Top 6 Domain Name Generators

Domain Name Generators

A domain name is the term used for the web address of your website. These domain name generators, which are based on artificial intelligence, are not perfect. They are still good enough to get your creative juices flowing. These tools will help you choose the right domain name for your site.

In general, people will type your domain name to access your website. In the past few years, approximately 330 million domains have been registered. The registration continues to grow by 3.7% per year. It is becoming more difficult to generate unique domain names due to the increasing number of domains.

The domain name generator you choose should be able to produce names that meet the following criteria:

  • Unique in every aspect
  • A brandable domain name
  • One who is reliable
  • It is easy to remember
  • More descriptive

Top 6 Domain Name Generators

Here is a list of all the best domain generators. They are listed in order from those that require the least input to the ones that need the most.

1. NameStall

NameStall gives you great flexibility when it comes to selecting the right domain name for your business or niche.

NameStall is an assortment of domain name generators. Its three most popular IMO are the rhyming three-word and primary domain generator.

Start by visiting the NameStall domain name generator. You can choose whether to put your keyword at the beginning or the end. You can then disable or enable the hyphens, and choose a “word group” to complete your domain. You have a variety of options to customize your search as well as your domain in the final step.

NameStall offers the perfect solution to anyone who is unable to think of a way to finish the domain name but wants to customize its functions.


  • You can check and register a large number of TLDs directly.
  • You can choose where you want to place your keyword in the domain name.
  • Word groups offer a high level of customization.


  • There is a limit on the number of searches you can perform. You can only do five searches before being forced to purchase a subscription.

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2. Lean Domain Search

This tool looks primarily like a domain name creator.

The tool will reveal more options for sorting when you enter a word. This can help with your decision-making. The options include name length, popularity, and alphabetical order. You can also check if the domain name you want already exists. Choose where you want your keywords to be located in the domain name. You can also select from a large range of names that are available.

The tool is easy to use. This tool only requires one keyword.

Keywords should accurately describe your business or niche. This tool provides you with more than 100 domain name suggestions, most of which are available registration.

This tool can be useful when you don’t have a specific niche name in mind but have a few words that adequately describe your business.


  • Your search history is displayed
  • The tool allows you to register domains directly from the generator
  • You can add domains that you want to review later.
  • Check for usernames on Twitter


  • The only option displayed and no other TLDs.

3. Bust A name domain maker

Bust A Name is more involved than some domain name tools.

There are two parameters: domain name generator and domain search. You can control which elements are used and how your domain name is built. This feature also allows you to create original domains.

Start by choosing a unique word, which is natural and relevant to the niche or business you are promoting. Enter the name you have chosen into the generator, then filter your options.

You can limit the number of characters in your domain name by filtering. It is also possible to choose whether you want your word at the beginning or end to make it appear more natural.

BustAName offers two screens (domain maker and domain search) that allow you to check whether the domain name of your choice is available. The domain search also allows you to search for the options available. You can also choose to display other Top-Level Domains (TLDs), instead

BustAName is for you if you want to make your domain stand out and be unique and know exactly what keywords to use in your domain name.


  • Domains can also be saved for later
  • This page compares the costs incurred by different registrars during domain registration.
  • Domains that are original and interesting
  • If you are out of ideas, you can use the button to generate random domain names.


  • You are limited in where you can put your main keyword. It can only be placed at the beginning or end of the domain.

4. Nameboy

Nameboy is a great tool for creating domain names. This is especially true if you are planning to register more TLDs than just It is easier to use the tool if you already have an idea about what your domain should be.

You can also enter a secondary keyword that you want to combine with your primary keyword. You can choose to allow hyphens or request to create rhyming names.

Anybody who already has an idea about what they want their domain to be, but wants to check out other TLDs and possible hyphenated versions of the name.


  • You can either allow or prohibit hyphens.
  • You can enter two keywords.
  • The tool displays a list of domain names that can be resold.
  • Many TLDs are available.


  • Google labels the checkout procedure when buying a domain via Nameboy as “unsafe.”

5. Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel is a simple, fun, and appealing way to search for your domain.

It displays domain extensions of up to 15, With each search, it also creates a number of groupings and names for original domains which can be used to fit the identity of your website. If the names generated do not match your site’s identity, the Tool will give you a list of keywords that are related to the search topic as well as random suggestions.

This tool is for people who want to be open to new ideas or have a specific plan in mind. Domain Wheel offers creative and fun suggestions. Domain name results include both random and specific domain names.


  • A down-results extension is available.
  • Randomly suggests keywords that relate to your topic
  • The interface is fast and striking


  • Lacks social media availability
  • Limited Filtering results

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6. DomainTyper

Named after the fact that there is no need to click any buttons once you have typed in your domain.

The tool will usually give you suggestions automatically. DomainTyper can be used to find domain names and search for free domain names. It allows quick searches and supports all extensions. This domain name generator allows you to check out the many TLDs that are available but may not be suitable for use when starting from scratch.

Type in the domain name that you are interested in and you will be given suggestions. After you have looked at the available domains, check out the usernames on social media. You can then remove or add TLDs you do not like.

This tool is useful if you already know what domain name to use but want to see the TLDs and usernames for social media.


  • Checking social media usernames
  • The TLDs are displayed in a single glance
  • Work in real-time while you type
  • Search engine that allows you to add custom TLDs


  • Search results are not generated with domain names


Every business needs a domain name.

You should spend some time selecting the domain name that best suits your business. These domain name generators can help you come up with a great name and even improve your on-page SEO.

You should consider a number of factors when choosing the perfect domain name. These include trademarks, length, extension, memorability, and catchiness.

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