Top 15 Websites to Learn New Skills

Top 15 Websites to Learn New Skills

Any time you start learning a new skill. The internet makes it easier than ever to learn new skills. You don’t even need to attend college or go to training schools. You can find endless information for both beginners and professionals in just a few clicks.

Sometimes the number of online classes can throw people for a loop. You may feel like everyone is trying to sell you their course on a certain skill. How can you tell if you are learning from a trusted source?

Top 15 Websites to Learn New Skills

These are the top websites to learn new skills online if you’re interested in learning something new.

Language Learning

This is one of the most desired skills that many people want to learn is to speak a new language. Get started learning a new language by visiting any of these sites.

1. Memrise

This website is unique among language-learning programs because it uses videos to teach the target language. Locals who can speak the language will help you understand how words and phrases are used, and how they’re pronounced.

Each lesson will teach you new words and show you how to use them. This site tracks your progress throughout each lesson. You can set goals for how often and how much you practice.

2. Duolingo

Because they make learning a language fun, this is one of the best programs. Each lesson will teach you new words and phrases that you can use to start speaking your target language immediately. You’ll find plenty of lessons to practice your skills.

3. FluentU

You are ready to start learning interactive languages? FluentU offers real videos in your target language, which you can view and learn from. Access to tons of other learning resources, including flashcards and quizzes as well as dictionaries, will also be available.

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Learning how to program and code in this technology-dominant environment is a valuable skill and sites can be both entertaining and enjoyable.

1. Codecademy

Codecademy has a lot of lessons that are easy to understand for different programming languages like HTML, CSS, Java, and HTML. For each language, You’ll be guided through interactive lessons to help you grasp the basics.

2. is a free website that offers many resources and lessons to budding coders. The site was primarily designed to teach grade-school students but anyone can use it to learn code.

3. Code School (Pluralsight)

Since then, Code School has moved to Pluralsight. There are many courses on programming languages that you can take, however. You can also easily track your progress through each course.


Do you want to learn how to make a delicious meal? These sites will help you learn how to cook great meals.

1. America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School

Including basics More than 320 lessons in cooking are available. How to use ingredients and other advanced skills This is a great place to learn the basics of cooking. You can filter courses based on your skill level ingredient type, or category to learn what you’re interested in.

2. The Kitchn Cooking School

This website will offer you a 20-day course that covers all the basics you need to know to start cooking. Each day, you can only complete one lesson You’ll have a better understanding of the tools and ingredients needed to prepare meals by the end.

3. Serious Eats

Serious Eats has an extensive how-to section that will give you detailed instructions on any topic you may want to learn about cooking. The site’s Food Lab section will be a great place to start your cooking journey. It explains the science behind food and helps you to get more information.

Playing an instrument

Another great skill is learning how to play a musical instrument. This will increase your creativity and keep your mind sharp.

1. Yousician

This site offers lessons for multiple different instruments, including guitar, piano, and ukulele. You can pick up any instrument you like and begin the journey to mastering it with over 9000 lessons.

2. JustinGuitar

You can find lessons that will suit your level of skill on the Justin Guitar website. The lessons are comprehensive and effective, making it one of the most popular places to learn guitar.

3. Piano Nanny

Are you trying to learn piano? Piano Nanny offers lessons for no cost. To consolidate your learning and keep you sharp, you can also take quizzes after each lesson.

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General Learning

It is always a good idea to learn new things. Even if you’re not sure what you want to learn, These sites offer many courses on any topic you can think of.

1. Masterclass

Masterclass is an incredible resource if you want to learn from experts. You can take courses from Neil Gaiman and Gordon Ramsay. You’re certain to find top-quality information on a wide range of subjects.

2. Linkedin Learning

Skill-learning site Lyndais now known as Linkedin Learning. If you have a Premium Linkedin Account, You can take recommended courses to improve your skills and advance in your career.

3. Skillshare

You can find more creative ideas at Skillshare offers courses in animation and other subjects, photography, film, writing, Design, and many other topics. These courses will be taught by experts and you’ll be able to connect with other people who are learning the same things as you.

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