What is Cloud Analytics Types and Benefits

What is Cloud Analytics? Types and Benefits

What is Cloud Analytics? Cloud analytics is a service model and delivery model that allows for cloud computing to be used in the hosting. It…

Virtual Cloud Computing

Virtual Cloud Computing: Definition Types, Use Cases and Benefits

Virtual cloud computing is a combination of two technologies: cloud computing, and virtualization. Cloud computing and virtualization are often misunderstood as they are often used…

Hardware as a Service

Hardware as a Service: What Is HaaS, Advantages and Challenges

Businesses are affected by outdated IT infrastructure. This can lead to performance problems and troubleshooting issues. It can also negatively impact productivity and increase production…

Serverless computing

Serverless Computing: Definition, Advantages, and Providers

Definition of Serverless Computing Serverless computing is a subset of cloud computing that allows cloud providers to provide machine-based resources on demand and manage the…

virtualization in cloud computing

Virtualization in Cloud Computing: Definition, Types and How it Works

Virtualization refers to the “creation (rather than an actual) version” of something such as a server or desktop, storage device, operating system, or network resource….

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud: What It Is & How It Works

Cloud computing offers many scalability benefits that make it appealing to many companies. Many prominent cloud services such as Amazon AWS and IBM Cloud emerged…

Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Businesses today want to be more flexible and cost-effective in their operations. Cloud computing has become a viable option for nearly every business. Cloud computing…

Applications of Cloud Computing

Top 17 Applications of Cloud Computing

Due to technology advancements, Applications of Cloud computing are used in a wide range of fields these days, Before we get into the details of…

How Cloud Automation is Changing the Developer Experience

How Cloud Automation is Changing the Developer Experience

Modern developers face many challenges in order to bring innovation to their products. They are required to deliver complex functionality faster while being challenged by…

Top 10 Desktop as a Service Providers

Top 10 Desktop as a Service Providers

What is Desktop as a Service? Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud-based subscription service, that offers a virtual desktop solution that is deployed…