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Top 10 Small Business Ideas for Kids

Business Ideas for Kids

Our nine-year-old declares, “I want to help animals when I grow up.” She’s not sure exactly what this career involves. There are limited options for ideal career paths within her narrow scope: astronaut, teacher, and veterinarian. However, I see a future that is a perfect fit for her creativity and sense of humor. One that she creates. but this blog offers the most popular business ideas for kids

It is a good idea to introduce young people to entrepreneurship as early as possible. This will allow them to find a balance between their interests, and a wide range of career choices.

Kids-run businesses are a way to fill in the gaps of formal education and give them business and life skills that will help them succeed. For example, a child who struggles with math may find a way to get excited about code by engaging in a hands-on activity such as coding a site. Entrepreneurship can open up new opportunities and interests that were previously unattainable.

It’s a great family activity and a way to learn. It’s also a great way for children to earn money to save for college or Nerf Blasters. We’ll be sharing 10 small-business ideas for kids that can start at home with parental supervision.

Top 10 small business ideas for kids

It’s a great family activity to start a kid-friendly business that has learning built in. A variety of ideas have been compiled to suit different interests and personalities. Each idea also includes a list containing resources and skills to get started.

1. Online content creator

Performative children who are passionate about a hobby, such as gaming or fashion, can create video reviews, demos, or unboxings on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok and eventually make a monetized channel. You could also start your own podcast. This is the best business for kids.

Aspiring influencers will have confidence and technical skills that will prepare them for college, high school, and creative careers.

Skills acquired:

  • Video editing
  • Building community
  • Bullies and online trolls: How to deal with them

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2. Pint-sized pop-up shop owner

You don’t have to stop at the lemonade stand. Young entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their sales and people skills have many options.

Set up a table in your front yard to help your children can sell anything, from homemade sweets to seedlings and handmade crafts to other people. This was a type of gateway to Riley Kinnane–Peterson. Who, aged five, started her annual yard sale jewelry stand into a massive online business: Gunner & Lux

Skills acquired:

  • Communication
  • Sales
  • Working with money

3. Inventor of the next big thing

A child-invented product that is not easily mass-produced or handmade can be manufactured with parental support and sold online. A child-invented product that is not mass-produced or handmade can be sold online with parental support. STEM is a great career for kids Put their skills to use by solving a common problem of their generation.

Carson Kropfl couldn’t store his skateboard in his locker The 14-year-old invented a version that was the case, and the business even got him a deal for Shark Tank.

Skills acquired:

  • Design
  • Problem-solving
  • Research

4. Entertainer extraordinaire

Your child’s creative skills, such as playing an instrument or performing cosplay, could be the foundation of their first business. You can find them, customers, at school, in the community, or through word-of-mouth. They could also work as entertainers or performers at parties or special events.

Shopify President Harley Finkelstein was just a child when he got his first taste in entrepreneurship by DJing at bar mitzvahs.

This business idea for kids is also great for online content creation. To showcase their talents, kids can start a YouTube channel or TikTok channel.

Skills acquired:

  • Creativity
  • Public speaking
  • Confidence

5. Magnificent maker

Handmade items such as beaded jewelry and Soap and Bath Bombs can be sold online with the support of parents.

These crafts may require some upfront investment in supplies. However, kids can run the production part of the business by themselves. Under parental supervision, Kids can create an online store and website to sell their goods online.

Ollie Fequiere had just five years when he was made the face of his own bath fizzy company. His mom still involves him in child-appropriate tasks like making the products.

Skills acquired:

  • Creativity
  • Marketing
  • Fine motor skills

6. Plant or pet sitter

Plant or pet sitting have typically been odd jobs suited to younger kids looking for some extra allowance–especially when they’re still too young for babysitting.

However, kids who love this work could turn it into an actual business. A basic website can be set up by parents that highlight prices and offers services. It also accepts payments online.

Skills acquired:

  • Time management
  • Responsibilities
  • Customer service

7. Budding artist

You can nurture your love for art, craft, and design in your child by introducing them to the business side of the creative world. Your little artist dreamer can allow them to explore the potential of the field.

Parents can set up a simple online store and the print-on-demand integration will allow kids to sell their designs on mugs, t-shirts, and stickers.

Another option is to become a content creator. Children who excel in front of the camera might choose to be content creators, shooting art tutorials or offering design classes online.

Skills acquired:

  • Web design
  • Creativity
  • Customer service

8. Neighborhood helper

There are many services available that kids can help by starting a small business in their neighborhood. Kids can start a business that offers lawn care and raking leaves, Snow removal, and simple errands.

Children can fly fliers to find clients by asking their neighbors for referrals. With parental guidance, they can also set up Shopify stores to sell time slots via a scheduling app.

Skills acquired:

  • Manual and electric tools
  • Time management
  • People skills

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9. Voice artist

Channels like Nickelodeon and Disney use child voiceover artists. Voiceover artists for their cartoon programs. Kids with expressive voices
are great candidates for voiceover artists.

Children interested in this business idea need parental support. They will need to find an agent and create a demo reel. Children will need to be driven by their parents to auditions or tapings.

Skills acquired:

  • Auditioning
  • Confidence
  • Acting skills

10. Professional gamer

Gaming is often viewed as a career for older children. Young teens are now skilled gamers who make a living from it. Take a look at Seongju Cho (gamer name Maru) South Korea. Who became a StarCraft 2 professional player at the age of 13.

It is important to choose a platform, game, or genre that you are able to specialize in. Your child will want to participate in tournaments and stream their games live if they are video game-savvy. There are many methods to monetize your audience as a gamer. You can run ads on YouTube or become a game tester.

Skills acquired:

  • Social media and streaming
  • Fine motor skills
  • Social skills

Final Thought

The majority of business ideas for children that we have shared here require no upfront investment and don’t require prior experience. They can also be launched from home. Online learning tools are available for free and kids can learn business skills, as well as gain experience in research. It’s as easy as giving your child the tools and then watching them succeed.

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