Top 10 Crypto Portfolio Tracker Software and Tools

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Software and Tools

Crypto portfolio tracker software allows you to track transactions from the past, their value, as well as destinations and sources. These apps also show the current live price of all cryptocurrencies they support. It allows you to track your investments and monitor the price movements at any hour of the day. You can also store your cryptocurrency in a wallet to protect it.

What is a Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

Software that tracks all of your crypto investments is called a Crypto portfolio tracker app. It will provide real-time updates about the value of your holdings and should make it easy to trade or exchange cryptocurrencies. These tools provide live prices for any supported cryptocurrencies.

Top 10 Crypto Portfolio Tracker Software and Tools

Here is a list of the Top Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker software, along with their key statistics, pros, cons, and links to websites. This list includes both open-source (free) as well as commercial (paid).

1. CoinTracking

CryptoTracking Analysis is a portfolio tracker app that allows you to trade and generates real-time reports about profit and loss. You can view the value of your coins, including unrealized losses, as well as reports for taxes. A complete overview of all 7666 coins can be found here.


  • Interactive charts for trading and coins
  • It’s one of the most powerful crypto trackers, allowing automatic import via APIs.
  • Crypto tax advisors can share your data
  • It is one of the most reliable crypto trackers and does not require access to any exchanges.
  • Chart history of all 17,642 coins


  • You can get a free account to see if the platform is right for you.
  • Direct sync with the blockchain
  • API keys can be stored in AWS vault services so that funds cannot be withdrawn fraudulently.


  • You will need a premium package or unlimited exchange connections

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2. Kubera

Kubera has been voted the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker to track all your investments in the cryptocurrency and traditional finance worlds. This cryptocurrency price tracker app boasts connects to more than 20,000 banks around the world.


  • Let’s connect all of your financial accounts together.
  • Track Crypto Assets, including Defi.
  • Allows you to connect to a variety of crypto accounts
  • Sends your financial info to beneficiaries
  • Kubera displays the most recent price for your NFT collection.


  • This allows you to see the current value of all your assets from one location.
  • Never sell or track data to third parties
  • Pre-management financial information for a beneficiary
  • A spreadsheet-like table can be used to manually add assets.


  • Available in a web-only format
  • Kubera is the most expensive option.

3. Koinly

Koinly can be used as a crypto tax software that allows you to create a crypto tax report in just a few seconds. You can get a free preview of your capital gains taxes. You can track your anticipated capital gains on crypto over time, rather than being surprised by unexpected tax season.


  • Automated synchronization of all your data sources
  • Track your crypto assets and taxes.
  • It allows you to identify and correct problems with transactions.
  • Track your portfolio across all your accounts and wallets.
  • Check out your potential capital gains with crypto.
  • This allows you to download tax documents.

4. CoinTracker

CoinTracker allows you to connect your wallets such as Trezor or Ledger, and also from over 300 cryptocurrency exchanges. It supports popular crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, and eToro. It supports over 8000 cryptos and is considered one of the most powerful crypto tracker apps.


  • Automated portfolio tracking
  • You can view your portfolio allocation, market value, and investment performance in real time.
  • It’s one of the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker apps. It prepares tax information for reporting.
  • Accounting methods that optimize cost basis
  • It will help you comply with the cryptocurrency tax rules.
  • You can track your crypto portfolio using the go


  • You can generate tax reports instantly and file annual tax returns.
  • This tool allows you to export CSV files directly from exchanges.
  • It allows you to monitor how your portfolio performs over time.
  • You can automate capital gains and taxation. It supports 8000 cryptocurrencies.


  • It doesn’t support derivatives or margin trading.

5. Accointing

Accointing allows you to track and analyze your crypto portfolio. It allows you to instantly connect all of your exchanges and wallets and also provides an intuitive dashboard that helps you quickly understand your entire cryptocurrency portfolio.


  • More than 300 wallets, exchanges
  • Crypto portfolio gains performance
  • It allows you to see your entire cryptocurrency portfolio through an intuitive dashboard.
  • Simple templates make it easy to manage your portfolio.


  • Keep track of your portfolio and file your crypto taxes.
  • Import all transactions instantly
  • Get valuable insight by reviewing your crypto portfolio
  • Learn about the crypto market and how you can influence it


  • The starting plan’s price is quite high.

6. Shrimpy, or shrimpy, is a popular portfolio rebalancing tool for Crypto. It offers a user-friendly interface, unique features, responsive customer support, and responsive customer service. It’s an easy-to-use portfolio track tool that connects all your wallets and exchanges to efficiently manage your assets. It allows you to trade quickly, monitors your performance, and analyze market trends.


  • Learn how to use advanced portfolio backtesting to study trading strategies.
  • It automates a strategy the institution trusts to help you optimize your portfolio.
  • You can create a portfolio strategy and track performance.
  • Track balance changes automatically to software and hardware wallets.


  • Supported are thousands of crypto assets as well as 17 crypto exchanges.
  • Supports trade automation.
  • All your exchange accounts can be managed from one place.
  • You can create a portfolio strategy and track performance.


  • The referral program has limited validity.
  • It does not have a trading terminal.

7. CoinStats

Coinstats provides a portfolio tracker that allows you to manage all of your crypto and DeFi in one place. You can also track, trade, purchase, track, and earn cryptos. You can get market insights for Bitcoin and more than 8000+ coins/tokens. You have instant access to your portfolio with the crypto tracker.


  • This allows you to manage all aspects of your crypto account from one screen.
  • Your API keys and personal information are protected on AWS Vault.
  • They conduct a quarterly security audit to ensure that your crypto portfolio remains secure.
  • You can attach your Coinbase, Binance, and other accounts to Coinstats without having to withdraw your funds. This allows you to manage your funds from one platform.
  • Coinstats accounts allow you to easily top-up your crypto funds and begin cryptocurrency trading.
  • Earn as high as 20% APY.
  • Offers a tool for crypto analytics


  • It supports most cryptocurrency platforms, including Binance, Coinbase, and 400 others.
  • It’s available on all devices: laptops, mobiles, Apple TV, iPad app, Mac app, etc.
  • CoinStats gathers news from 40 sources and presents you with a personalized news feed.


  • The paid version has all of the features, but the free version does not.

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8. Coin Market Manager

Coin Market Manager will help you make better trading decisions. It is one the most powerful crypto portfolio tracker software that will allow you to identify and analyze your trading strengths and limitations. With a single click, it automatically imports your trade history. It also allows you to track all transactions which allow you to track your trading progress.


  • Coin Market Manager allows you to manage all of your accounts from one place.
  • Your personalized verification page can be obtained by entering a unique URL.
  • Track trading progress and analyze historical interactions for performance.
  • See summaries for all of your trades on the exchange
  • No-cost Trial: 14-days.


  • The setup allows you to easily control the settings of your verification page
  • It allows you to keep track of all your spot assets across multiple exchanges from one place.
  • Deep dives are possible to discover trading patterns that work.


  • Limited support available for crypto exchanges
  • Mobile apps are not offered by this company.

9. Coinmarketcap

Coinmarketcap is a popular crypto portfolio analyzer tool that allows you to create multiple portfolios. This app is one of the most popular crypto-tracking apps. It offers advanced charting options and features for risk analysis. You can also add notes.


  • Real-time price data
  • It is one the most trusted crypto portfolio tracking apps, and it will help you keep your data safe and secure.
  • This Crypto monitoring app keeps track of your portfolio valuation, profits, and losses.


  • Track your portfolio balance and profit/loss.
  • All data are kept safe and secure.
  • You’re always up-to-date with auto-refresh
  • This portfolio tracker app gives you additional information for each coin.
  • You can set price notifications and create watch lists.


  • The mobile apps are not as robust and secure as the web interface.

10. Delta

The Delta crypto portfolio tracker software is intuitive and attractive. It is one of the most user-friendly apps of its kind, both for its functionality as well as its interface design.

It allows you to keep track of your crypto portfolio’s price, profit/loss, and current positions in local currencies. You can also monitor the percentage (%) change, as well as keep up with the most recent crypto price movements. This portfolio tracker app allows token launching teams and ICO launch teams to send notifications to users about upcoming token launches.


  • Delta offers 14 wallets and 24 exchanges
  • Delta-Direct, a tool for crypto project intelligence called Delta-Direct, will send you news updates and information
  • You can create price alerts for Ethereum and Bitcoin (as well as any other asset that they support).
  • Delta can be used for basic features


  • You can take control of your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolio
  • This will give you a clear overview of your portfolio’s total profit/loss.
  • Your portfolio can be connected to your crypto and wallets, as well as your favorite exchanges.


  • Minimal charting tools and connectivity to crypto exchange APIs.
  • For unlimited exchange connections, the Delta Pro package must be purchased
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