Top Onboarding Software for Hiring New Employees

Top Onboarding Software for Hiring New Employees

Companies that are growing need to hire the best talent. However, bringing a new hire on board can be a challenging and sometimes overwhelming process as you manage a variety of paperwork, allow access to company systems, manage employee benefits, create credentials, and make sure the new hire is comfortable and welcome with all of the information overloads.

Onboarding software can make this process easier for HR and management can have a much easier time with this software. This guide will discuss the best onboarding software and the benefits and top features of this type of technology. It also explains how to select the right onboarding solution that suits your business.

Top Onboarding Software for Hiring New Employees

1. Gusto

Gusto offers a complete HR solution with payroll, onboarding, and insurance features. Gusto is a complete HR software solution that simplifies onboarding with customized onboarding checklists, support for software provisioning, and assistance in setting up software. It is ideal for small businesses because of its simplicity and ease of use.

Gusto offers three pricing options: Premium, Plus, and Simple. Pricing starts at $40 per month, with $6 per person added.

Top Features

  • Comprehensive onboarding checklists that provide administrative visibility to pending tasks and missing documentation.
  • A comprehensive FAQ section for new hires
  • Self-service by employees for benefits management, including retirement and health insurance


  • Gusto is a simple, fast, and easy interface for HR administrators and employees.
  • Gusto has a transparent pricing system.
  • This software allows for seamless integration between the HR and payroll modules.


  • Users cannot pick and choose HR modules.
  • Gusto does not have a mobile app. However, the website has been optimized for mobile use.
  • Post-hire training is lacking.

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2. Freshteam

Freshteam by Freshworks is one of the most centralized HR platforms. This person can manage a range of HR functions including job posting. Onboarding and security of all employee data in a centralized database. A mobile app is also a great option for HR professionals who are on the go. You can use the mobile app to schedule interviews, view profiles of candidates, and foster collaboration between HR teams.

Pricing for Freshteam depends on which one of the four plans you choose — Growth, Pro, Enterprise, or Free. There is a maximum of 50 employees in the free plan. If you subscribe to their annual plan, the paid plans cost $1 per employee per calendar month and a $59 platform charge per month. Monthly plans start at $1.20 for each employee per month and include a $71 monthly platform fee.

Top Features

  • 360° visibility from onboarding to hiring
  • An easy-to-use, feature-rich mobile app.
  • Checklist for onboarding or offboarding
  • Analytics and reports on HR


  • This free plan contains all the core HR features which are rare in most onboarding software.
  • This software provides excellent HR reporting and analytics capabilities.


  • For companies with many employees, it can be costly.
  • Integrations with third parties are not allowed.

3. GoCo

GoCo offers highly customizable onboarding software. It starts with a blank canvas. There are many options available to users for creating workflows and automating their processes creating a hands-free customized onboarding experience tailored to their business’s needs. This is an all-in-one onboarding solution that covers everything from hiring to managing benefits. GoCo charges $5 per month per employee.

Top Features

  • Magic Documents, GoCo offers a document creator that allows users to create, sign and share documents.
  • GoCo’s Workflow Builder offers advanced functionality and an easy-to-use interface.
  • GoCo automatically syncs existing payroll and benefits data.


  • GoCo modules can be easily integrated with existing HR processes to facilitate a seamless transition.
  • Users can customize their onboarding process with customizable workflows.
  • GoCo customer service reviews are outstanding. GoCo provides reliable support for troubleshooting and often turns customer feature requests into new features.


  • There is no social feed where users can share milestones and make announcements.
  • GoCo has some employee training tools, but it is lacking in functionality. GoCo lacks a few tools for course creation and monitoring progress.
  • Mobile app needs to be improved.

4. BambooHR

You are searching for HR software? This company handles all aspects of onboarding and recruitment. BambooHR will be your best choice. It can handle all aspects of HR, from job posting to onboarding.

The most basic features of onboarding are not enough. BambooHR is different by its self-service onboarding of new employees’ electronic signature functionality and onboarding support resources available to HR administrators. BambooHR’s pricing model is customized to meet your business needs. BambooHR will provide you with a quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Top Features

  • Employee self-service portal
  • Integrations with various third-party software add-ons
  • Complete visibility of recruitment processes with an applicant tracking system


  • BambooHR’s interface is extremely user-friendly.
  • BambooHR’s scalability makes it a great choice for all organizations.
  • It is one platform that handles all employee processes.


  • A lack of training tools means you will need to integrate with third-party apps If you need new employees to complete any training courses.
  • BambooHR doesn’t share pricing information publicly. They are priced higher than the competition, according to user reviews.
  • BambooHR has limited reporting capabilities.

5. Eddy

Eddy can be used to streamline your onboarding process and eliminate the need for lengthy HR paperwork. It can be used for all types of onboarding, and also includes functionality for payroll, paid leave, hiring, and many other functions. Remote workers will enjoy a more immersive onboarding experience with features like the Eddy welcome package.

Eddy Payroll, Eddy Hire, Eddy People, and Eddy Train are the four modules of the Eddy HR suite. The Eddy People module includes most of the onboarding features. Eddy offers a variety of pricing options, starting at $8 per employee per month for the basic model.

Top Features

  • Onboarding packets customized for each employee that include first-day messages and digitally
  • signed paperwork. Also, a list with trackable tasks to help new hires.
  • Mobile time tracking and easy PTO for remote employees
  • Central storage for important documents and employee directories


  • Eddy can be customized in many ways.
  • Many positive reviews have been left about the company’s customer service.
  • Eddy’s user interface is clean and well-organized.


  • You cannot get a free version or a free trial.
  • It can be difficult to switch between different HR modules.

6. Lessonly by Seismic

Lessonly was acquired by Seismic 2021 and is a learning management software offering an entire onboarding toolset for administrators. This software is ideal for companies that need extensive training for new employees, such as customer service firms or organizations that require safety and compliance training.

A customized pricing structure is available for Lessonly by Seismic. Prospective customers should contact the Seismic team for further information.

Top Features

  • The Coaching Plan features allow you to create courses, increase employee skill development, and track your progress
  • Integration with third-party tech stacks like CRM, project management, and HR applications is seamless
  • Employees can learn at any stage of their careers.


It’s quick and simple to create courses.
Lessonly provides concurrent training modules which makes it ideal for mergers or acquisitions.
It can be scaled, making it ideal to use in large companies.


  • All core HR features can be used; however, advanced features like payroll and eSignature are only available as an add-on or through third-party apps.
  • A minimum of 25 users are required to gain entry for smaller organizations.
  • The design and flow of Lessonly make It is better to have a dedicated admin than multiple users.

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Key features of onboarding software

Easy-to-use and customizable interface

Onboarding software’s user interface should be simple to use and allow for customization so you set it up according to your preferences. The interface has a significant impact on the software’s learning curve and the efficiency with which your HR team and new employees move through the onboarding process. Your HR team should be able quickly to familiarize themselves with the solution, whether it’s through self-service or training support.

Relevant HR and third-party integrations

Third-party software may be used for onboarding or hiring. It’s a smart idea to make sure that the onboarding software you select integrates with these tools. If two solutions are available for payroll and onboarding, You want the information to flow smoothly between the two applications.

Customization and workflow management

Every organization has a different workflow for onboarding. Onboarding software should be able to automate repetitive tasks and set up workflows. Pre-built templates are helpful to help users understand how to set up workflows.

Paperless document management

Onboarding software must have e-signature and document management tools to digitally digitize the process. This is especially important for companies that employ remote and distributed workforces. To speed up the hiring process, the software must have approval and document validation features.


Onboarding software provides visibility into the entire process through its reporting capabilities. The reporting feature gives HR access to analytics that can be used to monitor and improve the onboarding experience.

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Benefits of using onboarding software

Quicker onboarding

Inefficient onboarding processes, whether they are manual or legacy, are the norm. The onboarding process can be tedious for HR and can cause frustration for the new hire.

The software can dramatically improve the efficiency of onboarding by automating certain processes, using prebuilt templates, and encouraging better collaboration.

Some companies may be worried about the learning curve for onboarding software. However, the best products have an intuitive interface and basic support to help HR staff get familiar with the product.

Consistent and repeatable processes

The HR team’s goal is to ensure that the hiring and onboarding process is consistent and repeatable. This ensures that the onboarding and hiring process is not affected by any changes in HR personnel. This helps HR staff members to follow the correct procedures and protocols for onboarding.

These teams can use onboarding software to create a single source for all important information such as training, documentation, and other resources throughout the process.


Onboarding software also has the advantage of being compatible with compliance efforts. Onboarding software that is compatible with compliance efforts ensures that all documentation for employees is stored and organized according to company policies.

Onboarding software provides visibility to all documentation through its tracking capabilities. The software eliminates the need to fill out paperwork manually. All documentation can be stored digitally through company services or in the cloud. HR is notified if there are any missing documents or fields.

Money and time-savings

Subscription fees for onboarding software offer a great return on investment as companies can lower their onboarding and hiring costs. This is possible by decreasing the number of HR employees who are required to perform more repetitive onboarding tasks than software can.

Software that helps with onboarding allows HR staff to spend more time doing things they cannot automate, like interviewing candidates or resolving workplace disputes.

How to select the right onboarding software for your business

The onboarding software’s goal is to make it easier for new hires and HR staff. Onboarding software allows new hires to get started in their roles as soon as possible. It also helps HR meet compliance requirements and measure their effectiveness.

First, determine your priorities and onboarding requirements in order to choose the best onboarding program. Are you looking for multiple HR functions such as job posting and payroll? Are you looking to use the application to manage benefits and post-hire training?

All-in-one software is one of the most popular onboarding solutions. There are many excellent options that let you choose the modules you need or those that offer only HR functionality and allow integration with third-party applications.

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