A Guide to Security Equipment for Small Business

Security Equipment
  • To prevent theft of data and property, you need to properly secure your business. Small business security systems can also reduce the risk of water damage and fires.
  • Comprehensive security systems can run into the thousands, while security cameras can be expensive by hundreds of dollars. They can be used together to alert you to intruders or provide evidence of an attempted breach.
  • You can limit who has access to your facility by purchasing keyless locks that cost a few hundred dollars. The lighting systems are less than $100 and can help deter burglaries.

Although there is much talk about how important it is for small businesses to have good cybersecurity systems, that’s just one aspect of your security setup. To protect your office, employees, and valuable assets (including your intellectual property), you need a strong physical security system. Your cybersecurity can be improved by having the right physical security. The right equipment is the key to good physical security. This article outlines the security tools every small business should install.

Why you need to properly secure your business

Secure your business to prevent unauthorized access. This will reduce the risk of data theft or physical damage. Customers could sue if their information was accessed without their consent. Important: Even if your business did not steal the data, it is still liable. You can be more relaxed about this matter by investing in small-business security equipment.

Small business security equipment can detect potentially dangerous events such as fires and water intrusions and alert you. You can prevent these events from causing serious damage.

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Four Key types of small-business security equipment

You will need four types of security equipment to properly secure your business: security cameras and security systems, keyless locks systems, lighting systems, and security systems.

Security cameras

There are many security camera options available (see our top picks for surveillance cameras), so which camera is right for you? Understanding the purpose of your surveillance system is key. These are some great questions to help you get started.

  • Do you want to know the best way to track employee behavior and prevent theft by customers or employees? You might also want to track foot traffic in your office space. (See our review to Teramind for the best combination of employee monitoring and workplace security.
  • Are you looking for outdoor or hallway surveillance?
  • Are you going to use the cameras all day or just when your business is closed?
  • To capture dark images, will you need an infrared-capable camera?
  • What storage system and how long will the video footage be kept?

Thanks to technological advances and internet connectivity, There are security cameras that can be installed to suit any budget. A hidden camera can be set up to monitor an employee’s computer in real-time. Or a zoom camera that records in high-definition and can detect moving objects.

Cost of security cameras

Personal security cameras, which cost only a few hundred dollars, are a good option if you need to keep your business within a budget. For full functionality, business security cameras can cost upwards of $100 per camera.

Top security camera

These are great options for security cameras in business:

  • The Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera has motion detection, integrated spotlights, and instant security threat notification.
  • The Swann 12-Camera Security System includes 12 cameras and 16 recording channels that allow for detailed video footage up to 100 feet away.
  • The Google Nest Cam was designed for indoor use. It records in 1080p and offers night vision up to 20 feet away.

Security systems

A small security camera system could be handled by you, but it is worth looking into third-party companies to install a more complex security system. Multiple camera installations are part of security systems. You also have options such as motion sensors, door alarms, and intrusion detectors. Wi-Fi is required for most security systems. The installation will be handled by someone else because you are working with an external company. The company can also monitor your system.

You can select the security systems that you want to monitor, depending on which company you choose to partner with. Passive intrusion detectors alert someone about an intrusion and log the information. Active intrusion detectors send out an alert but also change the environment to stop the attack (e.g. setting off a siren). Alarm monitors are available for both entryways and windows. Security systems can be tailored to your budget and needs. You can use motion sensors, door alarms, and intrusion detectors as standalone or part of a comprehensive security system.

Cost of security cameras

A business security system usually costs less than a thousand dollars. Professional monitoring could also be added to the mix. This will cost you less than $100 per month.

Top security system

These are some of the companies that offer renowned business security solutions:

  • SimpliSafe offers competitive rates for monitoring devices, such as panic buttons and entry sensors, motion sensors, and key fobs.
  • ADT will send you mobile alerts when someone activates or deactivates security systems.
  • Frontpoint will notify law enforcement when someone attempts to destroy your security system’s control panels.

Keyless lock systems

To secure their offices, more small businesses are turning to keyless locks. There are three types: electronic, mechanical, and biometric keyless systems.

  • Mechanical: Simply push the combination keypad and you’re good to go. This keyless system is suitable for use outside of doors. It is also weatherproof and strong.
  • Electronic: A keypad that needs some electrical current. It can be wired to the electrical system of a building or an integrated battery. This keypad can be illuminated which is a great option for areas with a lot of nighttime activity. This keypad is also great for keypads located in dimly lit areas.
  • Biometric: biometric keypads can also be called fingerprint keyless locks. The touchpad scans fingerprints to permit entry. These keys are ideal for offices that need high levels of security and restricted access. As part of your business security, you can also use biometric attendance and time systems.

Multifactor authentication is also possible. It is possible to also use attendance and biometric time systems in your business security system.

Cost for keyless lock systems

Professional keyless lock installation typically costs $300

Top keyless lock systems

These companies are highly regarded and offer keyless locks.

  • Kisi provides access options through smartphones, cards, and keyfob.
  • Brivo uses smart lock technology to replace keyed locks.
  • Openpath provides hands-free keyless locks

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Lighting systems

Office security is enhanced by good lighting. Crime can be deterred by well-lit areas. But leaving lights on 24/7 can lead to wasted money and unnecessary expense. Motion-activated lights, which turn on and off automatically at preset hours, will provide lighting for only the time it is needed. They can also be turned off after the motion has stopped. They can be connected to security cameras for indoor and outdoor use.

The installation of security equipment is just one part of your overall protection. Security experts recommend that you conduct regular audits to make sure your security system is functioning properly and identify any potential weaknesses.

Lighting systems cost

Each fixture in your lighting system will cost between $20 and $80.

Top choices for lighting systems

These floodlights with motion sensing could be a great fit for your business.

  • The Leonlite LED Security Light offers 180 degrees of motion detection, with a range of 70 feet.
  • Installing the Maxsa Solar Motion-Activated Double-Head Light is simple because it does not require any electrical wiring.
  • The Baxia Technology Solar Lights Outdoor provides bright, intense lighting that is approximately equal to the amount required to light living space.
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