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Top 10 Ways To Make Money Watching Ads

Top 10 Ways To Make Money Watching Ads

You can make extra money by watching ads for money if you like watching shows and don’t mind ads or commercials. You have a lot of platforms and apps to watch ads for money. It’s worth looking into. This guide will review the most well-known and explain how they work.

Top 10 Ways To Make Money Watching Ads

1. InboxDollars

You can view ads for money with InboxDollars. How does it work? InboxDollars is a platform that allows brands to get consumer feedback about their products and services. For your time spent watching videos, you’ll be paid.

Based on how many ads are watched, you could be paid weekly via check, gift card, PayPal, or. You can earn as little as $0.05 each by watching ads and videos.

2. Swagbucks

You can also watch ads to earn money on the online rewards site Swagbucks. Members can earn cash and gift certificates for various activities such as watching videos. Swagbucks has already paid out more than $785 million.

To make money, You can earn points which you can redeem for cash by viewing online videos via Swagbucks. Video lengths can vary, but the points you earn per video are marked. So you can determine whether or not the points are worth your time.

Swagbucks points are redeemable for Amazon and Walmart gift certificates, or cash back via PayPal.

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3. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is the best rewards site with a membership model, which pays cash to users for watching ads and taking surveys. The variety of gift cards you have to choose from such as Visa and Amazon, as well as PayPal, Amazon, and Google Play Cards starting at $5 is what stands out. The best part is that gift cards can be delivered electronically in just minutes.

PrizeRebel was established in 2017 and has over 12 million members who watch ads for cash. . You can receive instant payment, unlike many other rewards sites. To see funds in your account, you will need to reach a minimum of $5.

4. Earnably

Many sites that allow you to make money by watching ads charge cents per view. Cashing out typically requires higher thresholds. This means it could take a considerable amount of time to get paid. Anyone who enjoys seeing the fruits and benefits of their labor sooner. Earnably pays a minimum of and a maximum payout of just $1.

To add, You can also make money while you sleep. Refer friends and family members to sign up for 10% of the points they earn when they watch ads or engage in other activities. Anyone with a large network can benefit from this. Earning is a great way of increasing your rewards.

The best part is that the platform estimates how many minutes it takes. You’ll need to spend money to complete the task. How many points can you earn? So you can determine whether it is worth the effort.

5. QuickRewards

QuickRewards is similar site to other sites. It offers different activities that earn points in exchange for shopping online, taking surveys, and playing videos. These ads are usually informative. You’ll find videos related to news, lifestyle topics, and many other subjects.

If you are ready to cash out, QuickRewards offers more than 50 ways to redeem points such as gift cards for Home Depot and Amazon, Target, and many others options. The minimum threshold to cash out on this platform is, You can withdraw as little a penny to PayPal, or as much as $5 for a gift card.

6. Nielsen TV Ratings

Nielsen is a name you may recognize since its ratings are frequently mentioned on television. You can watch TV and earn money, unlike most websites that allow you to view ads on your mobile device.

There is no way to sign up. The company will invite you to join. You will need to accept the invitation and download the Nielsen App. The app or software collects data regarding your viewing habits to track consumer behavior. Nielsen will pay you in exchange.

7. MyPoints

MyPoints is one of the oldest reward sites. The signup offer for MyPoints is the most generous, at $10. It can be used to redeem an Amazon and Visa gift card.

After you are ready, you can watch ads or take part in some of the other activities. Home Depot, Best Buy, and HSN are just a few of the brands featured that will need your feedback. Points can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. You can also transfer points to United Airlines Mileage Plus accounts to get free travel.

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8. GrabPoints

GrabPoints is looking for members who will watch advertisements for payment. Other tasks include taking surveys or trying out new apps. Earn cash, gift cards, and other prizes such as Minecraft codes or Spotify Premium subscriptions.

For watching ads, you’ll get points and you can cash out for as low as 3,000 points (or $3). GrabPoints claims that some members can earn up to 20,000 points each day. GrabPoints offers two video providers: Lootably and Hideout TV. The amount of ads you see before the video begins will determine how many points you earn.

9. KashKick

Many of the ways you can make money by watching ads are by paying in cash, gift cards, or other prizes. KashKick will pay you for ads that you only watch in cash. There are no reward points or electronic gift card requirements. You can cash it out to PayPal once you have at least $10 in the account.

KashKick makes it easy to make money. There are no points conversions required. All offers are in dollars. You can also refer your friends and family to watch videos and take part in partner offers. Sign up to earn a 25% commission on your total earnings for the rest of your lives.

10. AdWallet

AdWallet is a site that only allows you to view ads and earn cash. Each interaction can bring you between $0.50 to $3. AdWallet has awarded more than 1,000,000 to members who viewed ads on the website.

To earn the promised cash, you will need to watch the advertisement and complete the survey. To cash out, you will need a $10 minimum. Although it is higher than on other platforms, there are also offers up to $3 to help you reach the threshold quicker.

There are two options for cash out: Mastercard gift cards, which can be donated to charity, or electronic gift cards purchased from retailers like Amazon and Target.


You can watch ads to make money. There are numerous apps and websites that make this possible.No matter if you earn dollars or points, The best websites to watch the ad for money let you cash out the funds in gift cards or transfer to your PayPal account. You can then withdraw the money or make payments.

No matter which app you use, the key to success in any endeavor is to spend enough time viewing ads and videos each day to accumulate enough funds to reach the minimum threshold.

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