Top 6 HR Software for Your Small Business

Top 6 HR Software for Your Small Business

Software that manages human resources can help your company save time and money. It is important to note that not all HR software works the same. This can make it difficult for you to compare different products and choose the best HR software for your company.

We examine some of the most popular HR software to find out what features are available for core HR functions such as recruiting and onboarding, time attendance, payroll, benefits administration, and employee performance and training.

Top 6 HR Software for Your Small Business

1. Rippling

Rippling’s HR products can be used as a cloud-based HR system. This allows for up to 22,000 employees. You can purchase each product separately so that your business can customize its plan.

Plans start at $8 per month for each employee, plus an additional $35 base fee. Rippling will give you a customized quote based on the services that you choose.

  • Onboarding and recruiting: System to post job openings, track applicants, and onboard.
  • Time and attendance: Automatic time tracking that integrates into payroll and paid time off.
  • Payroll: Full-service payroll for all 50 states, federal, state, and municipal tax filings; W-2 and 1099 forms.
  • Benefits administration: Health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, and 401(k), plans.
  • Performance of employees: Integration with the 15Five performance management application.
  • Training: Pre-built courses, training with progress tracking.

Rippling also offers IT services that can be purchased by businesses. These include remote employee app setup and management and the retrieval and shipping of devices.

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2. Gusto

Gusto is a well-known payroll service provider and Gusto offers additional HR software features such as benefits and employee management.

Plans start at $39 per month plus $6 per user. The all-in-one HR platform features the following:

  • Onboarding and recruiting: Job postings, checklists, and eSignature docs.
  • Time and attendance: Automatic time tools that track paid time off and sync to payroll.
  • Payroll: Full-service payroll for all 50 states, including federal, state, and local tax filings and payments.
  • Benefits administration: With licensed brokers, you can get health insurance plans, 401 (k) plans, and many other benefits. In all states, health benefits are not available.
  • Performance of employees: Manager reviews, self-evaluations, and automated workflow.
  • Training: Syncs to Engagedly and EasyLlama with Ethena and other learning management applications.

Gusto offers tools for employee engagement, including employee surveys and trend analysis. You can also receive compliance alerts regarding state and federal law changes, and have access to HR professionals who are certified.

3. Namely

Namely, an all-in-one human resource platform for midsize businesses, which it describes as having between 25 and 1,000 employees. Namely doesn’t provide pricing information so you will need to contact them to receive a quote for any of these features.

  • Onboarding and recruiting: Job posting, applicant tracking, background checks, and onboarding
  • Time and attendance: Online timesheets, time tracking, timesheets online, scheduling, and managing paid time off.
  • Payroll: Unlimited payroll runs and tax filing. Employee self-service and W-2 and 1099 forms.
  • Benefits administration: Features that allow you to manage your benefits, such as an enrollment wizard, plan configuration, and payroll integration.
  • Performance of employees: Goal tracking, performance review, and feedback from managers, coworkers, and direct reports.
  • Training: More than 300 courses are available with the option to upload your own.

Namely is focused on employees and offers a company news feed as well as appreciations and an employee directory. Namely encourages employees to log in, as the layout is similar to other social networks.

4. BambooHR

BambooHR is an online HR system that can be used by small and medium-sized businesses. There are two packages available with add-ons such as time tracking, payroll, and performance management.

BambooHR does not provide pricing information. To get a price quote, you will need to fill out an online form. These features are available to you:

  • Onboarding and recruiting: Post open jobs, applicant tracking system, and onboarding programs.
  • Time and attendance: Employee timesheets, time tracking, and time-off management.
  • Payroll: Manages payroll and handles federal, state, and local taxes. Also, W-2 and 1099 forms.
  • Benefits administration: Tracking to manage benefit packages
  • Performance of employees: Goals, peer feedback, and self-and manager assessments.
  • Training: Tracking mandatory and optional training.

Employee engagement and employee well-being tools are available to employees in order to encourage them to share their feelings about work and the company. This includes surveys of employee satisfaction, trend tracking, and keyword tagging.

5. GoCo

GoCo offers HR features, including solid benefits administration. You can choose to either use your current payroll provider or opt for an embedded third-party service.

The monthly starting price for an employee is $5. However, a customized quote could be based on your requirements and include any of these features:

  • Onboarding and recruiting: Offer letters, self-service onboarding, and digital documents.
  • Time and attendance: Timesheets, overtime calculations, and time tracking. Also, reports and paid time off.
  • Payroll: Integration with third-party online systems for payroll or an embedded option from ExecuPay.
  • Benefits administration: Life insurance, 401k, health insurance, commuter, and other benefits
  • Performance of employees: This is limited to creating a workflow template, and tracking progress.
  • Training: A collection of videos for HR and employee training, including harassment prevention training.

GoCo offers an HR support center that allows you to get unlimited advice from HR professionals. A request can be processed within one day, and live chat is available.

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6. TriNet Zenefits

TriNet purchased Zenefits from Zenefits on February 20, 2022. The company is now called TriNet Zenefits. Zenefits was subject to scrutiny in November 2016, when the California Department of Insurance fined $7 Million for licensing violations.

TriNet Zenefits promises a paperless HR environment, from hiring to retirement. Three packages are available starting at $8 per employee per month. The highest plan is $21 per month for each employee. You may be eligible for a discount to lower the cost of these features:

  • Onboarding and recruiting: Provide letters, background checks, and employee self-onboarding.
  • Time and attendance: This includes time tracking for contractors and employees, as well as paid leave.
  • Payroll: Unlimited payroll runs.
  • Benefits administration: 49 states offer health benefits, as well as 401(k), commuter, and other benefits.
  • Performance of employees: Tools to help with goal setting, performance reviews, and one-on-1 meetings.
  • Training: Integration with learning software apps like Spark Edcast, Lessonly, and Zyware.

TriNet Zenefits’ People Hub is a unique feature. This hub is included in the highest-tier package. It allows employees to collaborate and teams to send important information.

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