Top Things to Include in Your Next Powerpoint Presentation

Top Things to Include in Your Next Powerpoint Presentation

However, too many things in your PowerPoint can make your pitch less effective than it helps. 13 entrepreneurs from YEC have shared their tips for making your next investor meeting a success.

Top Things to Include in Your Next Powerpoint Presentation

1. Information not on your slides

After having worked with PowerPoint once in my life, I regret to say that many decks have been used as a transcript. It is better to limit the number of words you want to say on each slide to just 1-3 words. You will find that your talk is more engaging and flows more naturally, which will allow you to adapt to the audience more quickly. – Amit Kumar, CardSpring

2. A slide of objection

After you have presented the benefits of your proposal, end by addressing the key issues. These are usually avoided by presenters, but they can be brought up by the audience if you bring them up first, you’ll be better positioned. Describe how you will find the best solution together. – Steli Efti,

3. An agenda

An agenda is always added to the second or third slide. It sets the expectations for everyone in the meeting. It helps to keep the presentation flowing so that everyone is aware. What is the purpose of the meeting and how it connects? – Juliette Brindak Miss O and Friends

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4. A call-to-action slide

What is the one thing you want people to do after listening to your presentation? This action should be placed on the final slide to ensure that your presentation accomplishes its purpose. – Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

5. The key takeaways

End your slide by giving a summary of some of the key points highlighted throughout the presentation, you can influence the last impression your audience has of your presentation. It can be used to highlight the key selling points of your brand. Phil Laboon, Eyeflow Internet Marketing

6. Engaging visuals

Make sure that your slides don’t have too much text when preparing a presentation for large meetings. A lot of interesting information is a great way to communicate your ideas and leave a lasting impression and effective visuals like graphs or infographics in your presentation. This will not only draw attention to you as a presenter but will also make your presentation more memorable. Doreen Bloch, Poshly Inc.

7. Your logo

Including your logo is your chance to have a small branding moment on each page. – Ashley Mady Bradberry

8. Backup slides

Include backup materials for detailed questions. Your presentation should be short and straightforward, with a focus on your goal outcome. Sometimes, however, detail-oriented audiences may want to go off-topic. You can quickly address their concerns with handouts, material, or backup slides. Next, return to your presentation and the desired outcome. – Matt Hunckler, Verge

9. Data updated

It’s great to have a tried-and-true deck, But if you get too attached to your PowerPoint, you might not be able to see when a slide is getting stale. Every single date and number should be reviewed to ensure they are current. This is especially important if they relate to your market or traction. – Heather Schwarz Lopes EarlyShares

10. Who are you?

You need to let your audience know why you are taking so much time, whether it is an investor pitch, a talk at the university, or any other type of presentation. To build your credibility, talk about past achievements and other projects that you have worked on. Your life story is not necessary. 30 seconds is enough. John Rood Next Step Test Preparation

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11. A clear roadmap

Creating and establishing clear guidelines in their speech allows your audience to track them by including. Nobody likes to go through multiple slides without any clear indication of their location in the presentation – Kenny Nguyen Big Fish Presentations

12. The answer to the question “so what?”

Your audience subconsciously wants to know “So what?” If I am the reader, I want information about why I am reading it, how it is relevant to my life, and what I can do to make it better. Ben Lyon, Kopo Kopo, Inc.

13. Contact information

Your contact information should be prominently displayed on the last slide. You want your recipients to be able to contact you, regardless of whether you are using PowerPoint for a presentation or sending an email deck. Make it easy for them. Often, they will just need to see your contact information to remind them. Nicolas Gremion

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