Share Other Blocked on Instagram: Is It Help to Find If Someone Blocked You?

Share Other Blocked

Instagram users are excited about a new feature “Share Other Blocked” circulating claims that you can now see who has blocked you. However, it’s uncertain whether this feature is real, as Instagram never issued any official statement confirming its existence.

Unsure if someone blocked you on Instagram or simply deleted their profile? Although Instagram, owned by Meta, doesn’t send notifications when you’re blocked by someone, there are a few methods to determine if you’ve been blocked by another user on the platform.

Does Share > Other > Blocked on Instagram Work?

When you go to Share -> Other -> Blocked, it’s supposed to display a list of users who have blocked you on Instagram. However, this feature doesn’t appear to function for the majority of users.

The claim about a “Share Other Blocked” feature on Instagram is false! Instagram has not introduced such a feature, and there’s been no official statement from the platform about it. Therefore, posts with hundreds of thousands of likes and numerous comments are spreading misinformation.

What is Share Other Blocked on Instagram?


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An Instagram user with the his user name “cleanculture_bk2” shared a reel about this feature one year ago. It has amassed over 81.8 million views and garnered 687+ likes to til date.

Mostly users have expressed their disappointment for absence of the “Share Other Blocked” option. It appears the video was created only for views grab likes, hit, as there is no such feature available to identify individuals who have blocked you.

Blocking is a privacy feature, and Instagram will never disclose who has blocked a user.

How to Check if Someone Has Blocked You on Instagram?

  • Search for them: To find out if someone has blocked you, try searching for their username using the search option. If their profile doesn’t appear in the search results, it indicates that they’ve blocked you.
  • Check DM: To verify if someone has blocked you, check your direct messages. If you’ve conversation with them before, open the chat and tap on their username at the top. If a message pops up saying “User not found,” it means they’ve blocked you.
  • Review your likes and comments: If you’ve previously interacted with their posts by liking or commenting on them, check to see if your interactions are still visible. If your likes and comments have been removed, it indicates that they’ve blocked you.
  • Mentioning mentioned: If you’re unable to mention them, it’s possible they’ve blocked you.
  • Check their posts: If their profile indicates they have, for example, 10 posts, but you’re unable to view any of them, it suggests they’ve blocked you.
  • Follow them: Open the chat, navigate to their profile, and tap the Follow button. If you’re unable to follow them, it indicates they have blocked you.

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How to See the Accounts You’ve Blocked on Instagram?

  • Tap on the 3 dots on the top-right of the Instagram
  • Then open Setting and Privacy
  • Scroll below and tap on blocked button

You can now view the list of accounts you’ve blocked. Additionally, when you block someone, Instagram will never notify the individual.

Wrapping Up

The conclustion of “Share Other Blocked on Instagram” is doesn’t exist. Instagram still never official said that such featured is available. This comes only for viral reels which is made for gain views, like, followers and hit button. You will never find such features on the Instagram.

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