Top 10 Web Design Magazines You Need To Read

Top 10 Web Design Magazines You Need To Read

There are many ways to find information online on almost any topic you could imagine. You can also find podcasts, videos tutorials, and many other resources that will assist you in your web design skills. Web design magazines can be a great source of relevant, fresh content, both for professionals and hobbyists.

You can follow top web design magazines and read about the best minds in the field. We’ll be introducing you to ten of the most popular online magazines so that you can improve your skills.

Top 10 Web Design Magazines

1. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq publishes multiple articles each day. This is a great resource for anyone interested in technical web design aspects, such as reviewing the most recent software and finding the best hardware.

We would describe Creative Bloq as a perfect companion to your morning coffee. The magazine is a great choice for light reading as it contains many roundups and updates on the world of Webdesign.


It can help you to see your field from a holistic perspective if you want to become a successful designer. PRINT magazine shares in-depth articles on typography, illustration and branding.

The magazine partners with many big names in the industry like Adobe, Fontelier. PRINT publishes occasional lists with design inspiration in addition to its deep dive pieces on specific artists and topics.

3. Creative Review

Creative Review has a wide range of articles, ranging from design thinking to perspectives on design studios. It was a print magazine that was launched in the 1980s, long before it was a website.

Creative Review continues to be a top web design magazine 40 years later. Creative Review is a print magazine that publishes six issues each year.

4. Graphis

Graphis serves as both a web magazine and a venue for many art competitions. Artists who are skilled in nearly every medium can submit entries throughout the year. The winners are featured in the online annual publication of web design magazines.

Graphis is known for its friendly, encouraging competition, and providing inspiration. They also have a blog where they discuss the outstanding entries to their contests and what makes them special. Graphis’ physical issues are a great web design magazine that doubles as a coffee-table guide.

5. Offscreen

Offscreen magazine isn’t just about design. The web magazine is primarily a one-man operation that explores how technology affects us. You will find many great articles by thought leaders from the industry in each issue.

Kai Branch created the magazine and publishes it. He quit his job as a UI designer in order to create an independent publication. Offscreen magazines are some of the most beautiful magazines we have ever had the pleasure of reading. Each article is also very direct.

6. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine doesn’t exist in print, but it is a digital publication that offers some of the most valuable web design content online.

This publication is known for its in-depth tutorials, as well as occasional thought pieces. Smashing also offers lots of content on the intersection of web development and design, if you’re interested in that topic.

Smashing Magazine has a selection of magazines that you can order as either e-books or print copies if you prefer physical magazines. Many of them focus on design.


Many web magazines and publications are geared toward western readers. IDEA is a quarterly publication that comes from Tokyo and focuses on typography and graphic design.

The majority of the content in each magazine is available in English and Japanese. This magazine will need to be imported, but it can be worthwhile to gain new perspectives on graphic design and learn about artists that you may not have heard of otherwise.

8. Communication Arts

Communication Arts has been a respected publication in design. It has been publishing amazing articles on design, illustration, typography, and photography since 1959.

The web design magazine does not advertise web design, but it does cover web design under the Interactive category. You’ll find many in-depth analyses of the design of particular websites and what makes them special.

Communication Arts publishes every issue in print and as a PDF file.

9. Webdesigner Depot

Webdesigner Depot focuses on the newest web design trends. It also regularly searches the internet for inspiration and shows you the most innovative websites.

Webdesigner Depot does not have website design magazines but it publishes new content every day. It also covers a wide range of topics related to development (from a beginner’s point of view), making it a comprehensive read.

Webdesigner Depot is similar to Creative Bloq and makes a great web design magazine to read on the move or to give you a quick overview of the world of Webdesign.

10. Awwwards

Awwwards was saved for last, as it is a little out of place in a number of website design magazines. It is a website that showcases unique and fashionable site designs from all over the internet. It offers more than inspiration.

Awwwards also publishes regular articles on the websites that get the most votes from their judges. These articles discuss what makes them special. Awwwards offers a variety of digital and physical books that are focused on web design and its evolution.

Conclusion – Top Web Design Magazines

You are probably familiar with reading most of your news online as a web designer. There are many amazing web design magazines that you can buy from around the globe. These magazines often provide more detailed coverage and opinions than online publications. This is because so much effort goes into each issue.

However, that doesn’t mean that design magazines online and web design blogs aren’t great resources. You can’t depend on one publication or website for all your web design news and inspiration.

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