Top 5 Podcast Listening Apps

Podcast Listening Apps

It’s vital to be aware of the popularity of podcasting. Podcast listeners and podcasters should be provided with the tools they need to ensure that the process runs smoothly from start to finish. Best podcast apps for listening to all your favorite shows.

The distribution process is a major part of the process. This means that podcasters have to get their podcasts out there for everyone to hear. This process consists of two main parts: the directory setup and the hosting setup.

While we’ve already discussed the first part of the process, setting up the podcast hosting platform, there’s still something that needs to be said about the final phase of the distribution…getting it out onto the directories for people to hear. Your RSS feed must be submitted manually to the main podcast directories. Once they have completed this setup, they will automatically update your content for your listeners daily.

Podcast hosting platforms store and serve your podcast audio via an RSS feed. A podcast directory is a podcast listening app (e.g. Podcast directories are available on iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher. This is where your listeners can search for your podcast, download it, listen, rate it, and review it. When podcast creators start a podcast, they submit RSS feeds to the host platforms.

Hosting platforms and directories can be confusing because some companies like Libsyn or Podbean offer both services. This allows both the creators and the listeners to play back and serve up content.

We’ve covered what a podcast directory looks like and how it differs from a podcasting platform. Now, we need to ask the question: Which directories are the best? They are the best and most popular podcasts. Which podcasts should you be listening to as a podcaster? and where you need to turn as a podcast listener.

We are happy to help you answer these questions. Here’s a list of podcast directories that you should consider. We will be covering the most well-known podcast directories but we will also offer additional options to enhance your podcasting experience.

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Top 5 Podcast Listening Apps

1. Apple Podcasts

Overview: iTunes is without a doubt the most used directory for podcasters. Apple Podcasts is Apple’s podcast listening app. However, you can access the content with a touch of a thumb. It is simple, straightforward, and easy to use for podcasters who want to make their content available to the public, as with almost everything Apple offers. These are the best podcast listening apps for iPhone users.

Truth be told, because of the overwhelming impact of Apple’s imprint in our computing and digital-connectedness today, the majority of your listens will come from Apple (whether it’s through the Apple Podcasts app or straight from iTunes platform on your device). Statistics have shown (and our experiences have confirmed) that 70-80% of your listeners are coming from this platform. It’s essential to ensure that you are available on Apple in order to have a successful podcast.

Unique Features:  Apart from the simple, clean, and easy-to-use design, Apple gives podcasters the rare opportunity to be included in their Top Charts or New and Noteworthy. This is gold for new podcasts that want to make an impact on the world. These categories are a sign that you have achieved great success and deserve some practical help from Apple.

You can find more information about how to get your podcast into these top spots in our previous blog. You can also access the PodcastConnect page to test the beta version of their analytics tool. Although they have only provided some feedback, it is expected that they will soon release a more comprehensive presentation of your analytics to better understand where you stand in relation to your audience.

2. Spotify

Overview: Most people have heard of Spotify by now. Spotify was launched in 2006 when online streaming and music were beginning to gain popularity. Spotify has become the best place to stream your favorite music free of charge. Spotify lets you listen to exclusive music which isn’t immediately available or available on any other platform.

Spotify is a popular music streaming service that makes listening to music easy. This is due to its user-friendly design, ability to create and follow playlists, and ability to save your favorite songs, albums, and artists.

This doesn’t apply to podcasting, but it sets the stage for why podcasts are so popular. With estimates that have upwards of 83,000,000 paying listeners in 2018, Spotify should be a part of the podcast market to provide another way to stream digital audio content.

There is currently no way to submit your RSS feed directly to Spotify. Instead, you will need to use the integrated feature within your hosting platform in order to be on Spotify. You must have at least 5 episodes currently live in order to submit your RSS feed to Spotify. These are two obstacles many people hope to overcome.

Unique Features:  Apart from providing a wider range of content and the ability to listen to all your audio via a single interface also offers you more control over the way you interact with it. Spotify gives listeners the opportunity to browse Genres, Editor’s Choice, and other options to stay up-to-date with top podcasts.

The new Spotify For Podcasters, currently in beta, is said to give podcasters greater access to analytics, engage with their audience, and streamline the submission process. Keep checking back for more information on these amazing features!

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3. Google Podcasts

Overview: Google used its Google Play Music to host and distribute popular podcasts to its users for a long time. After some prodding and poking (and possibly realizing the opportunities they were missing), they released their Google Podcast App this year. It is optimized for Android and mobile users. it is one of the best podcast listening apps.

The new “app” is a downloadable icon that allows users to access the existing platform. It’s still an easy solution to the accessibility problems Android users have been experiencing. It’s true, Google did listen. Some highlighted that, despite Apple devices accounting for 60% of podcast downloads worldwide, Apple only has 20% of the global smartphone market.

Android boasts well over 80%. Android devices now have an in-built podcast experience for the first time. It may seem a bit outdated, but Google is well-versed in the latest technology. It is preparing for industry dominance.

Unique Features:  Like most things Google does, they want to be a leader in the field of podcasting. It may seem like a trivial feature, but Google is more concerned with finding ways to improve the podcast listening experience than it is tracking top podcasts and category leaders. Translation? There is Talk.

Google is trying to improve podcasting by integrating Google Assistant. This will offer closed-caption options for podcast listening and potential incentives for groups that are currently underrepresented in podcasting. Google will also be heavily relying on AI to improve the user experience. Podcasting is going to change.

4. Stitcher

Overview: The Apple team currently holds the largest share of podcast listeners through their platforms. However, not everyone has an Apple product and will not access podcasts through the Apple portal. These are the directories that come into play. These directories are designed for Android users, or as an alternative to Apple Podcasts. There are many key players competing for attention, with Stitcher being the most prominent.

Stitcher claims it is “The easiest way for you to listen to podcasts from your iPhone, iPad Android, Android, PC, smart speakers, and even your car.”Free of charge They also claim that Stitcher Premium offers “Bonus content and ad-free content.”

Stitcher allows you to access over 100,000 podcasts at the touch of a button, whether you’re on the move or at home. The Stitcher team offers some amazing listening features such as the ability to make a favorite playlist and to suggest other podcasts that you might enjoy based on your listening history.

Unique Features:  Stitcher gives podcasters performance love by creating performing lists such as their Top 100 Shows and Top Movers. They also have their Most Syndicated podcasts, which are their weekly rankings for the top performers in these categories.

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5. TuneIn

Overview: TuneIn is an alternative to Apple IOS, which allows Android users and non-Apple users to listen to favorite podcasts while on the move.TuneIn was a major player in podcast consumption in the past. However, their popularity seems to be declining due to other major players. They make listening simple and easy, but they lack unique features that make them highly sought-after. Their access to the best podcasts is solid but there are not many specialties or features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Unique Features: Their greatest contribution as a directory was their integration with many current technologies.TuneIn can be used on hundreds of devices including cars, homes, and mobiles. It also works with Alexa or Google Home which makes listening easy. You can also access your favorite podcasts early with the First Play option.

This feature may be useful for podcasters who want to provide exclusive content to their listeners prior to making it public. You can also upgrade from the free account to a premium to get access to live sports coverage and ad-free audio.


There are many additional podcast listening apps that you can post content to or read from. You will find new directories regularly added to the list, so be sure to check them out in the coming months. We understand that podcasting is complicated and can cause headaches for podcasters who are trying to get their podcast in different directories. Resonate can assist with this.

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