Top 7 ServiceNow Competitors and Alternatives

Top 7 ServiceNow Competitors and Alternatives

ServiceNow might be the right choice for you if you are looking for a CRM platform and help desk system to streamline your company’s internal processes and improve customer-facing initiatives.ServiceNow Competitors is versatile and powerful. It also offers access to many business-enhancing insights.

ServiceNow is a one-stop-shop that provides intelligent IT support solutions for businesses of all industries.

This popular platform covers almost all business bases, from IT support and technical development to customer support enhancement and HR service delivery. ServiceNow may be a great solution for some, but it isn’t right for all businesses.

A wealth of user comments shows that ServiceNow is not as intuitive as its competitors or alternatives, with some functions being difficult to comprehend or navigate. Some aspects of the interface can be difficult to customize or confusing.

ServiceNow is an excellent business tool. It may not be the best option for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), or for business owners who are looking for something more unconventional.

ServiceNow Ticketing Tool – Introducing

ServiceNow ticket system is an IT ticketing system that helps you resolve everyday IT problems. The unique delivery model of ServiceNow offers many benefits. Most of these include reducing costs and streamlining the delivery of solutions. It’s an ITSM system that handles all aspects of IT Services.

ServiceNow Competitors and Alternatives

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of ServiceNow competitors and alternatives to help you choose the right tool for your company.

Top 7 ServiceNow Competitors and Alternatives

1. Helpjuice

Naturally, Helpjuice is at the top. Our platform is something we are extremely proud of (and it just makes perfect sense).

HelpJuice is a knowledge management tool that allows you to enhance your content and give your customers access to valuable self-service information.

Our knowledge base expert is an industry leader. We have a slick interface and navigatable dashboards that will help your company grow beyond its expectations.

Helpjuice offers the perfect balance of price and functionality. Its powerful customization options and intelligent analytics make it easy for business users to find information. It not only improves internal cohesion but also increases customer engagement, and ultimately conversions.

2. ConnectWise

ConnectWise is a trusted provider of business-enhancing software. It offers a variety of solutions, including process automation and security optimization. This is an alternative to using ConnectWise competitors as Service Now software.

ConnectWise’s client service solution, Continuum features cutting-edge features such as automation and intuitive help desk features. This makes it easy to connect with valuable solutions. It is the best alternative to ServiceNow software.

If you are a tech-focused startup that has a growing client base or customer base, it’s worth looking into.

ConnectWise Pro

  • ConnectWise’s tracking tools are robust and easy to use. Many of the interfaces can be customized.
  • ConnectWise’s customizable nature means you can customize every aspect of the platform to suit your needs. This will help you continue your success internally and externally.

ConnectWise  Cons

  • Although the platform has many uses, users are often frustrated by its inconsistent platform performance.
  • Some users feel the platform is a bit outdated in some parts. It can also prove slow or unpredictable at times.

2. Spiceworks Help Desk

Spiceworks’ basic version is available for free. Spiceworks is a free service that offers excellent Helpdesk and self-service features.

The platform’s intuitive interface makes it easy to share knowledge and track internal issues quickly and seamlessly. Its inclusive nature also makes it relatively simple to set it up and integrate it into your business.

This could be a solid option for small businesses or startups. This platform is a better alternative to the ServiceNow tool.

Spiceworks Help Desk Pros

  • It’s a bonus that it’s completely free. The platform’s simplicity and straightforward nature make it easy to use.
  • Spiceworks’ visual nature makes it easy to see important information in a glance.

Spiceworks Help Desk Cons

Spiceworks is a great internal help desk service and offers excellent value for money. However, there are limitations.

Spiceworks is the ideal solution for your company if you are looking for a cutting-edge CRM system or a comprehensive knowledge-based-centric solution. This will allow you to quickly reach the Spiceworks ceiling, which will lead to new platforms.

3. Jira Service Desk

Jira, a fully-functional ticketing and service desk platform, provides end-to-end support for both internal users and business partners, as well as customers.

The service desk on the platform provides a complete, interactive overview of all IT and support activities within an organization. This allows users to easily share their insights and collaborate.

Jira Service Desk can be a great option for companies that want to foster transparency and reduce internal communication barriers.

Jira Service Desk Pros

  • Jira Service Desk’s greatest asset is its simplicity. It is easy to get everyone on board with its seamless functions and simple-to-follow processes.
  • It is also easy and fluid to track and create knowledge base content, as well as tag others.

Jira Service Desk Cons

  • Confluence, Jira’s knowledge base solution for Jira, is reliable and robust, but it comes at an additional cost.
  • Due to the fact that Jira users can experience a performance lag if there are too many issues or tickets on the system, it is important that you ensure that Jira meets all your business requirements before making an investment. This will help avoid poor returns on investment (ROI).

4. SupportBee

SupportBee provides both a customer portal and knowledge-based software with a seamless ticketing tools system that enhances internal collaboration and connectivity.

SupportBee is capable of creating customer-facing FAQ portals and ticket tracking options. This makes it an extremely versatile tool.

SupportBee is a great option for companies looking to foster a collaborative culture and streamline customer communications.

SupportBee Pros

  • It is simple to use and widely praised for its outstanding level of support.
  • SupportBee is accessible in many ways, including its accessibility. It allows users to combine insights and data from platforms like Slack and Insightly.

SupportBee Cons

  • SupportBee’s user support service is solid but it doesn’t allow you to rate your experience or provide feedback on future improvements. Rumors however suggest this might be in the works.
  • Users have also reported issues with loading speeds and platform performance. They claim that the interface sometimes crashes or is slow.

5. Zendesk

It’s a fact that Zendesk is a highly respected CRM, helpdesk, and knowledge management platform.

Zendesk offers both internal and exterior knowledge-centric solutions. It has unique functionality and advanced features that can be used by businesses of all industries.

The Zendesk platform is not for everyone, however well-respected it might be. Before making a commitment, it’s worth looking at other options.

Zendesk Pros

  • Zendesk is a well-respected company. Apart from its many capabilities, Zendesk’s internal desk is a standout feature. It is intuitive and transforms internal queries into consumer-like experiences.
  • Zendesk vs ServiceNow: Zendesk’s platform performance is outstanding, making it an excellent choice for organizations looking to scale quickly.

Zendesk Cons

  • Although the platform is a market leader, its ever-growing array of advanced features can be confusing for users and businesses.
  • However, Zendesk may not be the right tool for you if your needs are very specific or you are a new business.

6. Help Scout

Help Scout is another highly regarded help desk and customer support, provider. It offers a variety of valuable services all under one roof.

Help Scout’s communication-based offerings are focused on customer experience. They ensure that customers get answers in a humane way and not as if they were numbers or tickets.

Help Scout also offers features that enable businesses to create consumer-facing self-service platforms like knowledge bases and FAQ portals.


  • It’s easy to get started with Help Scout because it is intuitive and accessible. Because of this, it is more difficult to learn than other solutions on the list. This means that people in your company will be able to use Help Scout to their full potential quicker than others.
  • Help Scout is also known for its outstanding level of user support, which is a huge plus for any CRM platform.


  • Although Help Scout is intuitive and extremely accessible, its functionality doesn’t compare to Helpjuice.
  • Help Scout’s biggest problem is its mobile app performance. It is quite slow and does not match its desktop offerings.

7. Zoho Desk

The comprehensive omnichannel management and process management tools of the platform not only allow companies to build relationships across touchpoints (from emails to social media and beyond), but also foster internal efficiency.

The robust analytics interface provides a wealth of information that can be used to help customers and optimize customer-facing initiatives. It is the best alternative to ServiceNow competitors.


  • Zoho Desk is of great value when you consider the functionality and scope of the platform, as well as the pricing options.
  • It is easy to set up and reliable. There are rarely any glitches or slow loading times. This powerful alternative is to ServiceNow software.


  • Users feel that Zoho Desk’s customer support is lacking. The colossal number of features it offers can sometimes be overwhelming.
  • Zoho Desk’s interface is not as intuitive as its competitors. This makes it difficult for those with less technical or analytical skills to use.

How to choose the right ServiceNow competitors

Each of the choices or options in our list is distinctive, but each has its own set of strengths.

You should evaluate the value of each service or feature when choosing a CRM platform or help desk platform for your company. This is more important than looking at all the latest innovations.

Take into account your business goals and objectives and choose a platform that will provide immediate solutions and allow for future growth. This will increase your chances of making the right investment in your business.

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