Top 10 Social Media Scheduling Tools

Top 10 Social Media Scheduling Tools

Social media marketers are constantly looking for tools to publish posts offline, especially when there is a target online audience. This is done with the help of top social media scheduling tools.

There are many social media scheduling tools on the market, so it would be hard to make a decision. To make it easier for you, I have narrowed the field.

This article will show you the top social media scheduling tools. Each tool is unique, so I tried to give you the unique value of each one to help make wise decisions.

Top 10 Social Media Scheduling Tools

We’ve compiled a list of the top social media scheduling tools to help you manage your business’s social media accounts.

1. Buffer

Buffer has been rated as one of the most powerful social media scheduling tools. This software program can be used on both the web and mobile. It allows you to schedule content to Facebook and Twitter from one dashboard. It doesn’t get any better than that! It is easy to use the templates and then post your designs on their pre-designed layouts.

How Buffer can help your business?

  • You can set up a publishing schedule for each social media account.
  • You can customize your posts on each social network.
  • This allows you to see all content you have in your calendar
  • Choose from one of the two options for Instagram scheduling – native or direct.
  • Work with your team to create content
  • Allows immediate sharing or the “Add to Buffer” option.
  • Perfect fit for small businesses and enterprises
  • Includes multimedia sharing options


  • Let’s choose the best time for you to update
  • Very user-friendly
  • You can collaborate on your posts and add them to the queue.
  • Post your social media content according to the queue priority.


  • Some issues can arise from uploading posts on an instant basis.
  • It is not the best fit for a large network, as it can become tedious and costly.
  • Lags in Instagram promotion
  • There is no one monitoring tool that can monitor hashtags. You will need to create your own tool.

Important Values

  • Power Scheduler allows you to schedule multiple messages across multiple accounts and times
  • This image creator, Pablo, was created by Buffer. It allows you to select and size an image according to various social media specifications.
  • Buffer for Instagram features allows you to schedule single-image Instagram posts to any business account. Buffer then automatically publishes them.
  • Allows you to schedule a multi-image or video post
  • Buffer doesn’t publish your Instagram posts directly. Instead, Buffer sends you a push notification at the time scheduled. You simply need to press the “publish” button, and the post will be automatically loaded onto Instagram.

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2. HootSuite

HootSuite has been included in this top 10 list of social media scheduling tools. It is used daily by more than 15 million people and 800 Fortune 1000 companies.

HootSuite allows you to schedule posts for future posting, just like the other social media scheduling tools in this list. The difference with HootSuite is that it allows you to post to a wide range of social media accounts if you choose the plans offered by the company.

HootSuite is available for use on personal accounts and business pages. You can schedule up to 30 messages across three social media profiles under the free plan. This tool also has the advantage of being all-inclusive. It allows you to schedule and curate content, measure social ROI, and run social media ads.

How Hootsuite Can Help Your Business?

  • Monitor multiple streams such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. All your streams can be accessed from one place
  • It comes with a team management tool to help your team manage social media.
  • Allows you to save draft messages which can be posted while you are receiving FAQs on Twitter
    Cross-posting to Google+ Page will be easier
  • Allows you to receive free reports via email


  • This tool helps you to schedule social media posts ahead of time
  • View Analytics data instantly
  • Hootlet plugin is a unique add-on tool that makes it easy to share information.
  • Tracks key terms and phrases across posts from other users to help you determine where your expertise is most useful.
  • You can manage your team effectively


  • HootSuite Enterprise and Pro plans require a monthly or annual subscription.
  • You can manage three social media accounts for free with basic analytics and message scheduling.
  • However, you will not have access to the most important applications.
  • HootSuite apps may have additional fees
  • It is difficult to use if you aren’t computer-savvy
  • There is a training cost to learn about HootSuite

Important Values

  • Ability to monitor multiple accounts at once and keyword searches
  • Connect with over 35 social networks
  • This tool allows you to schedule bulk posts on social media.
  • The unique analytics feature gives you a complete overview of your social media strategy. It tracks
  • clicks across all of your favorite social platforms and delivers them in an easy-to-read series.
  • It comes with the Hootlet plugin, which allows you to easily share content across all of the internets with your followers

3. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is one of the best and most straightforward social media marketing tools on this list, is . You can post to social media platforms such as TikTok and Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, Twitter Tumblr, and Pinterest, as well as VK.

SocialPilot has every feature that will enhance your social media marketing and schedule.

How can SocialPilot help your business?

  • This tool will assist you in creating posts that are specific to your social media platforms
  • This service provides analysis, monitoring, reporting, and reporting on your social performance
  • Super-swift white-label reports generated
  • To revert quickly, leverage the social inbox
  • Collaboration features allow you to manage your team members effortlessly
  • It’s easy to manage multiple clients’ social accounts
  • Create ad campaigns with boosts post
  • The content curation feature allows you to suggest new content
  • You can share blogs via integrated RSS Feed automation
  • Allows you to upload 500 posts via the bulk scheduling feature
  • Use the social media calendar to visualize content strategy
  • This version includes a better URL shortener feature
  • Native mobile apps are supported seamlessly


  • Very economical
  • All major social media platforms supported, including TikTok
  • It provides almost all functions of social media management, such as scheduling and social listening.
  • Advanced analytics
  • Includes content curation and reseller features
  • You can bulk-schedule with images
  • SocialPilot has been approved by Instagram for direct posting
  • Smooth integration with Instagram is possible starting on 8 February 2021


  • This does not include Instagram analytics
  • A completely free plan is not available

Important Values

  • An only social media scheduling tool that offers the best and most direct support via chat, email, social networks, and phone
  • You can share exciting and exclusive updates with more people using the suggestions-Content Discovery feature
  • Allows you to connect unlimited Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.
  • A specially designed management groups feature is included to group all accounts that are connected.

4. Loomly

Loomly has been rated as one of the best online social media scheduling tools. It helps you meet the needs of your target audience and transforms your business digitally.

Loomly, whether you’re a freelancer or a business looking to meet social demands, is the best social networking app. It provides detailed social media posting schedules with a fast turnaround. Loomly allows you to manage comments, and messages and track mentions.

How Loomly can help your business?

  • Analytics is a part of the package
  • Automated publishing content management
  • Provides comprehensive customer targeting
  • Keywords for filters
  • You can schedule posts easily


  • Includes calendar templates
  • It focuses on audience targeting
  • All your assets are at your disposal
  • Before you hit the publish button, make sure your posts are reviewed by collaborators.
  • Create post & ad mockups
  • Automate publishing to Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business
  • Make objectively-driven Instagram ads and Facebook ads
  • Offers data filtering and period comparability


  • A bit expensive
  • You will need to have some technical knowledge in order to get the most out of this social media scheduling tool.

Important Values

  • This allows you to create a master message which can be customized for each social media platform.
  • This will tell you, for each channel, if it’s a good time to post, or if your text is excessively long.
  • Easy collaboration, easy approval process, and simple way to leave comments for your team
  • If you manage more than one company, you will need an individual calendar.
  • PDF export is available in the PRO version

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5. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is an innovative social media scheduling tool that helps agencies and teams collaborate.

This social media scheduling tool allows marketers to engage, listen, collaborate and measure their social media efforts. It is compatible with all major social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and YouTube.

You can centrally post to all of your social media accounts with a queue or schedule. This ensures that your content gets delivered at the most convenient times.

You can even re-queue and reschedule any evergreen posts.

How Agorapulse can help your business?

  • It comes with a social media calendar, which gives you a better view of your scheduled posts
  • thanks to its unique color codes
  • Provides comprehensive social media message management
  • Receive instant information about your followers
  • Features a social media analytics tool with reports
  • Ability to search for brand-related keywords to see what people have to say about your brand
  • Use the queue function to share evergreen content immediately and later
  • Your queued content can be organized and categorized based on its time slot and topic.
  • You can schedule and queue content for your Android or iOS devices


  • Includes analysis tools
  • It can also be used as a browser extension
  • It can also be used as an app for mobile devices
  • Perfect for scheduling social media posts
  • It consists of a social inbox


  • Limited functionality
  • It can only be used by two people

Important Values

  • Agorapulse is a great tool for scheduling posts post-by-post. It allows you to plan, schedule, and upload campaigns offline. CSV file to the social network platform.
  • The product comes with an Instagram view function, which allows you to see a preview of how your post will look in the post creation popup.
  • Provides time slot options for your queues
  • You can create a default time slot each day. This will allow you to add your posts to your queue so that they are automatically published at the most appropriate time.

6. Sendible

Sendible can be used to schedule social media marketing campaigns for multiple clients. This tool was created keeping agencies’ needs in mind.

This amazing social media scheduling app supports reputed networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. It also supports YouTube and other blogging platforms such as Medium and Tumblr.

How Sendible can help your business?

  • Schedule social media posts, videos, and images individually or in bulk
  • You can plan a campaign offline and then import it in bulk to your scheduler.
  • To maximize your organic reach, tailor content to each social media platform
  • You can categorize posts and schedule them in separate queues.
  • Use repeating schedules to recycle your old posts
  • Use the interactive publishing calendar to represent and reposition content
  • Use the RSS Auto Posting feature to create and share high-quality content


  • Excellent integration with all the well-respected social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter
  • It includes an RSS Feed poster, content suggestions, and a built-in library that allows for easy access to Canva, the design tool.
  • Upload of a CSV file to bulk-schedule images and other content
  • It includes several automation tools that help in driving engagement and growing social followers
  • It can be used as an Android and iOS mobile app
  • This tool is beautiful and allows you to quickly create custom reports.
  • It is easy to create and use workflows, and grant permissions to users.


  • There is currently no free plan. Sendible is still available for a 30-day free trial.
  • The tool does not always provide accurate geo-keyword monitoring.
  • There are currently no plugins that can be used with WordPress.

Important Values

  • Sendible offers exclusive integrations such as the Canvas graphics editor and royalty-free image search.
  • The content recommendation tool allows you to search by topic and pulls up a list of popular articles that you can share.
  • It comes with a simple CRM built-in that allows you to automate everything and also lets you interact with other social media users.
  • Twitter offers auto-replies or auto-tweets. This is done by monitoring Twitter for certain keywords or hashtags and then posting an auto-reply or retweet.

7. PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic was a social media scheduling tool that was launched in 2004. It offers content creation, publishing, and analytics as part of its services. It also includes a visual editor integrated into the interface.

The visual editor makes it easier to add fonts, shapes, and images to your post content while you are drafting. You can also export PDF reports from analytics to share with your team.

You can use it as a monitoring tool to track and analyze your social network performance. This social media scheduling tool will post at the most optimal time to maximize reach once you have given the go-ahead.

How PromoRepublic can help your business?

  • A post idea library with more than 100,000 visuals, templates, and other resources
  • Integration with all the major social media platforms
  • More than 200 fonts, shapes, and banners can be easily applied to the posts
  • This product includes an events content calendar that allows you to create stunning social media
  • posts about holidays, trends, and events.
  • Momento is a Facebook timing tool that helps you publish content at the best time. It’s based on
  • your location and the activity of your followers on Facebook.
  • Integration with Hootsuite and Yext.


  • Automated post suggestions
  • It includes an advanced graphic-creation tool
  • Uses artificial intelligence (AI), to get maximum engagement
  • You get a 14-day trial for free
  • This tool is very versatile and not only optimized for Instagram, but all social media accounts.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use and compact user interface
  • Offers detailed reports and statistics
  • A great help center with a large library of tutorials is available


  • Bulk uploads are not possible
  • While you’re using the tool, unnecessary pop-ups may appear
  • No refunds available
  • Weekends are not available for live chat

Important Values

  • PromoRepublic is different than other social media scheduling tools because it has a post ideas library with more than 6,000 pre-made templates that are ready to go and packed ready for publication.
  • Its built-in analytics provide insight and help you to decide when to publish posts for different industries.

8. ContentCal

ContentCal provides all-inclusive social media scheduling tools with an integrated visual calendar. You can view the main view to schedule posts, see previews of posts before publishing, and customize header colors.

You can post to all your social media channels with the integration of hundreds of apps. You can even perform analytics to track the performance of your posts.

How ContentCal can help your business?

  • Integration with Reputable Collaboration Tools such as Slack or Trello
  • Drag and drop functionality from a pinboard to your Calendar
  • For easy categorization, add custom tags to your content
  • You can view your entire publishing calendar in a single view. This allows you to see the content plan daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • You can organize your emails, webinars, and blog content in a way that is easy to understand.
  • To make reporting easier, color-code your content.
  • Use the analytics feature to determine which type of content is performing best and why.
  • From a single inbox, respond to messages and comments across social media channels using a unified interface


  • It is very cost-effective, especially if you want to use similar features from well-respected social media scheduling tools
  • You can easily customize your team’s workflow to suit the needs of each member of your team.
  • It is possible to have different workflow approval systems for calendars.
  • This intelligent social media scheduling tool’s calendar feature is probably the best.
  • It also includes a great planning feature that allows you to plan ahead for posts and schedule them for the year.
  • You can also add information to scheduled posts. This can be very useful for the entire team.
  • You can create “placeholders” that act as digital sticky notes and remind you what date you have left.
  • Each campaign comes with an area where you can add videos or images to your team.
  • Every campaign has its own header photo, which makes it stand out on the calendar.
  • The planning feature is a great blessing for teams because they don’t have to look for an email trail,
  • Trello board, or another type of communication. Instead, you can create a complete correspondence trail using ContentCal.
  • It consists of a “Paus All Content” and “on”, which can be used in the event that something happens to you and you don’t want to post the content.


  • Videos can be stored easily, but each member of the team must redownload them whenever they wish to use them.
  • ContentCal is not compatible with Snapchat, Pinterest, and Facebook groups. However, you can still create content in the planning boards if it is impossible to schedule since there is no integration with these platforms.
  • Analytics isn’t robust enough.
  • Pricing is expensive, especially if you fall within the individual categories and business plans.
  • There is no integrated link shortener

Important Values

  • ContentCal excels in managing the content process. ContentCal excels in managing the content process, whether it’s creating, editing, scheduling, publishing, or appraising.

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9. SocialOomph

Socialoomph provides a complete social media scheduling tool that is suitable for both individuals and teams. It allows you to manage all your clients and posts from one account.

The team feature allows you to efficiently organize client content so that your entire team can manage post approvals.

Socialoomph makes it easy to connect with other social and blog platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

How Socialoomph can help your business?

  • Schedule social media posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • You can easily schedule blog posts on,.org, Shopify, or Tumblr.
  • Create post queues
  • Includes bulk uploading capability
  • Features self-destructive posts
  • Ideal for individuals and teams


  • It saves you a lot of time
  • Social postings: Exclusive features
  • Assists with boosting Twitter followers
  • Automated posting to social media
  • Assist in monitoring your social media activities
  • This tool makes it easy to schedule posts


  • Instagram has a limited usability

Important Values

  • Socialoomph is different from other social media scheduling software because it self-destructs (time-limited) updates on Twitter and Facebook.
  • This feature allows you to post updates on Twitter and Facebook. After a certain period, they will be automatically deleted from your Twitter/Facebook account.
  • You can even set up periodic updates that are published at regular intervals (hours or days)
  • To make every social media post unique, you can choose to add alternative text options.

10. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar allows you to easily publish content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can schedule, share, recycle, and even re-use the posts whenever you like.

It can be used to schedule your blog posts on Tuesdays, In’ p” rations for Fridays, and “Moti” actions on Mondays. Each category has its own color-coded queue. This allows you to see at a glance which type of content is in the schedule.

It continues to share and publish content even after you reach the end of the queue. It simply returns to the beginning and begins again.

How MeetEdgar can help your business?

  • Use bulk import to manually upload your content
  • Use an RSS feed to import blogs and articles.
  • Color-coded categories make it easy to organize your content.
  • Schedule distinct categories for set times
  • Auto-generated content can be used to keep your scheduled content current.


  • Ability to organize content according to category
  • Content that is constantly updated for social media
  • Includes a single login that allows you to post to all of your social media accounts
  • Analyzes the posts
  • Put the post up and forget it
  • You can keep links to old blogs visible to your audience so that your epic posts continue to get attention.
  • This is great for planning posts, such as a topic about a specific topic on one day of the week (e.g. #MotivatedMonday).


  • You can post on only three platforms
  • There is no apparent way to manage honest conversations
  • To retweet or share on each platform, you will need to log in individually.
    Only one-way control
  • With only one scramble option, posts are added to a library. This allows you to choose the order in which they should be posted.
  • There are restrictions on the number of posts that can go into the library. 1000 entry-level for $49 per month and 5000 for the 2nd level for $99 per month. You will need a larger plan if you have more accounts than you can manage.

Important Values

  • You cannot repost the same content on Twitter. MeetEdgar’s ”Variation too’ allows you to share the same content but with a different twist. You can add as many variations to your posts as you like to keep them alive & kicking.
  • If you are looking for motivation, MeetEMeetEdgar’so’VariaVariations’r’sg’tons’ automatically generates a selection of quote-worthy text from already published blogs or articles that you can utilize.


You can use social media scheduling tools, no matter how small or large your business is, to increase your followers, save time and create more content.

The fast-paced business world makes it difficult to keep up with the times. These tools are essential for making your content visible on major social media platforms.

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