Top 10 Virtual Data Room Providers

Top 10 Virtual Data Room Providers

Virtual Data Room providers are an online safe data repository used to store and distribute data. When data confidentiality is required, virtual data rooms are used.

It offers many benefits over physical data rooms such as 24/7 data access from any device at any time, data security, cost-effectiveness, and data management.

Virtual data rooms are widely used in many industries, including biotech. IT and Telecommunications. Investment Banking. Accounting. Government. Energy. Business Brokers.

The Virtual Data Room is vital in securely managing M&A due diligence and bidding as well as Contract Negotiations. This will streamline and secure deal management.

According to Intralinks research, 90% of VDR users believe that quality solutions play an important part in the success of M&A Deals. Intralinks also conducted a survey on Cross-Border M&A.

Virtual data room providers can be compared to Generic File Sharing apps like Google Drive. The VDRs were created for the purpose of storing thousands of documents. VDRs will be more intuitive to use because they are organized into folders.

When used on a large scale for document sharing, the Generic File sharing app can make it more complicated. If you use the Generic File sharing app on a large scale, navigation will be more difficult. This file-sharing service will not be efficient to use on a large scale. File-sharing services can be used to access sensitive data maliciously. For sensitive corporate data, virtual data rooms are more secure.

File sharing systems are an intuitive and cost-effective way to store and share files. This solution has cross-enterprise-collaboration features. Virtual data rooms offer greater data security.

It offers more security features, such as timeouts and auto-expiration, reports about document activity, and restrictions on viewing, printing, and saving documents.

Pricing for virtual data room providers will vary depending on the vendor. It’s similar to pricing plans for cell phones and the internet. The basic fee is paid first, then you can pay an additional fee depending on what extra features are required. Some virtual data room providers offer unlimited plans at a fixed cost.

Top 10 Virtual Data Room Providers

1. iDeals

Ideal for small- to large-scale projects.

Price: There are three pricing options available from iDeals. You can also get a 30-day free trial.

iDeals Solutions is a trusted virtual data room provider and sophisticated and reliable. They have proven their exceptional results and experience with investment bankers and lawyers around the globe.

iDeals is the market’s most flexible and result-oriented company. We listen to our customers to find the best, most comfortable, and fastest way to help them achieve their strategic goals with any type of transaction.


  • Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to upload the file.
  • It allows bulk upload without any restrictions on file size, number, or format.
  • It also offers full-text search and automatic index numbering.

Verdict: iDeals offers industry-leading features to the Virtual Data Room. It supports over 25 file formats. You have full control over your data to protect it.

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2. Intralinks

Best for medium or large businesses.

Price: Intralinks provides a 30-day free trial. For pricing information, you can reach out to the company. According to online reviews, Intralinks VIA costs $25 per month.

Intralinks offers a range of M&A solutions, including Virtual Data Room. You can use AI to analyze and manage files. The Intuitive U Interface is included for easy use. It includes watermarking, auto-indexing, and more.


  • Drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Bulk uploads of files and folders. You can also rename files before uploading.
  • Detail reporting of data room activity.

Verdict: Intralinks virtual room solution is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone/iPad. It supports multiple languages like English, German, French, etc.

3. Merrill Datasite

Ideal for Medium- and Large Size Businesses

Pricing: Get a quote to get the details.

Merrill Datasite is an online data room that can be used for Investment Banking, Corporate Development, and Private Equity. It offers visual analytics of document activity. You can customize the settings to manage document activities. This is the best virtual data room solution.

It offers industry-leading security and can meet the most stringent security requirements.


  • It also has permission management capabilities.
  • Roles can be used to determine the level of document access.
  • It allows for a context search.
  • Drag-and-drop is available to upload files. You can either publish files immediately or set them to be published later.

Verdict: Merrill Datasite offers a virtual data room solution for Windows and Mac platforms. You can upload zip files with a maximum size of 50 GB. It supports many languages, including English, German and French.

4. BrainLoop

The best for small to medium-sized businesses.

Price: BrainLoop provides a free trial of its services. For pricing details, you can request a quote.

BrainLoop offers a SaaS solution to protect sensitive information within an organization. It also offers solutions for Board and committee communications as well as M&A, Due Diligence, and Secure Collaboration. it is the best virtual data room solution.


  • It can be used online or offline.
  • It works with all mobile devices.
  • It is part of MS Office to provide native working experience.

Verdict: It has a variety of products such as the Board Suite and Board Room, Deal Rooms, Collaboration Rooms, and My Room. It can be used on any device.

5.  Watchdox

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

Price: Blackberry offers an unlimited trial of the product. There are three editions: There are three editions: Secure Plus, Collaborate and Send. According to online reviews, BlackBerry Workspaces costs $15 per month.

Watchdox is the solution provided by Blackberry for workspaces. This secure Enterprise-grade platform allows file sharing and syncing. It protects against ransomware. Watchdog will allow you to collaborate both inside and outside of your firewall.


  • It offers AES-certified, 256-bit encryption for files.
  • It can support all of your existing data sources, so there won’t be any need to migrate data.
  • This will give you a detailed activity log.

Watchdog BlackBerry is the best solution for file storage, synchronization, and sharing. There is a solution to fit every budget. It is a solution for all industries, including Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, and Financial Services.

6. Box

The best for small to medium-sized businesses.

Prices: Box offers plans for both individuals and businesses. There are two options for individuals: Individual (free) and Personal Pro ($10 per month). It offers two plans for individuals: Individual ($0) and Personal Pro ($10/month).

It offers four plans for businesses: Starter ($5 per user per month), Business ($15 per user per month), Business Plus ($25/user/month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). Starter ($5 per month), Business ($15 Per Month), Business Plus ($25 Per Month), and Enterprise (Get A Quote). Box offers a free trial to all plans, including Business Plus, Starter, Business, and Business Plus.

Box is the ideal solution for file sharing, storage, and collaboration. It allows you to securely manage and access data from any location. It can be accessed on desktop and mobile. It offers file locking, rich preview, and access statistics.


  • Box provides data loss protection.
  • It supports custom branding and mobile security control.
  • You can also get auto-expiration.

Verdict: Box offers a range of products for individuals, businesses, and teams. A secure, scalable collaboration and content-sharing platform is the solution for all business types. It works with any browser and is cloud-based.

7. Ansarada

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and freelancers.

Pricing: Ansarada has three pricing options. There are three pricing options available: 90 degrees basic, 180 degrees recommended, and 360 degrees unlimited. For pricing information, you can request a quote.

Ansarada provides different solutions including Data Rooms. Ansarada’s data rooms are powered by AI. This data room solution offers security features such as watermarking, safety checks, settings for printing, saving, and setting for saving.


  • Ansarada features allow for Deal collaboration and Team collaboration.
  • It can also be integrated with Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • AI is used to analyze and sort documents.
  • It provides security features such as Secure watermarks and Security timeouts, locking and
  • tracking Microsoft Office files and Single Sign-on.

Verdict: Ansarada is the only virtual data room that can be used exclusively for M&A. Because of its unique features and functionality, it is one of the most popular virtual data rooms.

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8. Digify

The best for small to medium-sized businesses.

Price: Digify provides a 7-day free trial for both the team and enterprise plans. You will pay $96 per month for the team plan. Get a quote on the Enterprise plan.

Digify offers features and functionality for document security, virtual file rooms, file tracking, and statistics. You can create unlimited data rooms from one account. It can integrate with Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. You can track email attachments with the Gmail extension.


  • Digify provides document security features such as Access Control, Restrict Forwarding, Revoke
  • Access and Print and Download Permissions. Watermark, Expiry, Security Presets, and Admin Control.
  • You can upload multiple files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box.
  • Digify offers team-wide file statistics.
  • It provides real-time notifications about file activities.

Verdict: Digify supports the majority of popular file formats such as PDFs, images, and videos. This tool allows admins to perform security presets that will help teams and companies maintain consistency in their file policies.

9. Firmex

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

Price: Firmex provides a free two-week trial. For pricing details, you can request a quote.

Firmex offers professionals a secure document-sharing platform. Firmex VDR solutions are suitable for complex processes such as diligence, compliance, or litigation. It’s used in many industries, including legal and corporate.


  • Drag-and-drop for uploading documents and folders
  • It offers functionalities such as watermarks, restrictions for viewing, printing, saving, and saving
  • documents. Additionally, it provides functionality like expiring access to documents.
  • Auto-indexing.
  • Reporting for document activity.

Verdict:  Firmex is a virtual data room solution that can be used for complicated processes such as diligence. It has many features that professionals can use to share secure documents.

10.  SecureDocs

The best for small to medium-sized businesses.

Price: SecureDocs provides a free trial on plans for 3 and 12 months. For $400 per data room per month, a 3-month plan is available. A 12-month plan will run you $250 per data room per month. Volume packages are also possible. These packages can be gotten a quote.

SecureDocs offers a virtual data room solution for businesses of any size. You can set it up immediately and use an electronic signature. You get a variety of security features, including two-factor authentication, customizable NDAs, permission-based roles, and more.


  • It offers features such as two-factor authentication, bulk invites, and custom permissions.
  • This will enable you to limit user actions.

Verdict:  SecureDocs offers features such as dynamic watermarking and permission-based user roles. It also provides customizable non-disclosure agreements. Administrators can set permissions for Office documents and PDF documents.


VDR solutions have the greatest benefit of all and it protects confidential information. You can upload large volumes of documents. It allows you to track document activity and set user permissions.

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