Top 10 Data Loss Prevention Software

Data Loss Prevention Software

What Is a DLP Software?

Data Loss Prevention Software is a software application that combines policies, procedures and technologies in order to prevent the leakage of data or its misuse. It assists organizations in dealing with different issues such as insider threats, leakages of data, etc.

DLP software has three main advantages: it prevents end users from misusing data maliciously or accidentally, meets compliance and regulatory standards, and monitors critical file movement.

Top Data Loss Prevention Software

1. Endpoint Protector By CoSoSys

Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys is a Data Loss Prevention software that can be used to discover, monitor and protect sensitive data. It is a multi-OS advanced data loss prevention method. It guarantees regulatory compliance. Endpoint Protector data security solutions are available for different industries, including Healthcare, Education, and finance.

Features for removable devices are available. It can perform data content inspections and contextual scanning for these devices, and applications like Outlook, Dropbox, Skype, and others. Cloud service is available. It is able to perform Enforced Encryption on Windows and Mac devices.


  • Endpoint Protector has a Device Control feature that gives you precise, granular control. It also allows you to grant temporary remote access.
  • Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention is a feature that comes with the software. This feature performs content inspections and context scanning of data on removable devices and applications like Skype, Outlook, and others.
  • The features of the software will manage and secure USB storage media.
  • Endpoint Protector enforces encryption using passwords and is easy to use. It can remotely remediate sensitive data on Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints.

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2. NinjaOne Backup

NinjaOne gives you the choice of backing up your data to cloud storage only, local storage only or hybrid storage. NinjaOne can recover deleted files. NinjaOne is one of the most effective data loss prevention programs available. End-users can use it to protect data from remote workers without a VPN.

NinjaOne ensures that you have full visibility of all your backups after performing data backups. The platform will alert you immediately if anything is wrong. This software’s fully customizable retention settings allow you to create different backup plans and retention plans for both local and cloud backups.


  • Ransomware Resistance
  • App aware back
  • Proactive alerting
  • Secure data restore
  • Incremental block-level backup

3. ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus

Endpoint DLP Plus is a ManageEngine DLP solution dedicated to protecting your critical enterprise data against insider threats and loss of data.

Get complete visibility of your network data, and classify them according to their importance using templates that are predefined or customized. Create DLP policies from a central console to prevent sensitive data transfers via cloud uploads and email exchanges.


  • Scan and categorize sensitive data among the miscellaneous data of your enterprise in accordance with standards for compliance.
  • Restriction of private cloud storage and restricted uploads to enterprise-approved cloud applications.
  • Filter E-mail attachments containing critical data and only allow E-mail exchanges between trusted domains.
  • Control the limit of downloads and prints for devices that are allowed.
  • Stay informed with instant alerts and detailed reports about your network’s performance.
  • Get a one-step solution to correct false positives for better data security.

4. ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus is a data security and visibility platform that specializes in file auditing, data analysis, risk assessment, and leakage prevention. It allows you to monitor, alert and report on any file modifications and accesses made in your Windows file server environment, failover cluster, and workgroup.

The program can perform a meta-analysis, identify vulnerabilities in files, and analyze storage by deleting duplicates, old data, and stale information. It can stop data leaks from happening by blocking file copying activities on USB devices and endpoints.

Platforms can also locate and classify sensitive data in your repositories, allowing you to identify potential data breaches and comply with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and others.


  • File server auditing
  • File Analysis
  • Data leakage prevention
  • Data Risk Assessment
  • Ransomware Response

5. Symantec DLP

Symantec’s DLP solution provides total protection for your sensitive data. Data breaches and compliance risks will be reduced. You’ll have complete control and visibility over your data. It will monitor continuously policy violations and user behavior that is risky across all control points. It can block data leakage, quarantine, and alert in real-time.


  • Symantec DLP features automated incident remediation workflows, and Smart Responses with one click that allow you to respond quickly if a critical data loss occurs.
  • This allows you to fine-tune your policies to achieve a balance between security and productivity.
  • You can have visibility and control of the data in cloud apps or at rest.
  • Information Centric Analytics is provided. This feature allows you to prioritize risky behaviors and identify malicious users and provides a better method to manage and respond to incidents.

6. McAfee DLP

McAfee’s comprehensive suite of data loss prevention offers comprehensive protection in a single package. It can protect data in the network, cloud, and endpoints. Flexible deployment options will allow you to manage policies that are common and streamline incident workflows.


  • McAfee offers visibility via capture technology.
  • You will be able to see how data is being used, and how it has been leaked.
  • It is equipped with a more robust data classification feature that allows it to classify and identify data.
  • It can encrypt data transmissions in violation of policy, redirect them, quarantine them, or even block their transmission.

7. Forcepoint DLP

Forcepoint offers individualized and adaptive security for data. You can block actions when necessary and thus increase productivity. This will ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations in 80+ countries. This will prevent data breaches automatically.

Forcepoint offers a vast library of predefined policies to help you view and manage all your data. Forcepoint will allow you to protect PII, PHI, financial information, trade secrets, and credit card data. Even in images. You can track intellectual property both in structured and unstructured formats.


  • Forcepoint offers Drip DLP (Data Protection), Native remediation, Comprehensive Data Discovery, and OCR as features for Data Protection.
  • It provides native behavioral analytics and can be used to provide risk-adaptive protection as well as risk-based policy enforcement.
  • Forcepoint features can stop data theft, even when devices are not connected to the network.
    Database flexibility is available.

8. SecureTrust Data Loss Prevention

SecureTrust DLP is a solution that allows you to monitor and secure your data in transit, at rest, and when it’s in use. This tool will ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and prevent data exfiltration. The tool has over 70 policy settings and risk categorizations predefined. They can be switched on or off.

SecureTrust analyzes all web-based communications and attachments to determine if they violate the company’s governance policies, compliance, and acceptable-use policies.


  • Software features automatically block HTTPS traffic and FTP traffic that violates compliance policies.
  • If email communications and attachments are flagged as non-compliant, it will automatically encrypt, block, quarantine, or offer self-compliance options.
  • The Intelligent Content Control Engine will assist security teams in discovering sensitive data. This will allow security teams to concentrate on their initiatives and the implementation of corrective measures for specific users and systems.
  • SecureTrust offers features such as Advanced Content Control and Investigation Management.

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9. Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian is a DLP and IP software for enterprises. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms. You will benefit from quick deployment, on-demand scaling, and a SaaS delivery. It is cross-platform and has the deepest visibility. Flexible controls and comprehensive classifying are also features.


  • Digital Guardian offers a comprehensive classification feature that allows you to discover and classify data based on user, content, and context.
  • The unknown risk policy lets you know how sensitive data flows, where it can be at risk, and where it is without policies.
  • The software supports native, cross-platform, and browser-based applications.

10. Trend Micro IDLP

Trend Micro offers an integrated DLP that allows you to implement controls in terms of protection, visibility, and enforcement. This lightweight plugin will allow you to quickly see and control sensitive data in order to prevent data losses through USB, Emails, SaaS Applications, Web, Mobile Devices, and Cloud Storage.

No additional hardware or software is required. It protects data in transit, at rest, and when in use.


  • Trend Micro can restrict USB drives, CD/DVD writers, cloud storage, USB-attached mobile devices, etc.
  • You can automate your response to policy violations by logging, blocking, encrypting, alerting or modifying, quarantining, or deleting data.
  • This tool can be used to identify and improve corporate data policies.
  • It can detect and respond to inappropriate data usage using keywords, regular expressions, and file attributes.

Conclusion — Top Data Loss Prevention Software

Data is growing at an exponential rate, making it difficult for companies to manage, track and protect sensitive data inside their corporate boundaries. DLP Solutions help businesses prevent data leakage, and respond to incidents.

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