, but also the community and profit-beneficial terms it implies. Selling digital artwork isn’t just about the marketplace. We delved into the subject to save you time searching for places that sell digital artworks.

Graphic Design Tools for Sale

People who stay at home are more likely to take up new hobbies, improve their skills, or refine what they do for a living. This is a great time to provide people with the tools they need to realize their dreams. Your portfolio should be ready for display as most platforms require it. What you need to know before you can sell digital products on their marketplace.

Before you begin choosing the home for your designs, make sure you review the terms and conditions of the platform where digital files are sold. It might be cheaper to open an online shop, spending less, as you may find that the chosen website is not what you expected.

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1. Creative Market

Creative Market was the first platform we used to sell digital products. Although a lot has changed over the years, the essence of the Creative Market is still intact. It’s a wonderful place to sell digital art online. You can download millions of digital files from the website, including templates, fonts, and brushes as well as web themes, photos, and graphics templates. You can immediately release an item and then modify it without waiting for approval from staff.

You can also set your fair price for each product sold! Creative Market allows shop owners to market their products via newsletters, seasonal sales, and a section with hand-picked items. It’s easy to keep track of everything in your shop with the help of transparent stats and analytics. This allows you to see all trends and buyer behavior and helps you choose the best direction to improve.

2. Envato Elements

Another place to sell graphic designs is the subscription-based platform. Users get unlimited downloads at a fixed price. You don’t have to limit yourself to graphics, templates, and themes. Your videos and audio files are also available for publication.

You don’t need to be involved in the complicated licensing system for digital files. A commercial license covers it all. You don’t have to deal with customer service or product-promoting. Elements have your back in technical and marketing issues. Upload to Elements now and you will get 50% of your revenue share

3. Freepik

When starting a shop to sell digital art, your main concern should be to get the word out about your work. Freepik is a great way to connect with people who are interested in high-quality graphics design assets. How is immersion in this marketplace possible? Register the account and begin uploading resources. These are the 20 best files you have, as they will determine the fate of your market presence. Once your submission has been approved, you can start filling out your account information, including taxes. If you are a Freepik Contributor, consistency and the number provided digital downloads will be the most important. Don’t let them slip by your eyes.

4. Adobe Stock

Obviously, Adobe doesn’t require any extra thorough introduction. This huge corporation supplies a gazillion people with high-end digital products that allow creativity and design. You can also join Adobe to share digital downloads with the rest of the world.

Create an account and then make it a contributor’s account. There will be questions throughout the submission process. It’s normal to have them. Adobe professionals are available to answer any urgent issues. Make sure you have a plan for uploading digital products. It should be a systematic process that will yield quick results.

Selling Graphic Designs

Graphic design and illustration involve looking at millions of artworks and then making the best ones. You might want to print them on a sticker, t-shirt, or phone case because they’re so amazing. You might not get around to it and other pressing projects take precedence. People keep asking the same question: “Can you use your illustration to make digital art prints that can be sold online?”

Do not wait for someone to take this initiative. Take the initiative and beat everyone! Here are the top online marketplaces that can help you sell art. We were tempted to order a few new sticker packs, t-shirts, and an office mug after scrolling through the website. It is a client-oriented service, we are sure!

5. Big Cartel

Although the website’s name contains the word “big” in it, and there are a lot of items to be purchased, the marketplace is a small platform that sells digital artworks. You will want to show your shop from the best sides of the marketplace’s attractive design.

All vendors have access to a wide range of customization options for their shop pages. You can use the free editable templates or themes and code the features that you require if you have the time and skills. It is easy to place your product and shop for high-quality products with simple navigation.

Big Cartel makes a great impression. It encourages you to sell digital art and also allows you to drop by other shops to discover interesting items.

6. Zazzle

Create unique products with customers by working together! Zazzle offers multipurpose functionality. You can purchase ready-made products and also edit digital art prints in real-time. You’re also making a profit through the monetization of your content.

Adjustment features on the item make your head spin! It’s a good thing because you have the option to customize elements for any print. Your illustrations will be more likely to be accepted than rejected.

7. Redbubble

Redbubble seems to have the largest base of placeholders for printing artwork than any other online store. You can place your digital art on a variety of things thanks to the many categories, types, and variations available. Uploading tons of digital products can make passive income even more lucrative!

You can add your masterpieces to an online store. Choose the right item, set the price, and make sure you have all the details. Then, people will go crazy about your amazing artwork. Redbubble is all about sustainability. All items are made only after you place an order. You can earn money while simultaneously saving the planet.

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Sell Digital Art Online as NFT

8. OpenSea

Make sure you have your Ethereum wallet handy in order to sign up for this marketplace that sells and buys digital art. It’s an obligatory condition of registration You can then continue to rummage through the pile and get an idea of price formation. This knowledge can be used to sell digital downloads that you create. OpenSea is the platform that hosts all other marketplaces, so this selection is highly in demand. When you are ready to sell,

9. Foundation

Be careful not to get sucked into the void of amazing digital art and photos! You will be surrounded by masterfully-crafted resources that cover all kinds of topics. Movements, social phenomena, memes, and other pressing issues. This digital gallery has been transformed into an easy-to-use auction platform that showcases both renowned artists as well as talented beginners on their journey to the top. You can sell your NFT. A 15% service fee is added to the total sale price. Your 85% is yours.


It seems that you accidentally clicked on the website of a law firm or educational portal about the economy. This is not the place to sell digital art. It is engagingly designed. How about the marketplace?

It all starts with the “Launch App” button. This will take you to the rich world of art…and outdated Internet design applied to the page “discovering assets”. It is dated compared to other categories. The animated works that decorate the gallery make up for this little flaw.

I won’t waste time reading through the registration process. It’s exactly the same as the previous platforms. Before you sign up, ask yourself one question: Does this marketplace suit your creative ideas and preferred style?

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