Top Product Testing Sites: Get Paid To Test Products

Product Testing Sites

Freebies for product testing can include everything from sunscreen to running shoes to granola bars. Sometimes testers are lucky enough to test appliances like vacuum cleaners and coffee makers. Many Product Testing Sites also pay cash or gift cards in addition to the items you get.

This article explains what product testers can expect, provides information on the benefits of product testing, and lists legit product testing opportunities that will send you free items in exchange for your honest opinion.

Product testing sites are online platforms where companies can submit their products to be tested by a group of individuals in exchange for feedback. These individuals, known as testers or reviewers, are often members of the general public who have signed up to participate in product testing programs. The feedback provided by these testers can be used by companies to improve their products and make better decisions regarding product development and marketing.

Product Testing Companies

Product testing companies only ship products to those who meet their requirements. To be eligible for each program, you will need to provide some personal information. It is impossible to predict when you will receive a product to test because you may not meet all the requirements for each campaign.

These are some of the most well-known product testing companies that we have found.

  1. BzzAgent – Testers receive free products in return for sharing information about the items on social media. Members usually receive three items each year to test.
  2. Clicks Research – In addition to the products that you get, you will also earn points by answering surveys about these items. These points can be used for gift cards or cash back.
  3. Daily Goodie Box – This company sends out a box containing full-size products and samples to the selected few who sign up. The secret to getting chosen for a box, you must comment on their social media pages regularly.
  4. Gratsy – A Product testing platform that personalizes the opportunities you get based on your demographic data.
  5. Home Tester Club – This platform primarily offers beauty and home product opportunities. It is very selective about who can sign up for testing positions. To be approved, you will need to answer several screening questions.
  6. Influenster – This product testing company targets social-media influencers. Link your social media accounts. Brands will send products in a VoxBox (a shipment of test items that they call it) to influencers who reach their target audience if they are eligible. Your chances of receiving a VoxBox increase by filling in your Snaps (profile questions) via the Influenster app. Influenster is a company that focuses on beauty products.
  7. Mesh01 – A small company that focuses primarily on athletic and outdoor products, Mesh01 is relatively new in product testing. If you are an outdoor enthusiast with hobbies such as running, hiking, or skiing this is the right company for you.
  8. PinchMe – Once a legitimate product-testing company. However, PinchMe user reviews have declined significantly over the last few years. Members complain about delayed samples (though they do eventually arrive) and spam emails after signing up.
  9. ThePinkPanel – ThePinkPanel offers the possibility to participate in focus groups in person or online in addition to testing beauty products online. These allow you to keep the products and sometimes give gift cards. This program is only available to women living in the United States or Canada.
  10. Ripple Street – Formerly House Party. Ripple Street started by providing free samples to testers who were willing to host parties to promote the products. Although the company is primarily focused on alcoholic beverages, it also offers other product categories such as pet food, beauty products, and snacks.
  11. – To receive free samples from, take surveys and complete quizzes to find the best items for you. You may also receive coupons or discounts on selected products.
  12. Sample Source – If you are looking for samples of cosmetics, beauty products, cleaning products, or food products, then Sample Source is the right place. This site also allows you to select the samples that interest you when they become available.
  13. SheSpeaks – This company is extremely focused on social media. SheSpeaks TV offers testers the chance to appear on their YouTube channel. SheSpeaks is exclusively a women-only platform for product testing since the products are only available to women.
  14. Smiley360 – To increase your chances of receiving a Smiley360 box of samples, you will need to complete surveys, update your profile information, and be active in the online community. According to user reviews, Smiley360 is one of the most reliable companies for product testing.
  15. Social Nature – If you are looking for free, eco-friendly, and health-conscious samples, Social Nature is the company to test your products. Ask for products that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or all-natural. You can also vote (i.e. boost) products to get a notification and a discount. • When the product is in stock at a local store.
  16. The Insiders – This company gives away items that you won’t find with other companies. Recent examples include vacuums, printers, and lingerie. Register on their website and you will receive emails about campaigns that match your profile. You can also check their active Facebook page to find additional ways to win free stuff.
  17. Tomoson – Whether you already have a large following on social media or are just starting to build one, your accounts can be used to receive free products from Tomoson. You can make money by promoting product campaigns once you have a large following. User reviews complain about poor customer service and the pressure to review products, even though they have not yet been delivered.
  18. Try Products – A sister website to Daily Goodie Box. Try Products is a site that reviews beauty products, health supplements, and food items. Each product can be applied for. Although they received a lot of products, some reviewers were unhappy about the site sharing their information with other sample sites without authorization.
  19. – This website allows brands to get real-time data about how their target audience feels regarding their products. This is done by having testers take a video or screen capture of themselves as they try the product out, open its packaging, and give their opinions. For a 20-minute test, testers are paid $10 and for interviews with brand representatives. PayPal is used to pay for payments. You will need to complete some basic information and take a practice test in order to apply.
  20. VocalPoint – VocalPoint testers can test and review products during the concept and prototype phases, as well as products that have been brought to market. These products can be purchased and you will receive discounts for highly rated ones.

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Market Research Companies

Many companies focus on market research in general. Product testing is one aspect of that research. While these companies offer paid internet surveys, they may also request that you test their products.

  1. Crowdtap – Crowdtap’s surveys take less time than other platforms and payout as low as $5. Users report making between $20 and $25 per month, with little effort and a steady stream of product opportunities.
  2. Ipsos I-Say – This company is primarily an online survey agency, but it is also part of a larger conglomerate that offers mystery shopping. Some I-Say surveys do involve product testing.
    Pinecone Research – Pinecone Research is a subsidiary of Nielsen Research. Pinecone Research also offers an online survey that allows users to test out new products. According to online reviews, users can take up to four surveys each month.
  3. Product report card – This website offers online focus groups and clinical trials, product testing, surveys, and other services. Tasks can pay between $0.50 and $400. This site has poor reviews. users complain about the high disqualification rate.
  4. Schlesinger Group – Product testing is only one of many services offered by the Schlesinger Group. They also offer mock jury trials and clinical testing. The Facebook page has mixed reviews. Many testers have complained about missing or late payments.

Three of the most popular market research platforms that offer product testing opportunities are Survey Junkie and Branded Surveys.

Product Testing Companies For Parents

Many companies that make products for children ask parents for their feedback and suggestions in return for free products. You can maximize your chances of testing products for your family by creating a blog or social media account dedicated to reviewing brands. Only a handful of these programs are open to influencers.

  1. Kolcraft – Mom Matters is Kolcraft’s product testing website. It includes baby strollers, strollers, cribs, and carriers. This is a great opportunity to receive some baby gear for free if you have a child or are pregnant.
  2. Modern Mom – For moms who have a strong social media presence or a blog, Modern Mom offers access to brand campaigns and exclusive contests. You can also review products for free.
  3. Moms Meet – This program is similar to Modern Mom. To participate, you must be an influencer/blogger. Moms Meet allows health-conscious moms to review healthier products such as organic food, supplements, and baby items.
  4. MomSelect – MomSelect is a network of mom influencers that connect moms to relevant brands and products. This program is more suitable for moms looking to start a business than moms looking to get free stuff.
  5. Parent Tested Parent Approved – Many brands are looking for the coveted badge “Parent Tested and Parent Approved”, which is given to top products. This company is focused on household and children’s products such as cleaners, diapers, vitamins, and bubble baths.

Test Directly For Brands

Brands often conduct their own user testing programs, without consulting research firms. While you will need to fill out a profile for each brand that you wish to test, it’s less likely that you’ll be left with random items. These companies offer product testing.

Food Products

  1. Kellogg’s – The Kitchen Insiders program has Kellogg products tested by its testers, including breakfast cereals and bars. Similar to other product testing companies, they use a point redemption system to redeem gift cards.
  2. Minute Rice – You can sign up online for the Recipe Club to try Minute Rice products at your home and receive coupons.
  3. McCormick – Sign up to receive McCormick seasonings and spices by mail You can sign up for local testing opportunities if you live in Hunt Valley, MD, or New Orleans, LA.
  4. Red Robin – After you submit your application to become a Red Robin panelist you will be notified within 30 days if you have been accepted. This application indicates that the opportunity is only available to residents of the Denver Metro Area, where the company’s headquarters can be found.

Household Products

  1. Good Housekeeping – The coveted Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval is based on product testers’ ratings. Only GH+ members can become testers. A subscription to GH magazine costs $20 per annum and includes a subscription.
  2. Philips – Past Philips test products include electric razors, pacifiers, and high-powered blenders.
    Procter & Gamble Super Savvy Me is P&G’s product testing program in the UK and Ireland. There is a survey/rewards program available for U.S. users. However, there are no samples.
  3. Southern Living Magazine – Signing up for The Porch (Southern Living Magazine’s newsletter) will give you free samples of some products that have yet to hit the market.
  4. Johnson & Johnson – The J&J Friends and Neighbors Program allows users to do product testing, survey participation, and join online discussion groups and focus group discussions. Children under 18 can also participate in product testing for child-focused products with parental consent.

Personal Care and Cosmetics

  1. Glamor Beauty Club – This U.K.-based product tester group samples products such as skincare, makeup, and hair care products. Members get early access to Glamour Beauty Festival and event discounts.
  2. InStyle Trendsetters – InStyle Magazine offers the opportunity to register as a Trendsetter. This allows you to take surveys, review products, and participate in research studies. Every time you sign up, you are entered into quarterly sweepstakes.
  3. L’oreal – While the company is best known for its makeup, it also recruits men and women to try hair color, styling, and skin care products. Only residents of the United States are eligible to participate in this program. The registration page was still not available as of October 2022.
  4. Redbook Magazine – If you are an expert in fashion or beauty, fitness, entertainment, crafting, or entertaining, you may apply to Team Red to get products tested in your field. You will need to submit a 500-word essay about why you should be chosen to contribute to the magazine’s opinions.
  5. Vogue Insiders – Members of Vogue Insiders are among the first to test new products and services by brands such as Prada, Secret, and Caress. You will also have the opportunity to attend Vogue events near you and win prizes.

Sporting Goods and Fitness

You will need to return the used gear once the product testing period has ended. Nike and Adidas are among the big brands that require you to return your gear after the product test period is over. They will evaluate it for manufacturing defects, wear, and other factors.

  1. Adidas – Open to both men and women from America and Europe. The Adidas product testing program evaluates athletic shoes and apparel. The maximum size of your feet that you can test is men’s 9.
  2. Asics – FrontRunner is Asics’ consumer testing program in the UK. Residents of the United States cannot apply. The running focus of the testers is determined by whether they are running ultramarathons, track and field, or trail running.
  3. Brooks – The Brooks Ambassador Outreach program is for runners who are “run happy” and have a strong social media following. This allows them to review and test their shoes.
  4. FitBit – Anyone can apply for beta testing FitBit’s new products. To participate in the beta testing, you don’t need a Fitbit. These are updates and new products that aren’t yet on the market, so you will need to sign a nondisclosure agreement.
  5. New Balance – In exchange for your honest review, the product testing team at New Balance will send you a new pair of athletic shoes.
  6. Nike – The Voice of the Athlete program allows people to review products and return the items for further testing. With parental consent, children and teens can also participate in testing.
  7. Reebok – Similar to the Adidas product test program, Reebok allows customers to try out both their apparel and shoes. When you apply, you will be asked about your favorite athletic activities. This testing program allows for a maximum foot size of 9.5 inches in men.
  8. Saucony – As a leading brand of running shoes Saucony’s product testing application is thorough. You’ll be asked questions about the surfaces you use, how your foot touches the ground, your running speed, and other pertinent information.
  9. Under Armor – You can register to test clothing and equipment in the Under Armor field testing program. Product testers are not eligible for those who work in the footwear, apparel or sporting goods industries.

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Start A Blog

While you can get free samples and occasional gift cards as product testers, if your goal is to make money testing products, starting a blog may be the best choice.

Manufacturers and brands know the power of online influencers with their audiences and are willing to pay for it.

Once you have a following, You can earn hundreds of dollars per article on products That are the most relevant to your readers and niche. Sponsored content is when a brand asks for you to incorporate its product into your blog post. A review post is when a brand sends you a product and asks that you write a review.

The company will usually send the blogger a small sample of the product, which they can keep.

Paid or sponsored posts can be a bit tricky, especially if the product you receive isn’t your favorite. Be transparent about whether your article was paid for or sponsored. False positive reviews can make you money, but it will cost you your readers’ trust and credibility if you exaggerate or sugarcoat your true opinion. You can return the product if you don’t wish to leave a negative review.

You can check to see if the brand offers an affiliate program if you love a product as much as you do. You can earn a commission every time someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases the product. You can earn a commission for every post you write.

Final Thought — Top Product Testing Sites

You won’t make a lot of money doing product testing, Signing up could save you money on groceries, household goods, and cosmetics. If you are able to get a higher-end item, such as an appliance or a bottle of cologne. After you have finished testing it, you can sell it online. So here are the top product testing sites to make money from.

You enjoy receiving mail. It’s a great way to test new products and get paid. Before signing up, read reviews about product testing companies and see what samples they sent. Look for companies that are reliable and offer the products you need or are interested in.

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