Top 12 AI Chatbots for Business in 2023

Top 12 AI Chatbots

Today, Chatbots have been used by over 1.4 billion. To have 1:1 conversations with employees and customers, companies are creating the best AI chatbots. AI-powered chatbots can also automate various tasks such as customer service and sales, administrative, and operational tasks.

The market for chatbot technology is becoming more difficult to navigate due to increased competition and many companies promising the same thing. Not all AI chatbots work the same. We’ve collected the top AI chatbots that are best suited for different business uses to help businesses of all sizes.

What is an AI chatbot?

AI Chatbots are powered to provide a human-like experience and are capable of having natural conversations. They also improve with time. Basic chatbot technology advances the conversation via bot-prompted keywords and UX features such as Facebook Messenger’s suggested replies. AI-powered chatbots, however, use natural language processing to understand context and leverage semantics.

The most advanced artificial intelligence software has been used to create the best AI chatbots. What does a powerful chatbot look like? If you were able to see an example of how a powerful AI chatbot might appear, here’s what it would look like.

Top 12 AI Chatbots for 2023

1. Netomi

Netomi’s AI platform allows companies to automatically resolve customer service issues via email, chat messaging, and voice. The advanced Natural Language Understanding engine (NLU), gives it the best accuracy in customer service chatbots. It is able to resolve more than 70% of customer queries automatically without any human intervention. Additionally, it focuses on AI customer experience. Netomi is extremely easy to use and integrates seamlessly with all the major agent desk platforms. The company partners with companies that offer diverse products and services in a range of industries including WestJet and Brex, Zinus, and Circles Life.

Key features

  • Natural Language Understanding to enable human-like conversations
  • Continuous optimization and reinforcement learning
  • Sentiment analysis to determine the context for the next best action
  • Integrations of back-end systems (CRM, OMS, etc. For meaningful and personal resolutions
  • Human escalation via agent desk integration (Zendesk, Freshworks, Salesforce, Khoros, Zoho, Sprinklr, Shopify)
  • Integration of knowledge-base

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2. atSpoke

atSpoke makes it simple for employees to access the knowledge they need. It is an internal ticketing system with helpdesk AI. This allows employees (IT help desk, HR, and other business operations) to receive 40% of all requests instantly. It speeds up resolutions 5x. AI can answer a variety of questions from employees by providing knowledge base content. Employees can receive updates through the channels they use every day, such as Slack and Google Drive.

Key features

  • Multi-channel (chat and email, as well as SMS customer support).
  • Alerts / Escalation
  • Automated Routing
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Reporting/Analytics

3. WP-Chatbot

WP-Chatbot, the most used chatbot in WordPress’ ecosystem, provides tens of thousands of websites live chat as well as Web chat capabilities. WP-Chatbot can be integrated with a Facebook Business page to power live and automated interactions via a Messenger chat widget. It’s easy to install. This is the fastest way to add live chat functionality to WordPress sites. It allows users to have one inbox for all messages, whether they are on Messenger or webchat. This makes it easy to manage cross-platform customer interactions.

Key features:

  • WordPress installation in one click
  • Customization
  • Custom greeting
  • Branding Facebook pages
  • All incoming messages in one mailbox
  • Integration with your Facebook Business Page
  • Compatible with all versions of WordPress

4. Microsoft Bot Framework

The Microsoft Bot Framework provides a complete framework for creating conversational AI experiences. The Bot Framework Composer, an open-source visual authoring tool for developers and multidisciplinary teams, allows them to create and deliver conversational experiences using Language Understanding, QnA Maker, and bot replies. Microsoft Bot Framework lets users connect bots to popular channels and devices using an open-source SDK.

Key features

  • Artificial intelligence and natural language
    Open-source SDK and tools for building, testing, and connecting bots to popular channels or devices
  • Integrate with the existing IT ecosystem
  • Omnichannel experience: Website or apps, Microsoft Teams and Skype, Slack, and Cortana.
  • Speech capabilities

5. Zendesk Answer Bot

Zendesk’s Answer Bot is a tool that allows you to quickly answer customer queries. To provide customers with the right information, the Answer Bot pulls relevant articles directly from your Zendesk Knowledge Base. Either you can add technology to your Zendesk chatbot, or let the Zendesk Answer Bot run on its own on your website chat, in mobile apps, or within your internal team on Slack.

Key features:

  • Multilingual
  • Multi-channel (emails, web forms, chat, and in-app).
  • Integrates with Zendesk Guide knowledgebase
  • Integration with Zendesk agent platform for seamless human handoff
  • Deep learning


Are you looking to improve productivity and decrease time spent on administrative tasks? chatbot is the best personal assistant. It can set up meetings and confirm times with attendees. It’s easy to create an account and then CC an email. It can be connected to your calendar and will coordinate guests to find a time.

Key features

  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Meeting Tracker
  • Auto-Responder
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Calendar Integration
  • Office 365 Calendar Integration
  • User Access Control
  • Analytics & Reporting


CSML is an open-source language and chatbot engine that enables developers to create powerful, interoperable chatbots. CSML makes it easy to build and deploy chatbots. It has expressive syntax and can connect to any third-party API. CSML Studio, which is used by thousands of chatbot developers worldwide, is the easiest way to get started using CSML. It includes everything you need to build chatbots right from your browser. Developers can also use the playground to experiment with the language, without having to sign up.

Key features

  • Super easy syntax and conversation-oriented components
  • Memory slots for short-term and long-term storage
  • Integrations with more than 70 apps (CRM and ticketing databases, LiveChat, etc.) are possible right out of the box
  • Chatbot activity analytics
  • Library of ready-to-use chatbot templates

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8. Alexa for Business

Are you ready for 83.1 million smart speaker owners to connect? Amazon controls 70% of the market. It has the best AI chatbot software for voice assistants and the best AI chatbot software for voice commands. IT departments are now able to create custom skills using Alexa for Business to help customers. Amazon’s custom skills have helped it grow from 130 skills to over 100,000 in just three years. Customers can build custom skills with Amazon to help them place orders, order new products and interact with other content.

Key features

  • Self-service APIs that allow you to create, manage, test, and publish custom skills
  • Alexa will send you directives and intents when you request APIs
  • Customers can be reached via text-to-speech and images as well as streamed audio or video.
  • Transactions and closed loop commerce
  • SDKs for Node.js and Python

9. Drift

Websites can be equipped with Drift B2B chatbots to automatically qualify leads. Drift chatbots can ask qualifying questions and generate leads in your CRM (Salesforce HubSpot, Marketo). Once a lead has been qualified, the chatbot will automatically book sales meetings by connecting to calendars and pulling availability.

Drift allows companies to identify VIPs that are most valuable and send them personalized welcome messages. Drift can also integrate with the most powerful knowledge base tools, such as answering any questions that may arise during the conversation. Zendesk and Help Scout are useful tools to find relevant information.

Key features

  • Chat widget for desktop and mobile
  • Routing is a method of directing leads and conversations to the right person, group, or team.
  • SDKs for JavaScript web, Android mobile, iOS mobile, and web
  • An API to build apps, customize the chat widget and integrate with your platform
  • Integrations that are not in the box, such as Slack and Office 365 Calendar, Salesforce and Market

10. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is an AI chatbot created by one of the most successful companies ever to come out of Silicon Valley. Salesforce is a CRM company. In fact, CRM is its stock symbol.

Salesforce’s success is largely due to the many software integrations made either by Salesforce or by third-party firms. Netomi, for example, has developed a powerful Salesforce chatbot that seamlessly integrates into Salesforce’s platform. You will need Einstein Bot to access your Salesforce platform. To do this, you must first buy the Salesforce system. Then, you’ll need to add Salesforce Service Cloud ($50/month). We also recognized Salesforce Service Cloud as one of the best help desk software options.

Key features

  • A Conversational AI that is powerful
  • When necessary, capable of routing and triaging to human agents
  • Integration seamless with other SalesForce products
  • Salesforce Service Cloud is required

11. Dasha AI

Dasha is a platform for conversational AI. It gives developers the tools they need to create conversational AI apps that are human-like and deeply conversational. These apps can be used to replace call center agents, to text chat, or to add conversational voice interfaces for mobile apps and IoT devices. Dasha was named a Gartner Cool Vendor for Conversational AI 2020.

Dasha does not require any knowledge of AI and ML to build with, so even a basic JavaScript knowledge developer will feel right at home.

Key features

  • Human-indistinguishable speech synthesis
  • Unlimited conversational depth
  • All Dasha apps that you create are your intellectual property
  • The SDK seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure
  • Voice over GRPC allows you to add live AI conversations on your websites and mobile apps
  • Rich digressions and intentions, stacked entities
  • Conversational concurrency at an extremely high level
  • The SDK seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure

12. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow allows you to create and send conversational forms and surveys. It offers customer satisfaction surveys, such as Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score, or Customer Effort Score, and employee experience surveys (i.e. Recruitment & Pre-hire and Employee 360 Assessment, Employee Check-in, and Employee Exit Interviews). Conversational UI allows users to send surveys using a chat-like interface. This method increases survey completion rates up to 40%. SurveySparrow offers a variety of question types and templates that are not included in the standard package. Through integrations with Zapier and Slack, Intercom, Mailchimp, and Mailchimp, surveys can be embedded on websites or in other software tools.

Key features

  • Conversational surveys customized to your needs
  • Multiple users and subaccounts
  • Multi-language surveys
  • Smart surveys using conditional logic branching
  • White label surveys
  • Visual workflows
  • Omni-channel (emails, social media, weblinks, embedded options, and scannable QR codes)
  • Analytics and reports

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