Top 15 Dental Websites In 2022

Top 15 Dental Websites

We’re back again with a list of the top 2022 dental websites! Here are some examples of top-notch dental websites from across the country. Learn about the features of the best dental websites and find ways to improve your practice’s website.

Top 15 Dental Websites In 2022

1. Tend

New York City has over 2,600 dentists. It is difficult for a dental office to stand out in this city. This NYC dentist is ready for the challenge.

Tend reinvents the experience of visiting a dentist’s website. The brand’s fun, energetic video is a great way to get a feel for the brand. This content offers some information about the new location of the practice and gives you the opportunity to call or book an appointment.

This site’s minimalist design and clean lines are complemented by easy-to-read copy, vibrant images, and engaging copy. This site design is fun and easy to use and drives potential patients to make an appointment.

2. Smile & Co.

The Folsom, CA dental office is an excellent example of how content and design can be combined for a stunning result. This young practice’s design is fun, creative, and inviting.

Although we don’t recommend them as the first choice for desktop, we do like the idea of stacked navigation menus. We would also love to see the CTA button more prominently above the fold. This is made possible by including the number of the phone in the heading.

This design has a lot to offer — from the script font and header video to the parallax elements. We love original photography. No stock photos! These are our top picks.

3. Jackson Family Dental

Jackson Family Dental in Missouri is a practice with a spa-like atmosphere, friendly staff, and the latest technology. Their minimalist cool dental websites reflect these unique selling propositions.

The website design uses engaging images and professionally-shot videos to grab the attention of potential patients. The technology-focused videos highlight the benefits of these services like pain-free and same-day treatment.

This site features unique design elements, copy to answer common questions, and plenty of call-to-actions throughout every page.

4. Bowles Dental

This is our favorite 2021 dental website! This Kansas dental practice website is modern and approachable thanks to a new logo and engaging design.

Bowles Dental is one of the best places to start: online booking and texting. Your website must make it easy for patients and their families to book appointments.

The site has a nice bow, no pun intended. This is due to our focus on SEO best practices, the perfect combination of stock and original photography, and friendly copy that answers common questions.

5. Grand Street Dental

Is there a dental website that feels and looks like an art gallery? Grand Street Dental, Brooklyn is the best choice. Patients feel relaxed from the moment they see the website. Grand Street Dental is more than just a website. This website allows you to book an appointment online, highlights recent media mentions (including in New York Magazine, Forbes), as well simple navigation with the services available, insurance information, and other important information for busy NYC patients.

6. East Indy Dental Care

The dental office wants to be remembered for providing compassionate care in an environment that is relaxing. Grayscale images are combined with a soothing blue hue instantly create a calm, authoritative atmosphere.

Our SEO team is giving East Indy Dental Care points! The practice has a link to allow patients to leave reviews, an embedded Google Map to their office, and “trust badges” which are logos of their certifications and affiliations. This helps to increase authority and optimize copy.

7. Atlanta Center for Advanced Perio

The Atlanta Center for Advanced Perio has been a leader in periodontal treatment in Roswell and Midtown Atlanta. The practice’s personality and the high-end clients they want to attract are reflected in their modern, clean design.

It is evident that the practice has a lot of expertise in the use of white space and muted colors as well as original photography and videography. Visitors feel welcomed and at ease with a friendly, yet professional copy.

8. Upstate Pediatric Dentistry

This is the very first time we have included a pediatric dentist on our list. We chose Upstate Pediatric Dentistry sites for many reasons, including their knowledge of their audience.

Our dentists often share the same belief that women make the most informed decisions when choosing a dentist. These women can be reached through this website.

A mother’s review should be the first thing that you see on the site.
Provide all contact information necessary to ask a question quickly, make an appointment and take a decision.
A professionally shot video that introduces the practice, and explains why it is the best choice for her kids

9. Swish Dental

You are energetic, fun, and capable. These are the words you immediately think of when you scroll through the modern Austin dental website.

This practice targets a younger Millennial audience or Gen Z. Bright colors, modern images, and lots of movement are all part of the design. The design also pays attention to their language — they call their dental office website while their dentists are called “artists”.

Swish Dental sites offer both online booking and virtual consultations. Virtual appointments were born out of the 2020 events. We expect to see more of them as more practices realize the benefits. Swish is a pioneer in this area and one of only a few practices that offer this ability.

10. Brimfield Family Dentistry

As he was about to open a new dental practice in Brimfield (IL), Dr. Clint Martin came across Delmain. He wanted a website that showed his dedication to modern dentistry websites and demonstrated his passion for technology. The website had to be accessible. He wanted everyone to feel at home, even families from nearby areas.

This website design accomplishes exactly that. This website is not only beautiful but also offers the best dental services and online booking. A new patient special. It also highlights what to expect, such as how long to reserve an appointment, safety measures during COVID-19, and payment options.

Each page is optimized for organic search. To increase the chances that Dr. Martin’s practice will be found when someone searches Google for a dentist in their area, Dr. Martin’s website was created.

11. Zen Dental Studio

Even if the practice’s name is not known, zen would be one of your first words when you look at the dental site. This design communicates the brand of the practice and is minimalistic.

This practice is definitely getting it right in including information for patients about insurance, financing, payments, and other details. This website is able to clearly outline what patients can expect and offer an in-house membership program. Knowing the cost of healthcare is one of the most frequently asked questions.

Online booking is a great option for many dentists. Zen Dental Studio uses NexHealth, our preferred online booking partner! Patients can easily schedule appointments online with NexHealth. This is yet another reminder that your practice will soon be behind if it doesn’t take advantage of online booking and new technology in dental care.

12. Bridgetown Dental

These are great dentist websites designed specifically for local audiences. It features a unique logo with a prominent Portland bridge and a green and brown color scheme that is inspired by the Pacific Northwest. Bridgetown Dental offers an online scheduling option that makes it simple for Portland patients to make an appointment.

This design has a unique feature: the left-hand sidebar menu. You don’t often see it! This website easily ranks among our top 10 best dental websites for dental care. It features high-quality photos of the dentist and his team.

13. Dunn Orthodontics

This website was already featured on our list of the best orthodontic practices. We love it so much that we decided to add it here.

This Arizona practice stands out thanks to its bright, modern design and original, professional images and videos. This dental website has a striking design, but what we love most is that it follows all the best website practices.

  • Calls-to-action that are compelling and offer free consultations
  • Common questions from patients answered
  • Copy that is compelling and SEO-optimized highlights their uniqueness
  • To build trust, including patient testimonials and before/after photos

14. Atlanta Dental Spa

Atlanta Dental Spa has four locations that are more like a Ritz-Carlton hotel than a dentist’s office. Atlanta Dental Spa’s website showcases the brand’s luxurious and elegant feel with professionally produced video tours of each location. Patients can call or text to make an appointment, which is a feature that we are seeing more of on many of our top-rated dental websites in 2020.

15. Laser Dentistry of Erie

Laser Dentistry of Erie is the latest addition to our amazing dentist websites collection. This website places the practice in the top tier of local dentists, thanks to its long history of caring for patients.

We love the beautiful professional images on this website. These dentists sites are an excellent example of why we recommend original photos for your website. This site allows patients to quickly understand the person they are working with, gain a better understanding of what to expect, and feel more confident in booking an appointment.

Your website should be focused on your patients. It must also support the claims that you make about the patient experience. This website addresses the common fears that people have about visiting the websites of dentists and highlights the many positive reviews from patients.


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