Top 12 Inspiring Brands for Marketing Strategy

Top 12 Inspiring Brands for Marketing Strategy

Everyone on the team shared their favorite inspiring brands to start brainstorming about this year’s marketing strategy. We all shared our love for campaigns, Instagram feeds that catch our attention every day and companies that have content and experiences that really matter to us.

We were so inspired by this list of inspiring brands that we decided to share it with others. Have a look at this list to inspire your own marketing strategy. Let us know if we can add anyone!

12 Brands that will inspire your content marketing

1. Wendy’s

The Wendy’s social media team has a playful, fun, and surprising approach. Their Twitter bio is clear: “We love our tweets in the same way that we make hamburgers: better than anyone would expect from a fast-food joint.”

They don’t mind taking risks like #NationalRoastDay, which is a full day of roasting for their followers and other brands.

2. Spotify

Spotify’s brilliant end-of-the-year campaign blew us all away. Spotify launched an integrated marketing campaign that was based on data for the second consecutive year. New York City Subway billboards joked about how many playlists listeners had created called “Yanny” or “Laurel”; the brand shared stats via Twitter, such as how many people created “Calm meditation” playlists (367), and how many people created “Clam meditation” playlists (1).

They then personalized the data to give users an individual look at their listening habits. It’s hard to not be amazed by the fact that I spent 78+ hours with Florence + the Machine this year.

Bonus: The campaign brought users back to the app because they created a personal playlist with your top songs for 2018.

3. Vox

Vox makes videos that make us smarter. Vox has all the answers, no matter what your question is. They have all the answers you need, whether you are curious about the NFL yellow arrow, the US bail system, or the claw machine filled with toys. They have a consistent style and format. Their explainer videos are thorough and well-researched.

4. UPS

UPS’s video stopped me from scrolling through my Facebook page. This is Parson Blue Herrington, a 6-year-old UPS customer. Parson has always wanted to become a UPS driver. Thanks to Miss Tammy, her driver, and UPS’s “Wishes Delivered”, campaign, Parson is now able to fulfill her dream.

Each brand has amazing customer stories, and UPS is one of them. This beautiful, authentic video will make you cry! Grab a tissue.

5. Starbucks

Starbucks has created the “third place” with an incredible feat of design. Its inspiration is marketing welcoming, comfortable, and universal – You’ll feel right at home, no matter where you are located.

6. Casper

Casper’s mattresses may be soft and fluffy, but their brand voice is strong. Casper’s messages are always clear and concise, no matter if they’re sharing a funny inspirational quote, a striking illustration, or a photo that conveys relaxation.

7. Slack

How can you visualize a concept such as productivity? Ask the productivity experts at Slack. Slack’s clean design is a great way to show off its product without going too deep.

8. Mailchimp

Mailchimp’s 2014 memorable ad from the podcast Serial is what I often think about when I think about the brand. Mailchimp’s products and features have evolved dramatically since then, but the brand’s playful personality has not changed. Bonus: The team often posts behind-the-scenes photos of their design thinking on Instagram.

9. Patagonia

Patagonia is a brand that is mission-driven and fearless. This is a great example of how customers can connect with a company’s core values and not just its products. Patagonia’s Instagram feed is filled with amazing visuals and inspiring stories that inspire followers to take a stand.

10. Wistia

Wistia’s visual content showcases the team’s personalities, which has helped them to build a relatable brand. The videos are entertaining and easy to understand, They make learning enjoyable.

11. Red Bull

Red Bull is an example of how a consumer goods inspiring brands can be used as a media brand. Their content is always infused with the only thing that drives them: energy. Their high standards are a bonus for every aspect of the company. Follow Red Bull Music Academy to get educational content, inspiration marketing, funding, and workshops for musicians.

12. YouTube

YouTube is unrivaled in its ability to provide digestible, clickable content that makes you want more. These are inspiring brands and a great platform for branding your business. This video shows a penguin guarding a group of baby penguins. How does a penguin know what to do?

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