Top 10 Yoga Apps for Your Home Workout

Top 10 Yoga Apps

If you’re a newbie to yoga or are a veteran, having the top yoga apps in your arsenal will make it much easier to begin and stick with a regular at-home routine. The problem is that there are hundreds of yoga apps on the market that it’s difficult to determine which are worth your time and energy.

We browsed across the apps store in order to select the top yoga apps worthy to be downloaded. We believe that yoga is accessible to all and everyone is equal, we searched for apps that were inexpensive and inclusive and tried to make them accessible to all kinds of bodies and capabilities. We also wanted to select apps that acknowledge yoga’s historical roots and focus on experienced, qualified instructors.

Top 10 Yoga Apps for Your Home Workout

1. The Underbelly App

The concept of yoga teacher, author SELF columnist Jessamyn Stanley, the Underbelly offers accessible and inclusive classes that focus on breathwork and the most essential exercises and grounding sequences, to vigorous poses and much more. According to Stanley states,” the Underbelly is “a place for those who feel disenfranchised and dissatisfied or even overlooked because of an absence of diversity within the fitness and health community.

2. YogaWorks

Sometimes, you want that authentic, live-class feel even when you’re laying on your mat in the living room. YogaWorks offers this experience by offering more than 25 live streams of everyday classes, which cover a variety of yoga levels and styles, from therapeutic yoga for all levels to advanced vinyasa flows to YogaWorks special classes that include alignment, breathwork, and movements. In addition to that the app has over 1300 classes on demand, which means the odds of being stuck in a rut of yoga are almost nonexistent.

3. Yoga for Everyone With Dianne

Yoga for Everyone is about accessible and body-friendly yoga that is accessible and body-positive. The app was developed by yoga instructor Dianne Bondy, the app offers an inclusive yoga approach, seeking for it to be a routine that anyone can enjoy regardless of their shape or size. Classes are offered in a variety of styles (think vinyasa slow flow, vinyasa, or the chair) and duration (5 to up to 67 minutes). Learn to utilize equipment and alter yoga poses to fit your body. Expect nobody to shame.

4. Alo Moves

The app was developed by the uber-popular clothing company Alo Yoga, the Alo Moves app provides more than 11,000 videos with renowned instructors like Dylan Werner, Briohny Smyth as well as Ashley Galvin. Classes range in level between beginner and advanced and offer seven different styles of yoga, including vinyasa and Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, restorative, and many more. Also, If you’re trying to master some particular skill, like splits or a handstand–they’ve got classes for that as well.

5. YogaGlo

No matter if you’re only able to squeeze in just two minutes to go or move for more than an hour and a half, YogaGlo has classes to suit your needs. The app offers a variety of classes as well as class lengths as well as the type of workout and level. You can choose from live classes every day as well as more than 3,000 online yoga classes that range in difficulty starting from beginners to intermediate. Classes cover 14 yoga styles, from vinyasa to yoga, kundalini as well as Iyengar yoga to restorative, prenatal, breath work, yoga conditioning, and more. So there’s something for all.

6. Find What Feels Good

You might be already familiar with Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel however yoga instructor Adriene Mishler also has a subscription app that has a wealth of exclusive content for members. Find What Feels Good offers you access to a plethora of yoga-related videos, exclusive classes, and courses that are premium, as well as a global community component. If you’re brand new to yoga, you’ll appreciate how much emphasis is placed on variations as well as the bizarrely specific and applicable sequences (like Yoga for Tired Legs and Yoga for Uncertainty).

7. Apple Fitness+

Yoga is among the 11 options available in Apple Fitness+ which is a fitness program that is built upon Apple Watch. Apple Watch. Its classes are run by a variety of collection of instructors who you’ve probably met on Instagram such as Jonelle Lewis Molly Fox, and Jessica Skye. Classes can be sorted by duration, instructor, or type of music which makes it easy to locate the perfect class to your time and mood. Additionally, the app includes guided meditation that comes with audio and video so that you can conclude your exercise (or entire day) with a bit of calm.

8. Yoga Wake Up

Relax into your day using your day with the Yoga Wake Up application. It’s a good alternative to your normal alarm clock using gentle audio-guided yoga and meditation can be done at night. You are able to find your rhythm at any time of the day by utilizing hundreds of live, yoga classes for beginners. Benefit: All classes last shorter than 30 minutes and include alternatives to asanas that go beyond the basics, like breathwork as well as affirmations, meditations, and many more. Another plus is that the instructors are from diverse backgrounds of ethnicities, races, and bodies, which creates the app a warm and welcoming feel.

9. Yoga International

The app is described as “one of the leading platforms for online yoga instruction” Yoga International provides more than 3,000 yoga classes taught by over 700 instructors via its application. Classes last between three minutes to nearly two hours. They cover a variety of styles, such as vinyasa and the restorative style, kundalini as well as yin and many more. New content and live classes are updated each day and are available in both English as well as Spanish. In addition to asanas, the app offers articles and podcasts to aid in the study of yoga. You can try it for seven days with a trial for free.

10. Nike Training Club

With a 4.8-star rating based on more than 252,000 users in the Apple App Store, the Nike Training Club app is a favorite in a lot of people’s exercise routines. The primary feature of this app includes a collection that includes 97 classes that offer a variety of intensities, styles, and lengths. There’s anything from a 5-minute easy flow for prenatal and early pregnancies to a 30-minute relaxation routine and a 60-minute fitness sequence. If you’re in need of help to get up and running, the app has organized programs like a two-week beginner’s vinyasa class that will aid you in making yoga a regular practice. The most important benefit of this app is that It’s free.

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