Top 5 Free Business Name Generators

Top 5 Free Business Name Generators

What brand names do you know off the top of your head? If you can easily think of more than a dozen names, then it is clear that business names are important. Most memorable brands began with a simple idea to spark the creative process. Start with something simple and keep improving it until you’re happy. Start your search with this list of five free business name generators.

It should be memorable and easy to pronounce. It should be memorable and reflect your business name. It should clearly reflect your business, who you or what you sell. First impressions matter.

Why a Business Name Is Important?

The business name can either help or hinder its success. The first time people see your business name is when they look you up online or drive by. The choice of a business name can be one of the most important business planning decisions that you make. Consider the following:

  • What are your Business Goals?
  • What goals will you be able to achieve with this name?
  • What message does your name send to the public?
  • Is there any negative connotation associated with this name?
  • This name is available to use as a trademark, domain name, or other similar name.

5 Free Small Business Name Generators

Free business name generators use different methods to create a list of possible names. These results can be used as a basis for brainstorming ideas about your brand.

These characteristics determine whether a name is a winner or not:

  • Match the product: Does this name fit your business?
  • Incite emotion: Does the name evoke emotion?
  • Unique: Will customers confuse your business with others in the same industry?
  • Easy: Is it easy to spell or pronounce the name of your company? Keep it short. You may lose your audience if you do not.
  • Marketable: Can you create a brand around? Is it too niche?
  • Is it memorable: Does your target audience respond to this message?

In order to test these name generators we used a fictional idea of a business in order to see how well they met the requirements above.

Imagine you have a specialty shop in which you plan to sell kitchen-related gifts, such as spices, oils, and vinegar, online as well as in a downtown location in a suburb. You are targeting adults aged 20 and older with some disposable cash. Start with “gourmet oil and vinegar,” special foods, and “kitchen or pantry.”

1. Anedea Online Free Business Name Generator

Anadea Software Development Company offers a free name generator that provides “lots” of suggestions for company names. ” Let’s find out how accurate this assertion is, and what kind of names the generator created.


  • Easy to use
  • There are hundreds of names to choose from
  • Simple, elegant interface
  • Mobile friendly


  • Low creativity in the output
  • Add random words to your keyword
  • There is no way to refine the options generated

What It Generates

This generated hundreds of names including Equator and Valiant. Junkyards, Roadsides, and Junkyards made no sense to our fake business. There were still a few gems.

Gourmet Archives is a more interesting and relevant name than “Archives Gourmet Olive Oil and Vinegar”. A tagline such as “Expand Your Pantry and Palate” would be a good addition to the branding.

Masterpiece, AvantGarde, and Prometheus are also good choices.

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2. Business Name

This generator is very simple, but it’s effective. It was more confused with our keyword phrases. The options were less original, but it did create some that were unique and could be used as business names. The site’s FAQ section will help you learn more about choosing a great business name.


  • Search options are simple and easy to use.
  • Generated names are available in a wide range of options.
  • Free business name advice and tips
  • You can “favorite options”


  • Website takes longer to load
  • Domain availability is not checked
  • The tab “Multiple Words” was broken
  • There is only one page with options

What It Generated

Gourmetite was our favorite, followed by Olive Logic Good Pantry True Gourmet and Vibe Vinegars. Some options were unhelpful or nonsensical. For example, OilScout and VinegarSice. It is an excellent tool for brainstorming ideas and keeping things simple.

3. NameStation

NameStation is a modern and vibrant name generator tool that allows you to crowdsource business names via a community of “naming contests”. After signing up, they offer a variety of generators, such as keyword, niche, alliterative, compound and hand-picked options.


  • Comprehensive, multidimensional tool
  • There are many brand names to choose from
  • Domain Checking and Purchase
  • Name crowdsourcing community


  • Sign up for free with your email address to use
  • Navigating through all the options can be difficult
  • Only Premium Purchases can get you unlimited names

What It Generated

These business names were created using its Niche and Portmanteaus name generators: Divergent Truffle Morning Gouda Selected Co. Primidl and Visiani. Flopence PelviCrab and Beechooge were some of the unusable names we came up with that didn’t have anything to do with our keywords. Sometimes, machine errors can lead to unexpected results.

4. Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify provides a name generator for free to both visitors and customers. The generator works similarly to Anedea by adding random words at the start of your keywords.  It’s not a particularly creative tool but can be useful for generating ideas quickly.


  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Good starter tool


  • It prompts you to buy a domain name from Shopify
  • No domain checking
  • Limited Options

What It Generated

We came up with names like Wicked Oil & Vinegars. Penta. Red Bird Gourmet. Geo Pantry. Thrive Kitchen Store. There were many more options, but they were either too standard or confusing for a business.

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5. Business name generator (BNG)

BNG has a responsive, sleek name generator that offers a variety of creative options. More than 3,000,000 users worldwide gave it 4.7 stars. 2 When we tested it, BNG generated some wild and memorable business names.


  • Checks for domain availability
  • Intuitive, elegant interface
  • Unique and creative names are available in a wide variety
  • Search refinement by industry, word count, and rhyming.
  • There are seemingly endless results


  • Advertisement pop-ups including an automatically opened browsing tab
  • Will include articles (use “+”, or spaces) in the name

What It Generates

BNG came up with memorable names like Gourmetiva, Oilizoid, and Hippy Olive that met our standards. It’s just a case of selecting your favorites, as the tool does most of the brainstorming.

Conclusion — Top free business name generators

In conclusion, free business name generators can be useful tools for generating ideas and exploring possibilities, but they should be used as a starting point rather than the final decision-making tool. Combining the generated names with your own creativity, research, and expert advice can lead to a unique and meaningful business name that aligns with your brand identity.

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