Top Seasonal Side Hustles to Make Extra Money

Top Seasonal Side Hustles to Make Extra Money

You might not consider taking on a side hustle gig during the holiday season. Because you’re not the only one who is running out of time, this is the ideal time to start side hustling. There are many people going in different directions at the same time. Now is your chance to lend a hand and make some side-hustle income. Perhaps you want to save money on your shopping trips or earn enough to pay off those hot credit cards. Let’s take a look at some great seasonal side hustles that allow you to have fun and enjoy the holidays.

1. Take your e-business to live at a show or festival

Holiday season bustles with craft fairs and shopping festivals. This is your chance to make a side income while doing valuable research. My company Hollywood Sensation Jewelry has been online since the beginning. Anthony Hood, my husband, suggested that we take part in the Sunset Market, a huge outdoor market in Oceanside.

We rented a booth and set up a tent. Then we spent four hours selling Hollywood Sensation merchandise to the public. Although I was skeptical that this would work, I was also nervous about selling merchandise to the public. The results were amazing, I’m sure you can forgive me for the pun. We were able to sell more than enough products to cover our expenses. We received live feedback directly from customers, with whom we could talk one-on-one.

You can find out if your product is not yet available in the e-store. Check your local calendar for events and festivals to see if you are eligible to receive market research and a new revenue stream. The popularity of the event will determine the cost of renting a booth. If things go well, I recommend starting small. Make sure you choose an event that is in line with your brand. Although we might not be able to bring Hollywood Sensation Jewelry along to a plumbing show, the sunset beach atmosphere was ideal for some glamour.

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2. Take your skills to the masses

Are you have a knack for holiday decor? Do you love gift-wrapping and have a knack for holiday decor? Event planning? Delectable baked goods? But not everyone does. They need your services, especially during this time of the year. Perhaps you have a cookie or holiday recipe that gets rave reviews everywhere you go. Let people at the church social and office potluck know that you are available to bake one for them.

Social media can be used to make your name known as someone who can decorate the Christmas tree, indoors or out, and other decorations. Don’t forget that while most people love decorating for Christmas, nearly no one enjoys taking it down. Do you have the time to organize, untangle and repackage all the mistletoe or holly? Perhaps you own a pickup truck that can haul away trees for responsible disposal. allows you to create an account and help with a wide range of tasks. You can also get reviews from customers to improve your reputation and increase your business. TaskRabbit has the following prices for these services: Party Clean Up for $49-$80; Toy Assembly for $40-$99; Christmas Decorating for $48-$86. Even if you aren’t working, you can get paid to wait in line. You are not kidding!

3. Reap the perks of a seasonal job

Deliveries and stores always need reliable seasonal help. You can almost guarantee that you will be welcomed back next year if you are a good seasonal employee. Don’t forget to mention that many stores offer regular employee discounts for seasonal employees. You might be able to save 10% on a more expensive purchase if you are a keen buyer. My friend spent five weeks working in a home furnishings shop and saved his family hundreds of dollars on new flooring and a refrigerator.

Another option is to help party companies prepare, decorate, serve and check in guests. They also need people who can take coats, valet cars, and conduct table games. My friend is a blackjack dealer at holiday parties. She loves it. She goes to many fancy parties every year and hears all the bands. She also meets lots of fun people, who have a lot of fun, and she gets paid.

The salary for seasonal jobs varies depending on where you live, but these are just a few examples. Delivery companies averagely pay $16.00 an hour, warehouses $13.80, and store gift wrappers make around $12.00 an hour. Ask about seasonal assistance and whether the employee discount is available When applying for retail stores

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4. Be a sitter

What else do holidays bring, besides happiness? Travelers! There are places to visit and things you can do. This could be for an evening party or a shopping trip with the kids, or even two weeks away. You can help them reduce their stress when traveling by being the one who takes care of the details. You can take the stress off of everyone by providing reliable and friendly care, elder care, house sitting, and pet caring.

It is a comfort to know that someone is available to watch over the home or check on elderly relatives to make sure everything is safe. Multiple gig sites allow you to register as a sitter. For example, and You can also establish yourself as a great house-sitter or pet sitter in one area and get more offers. You can spread the word quickly on homeowners’ websites and have multiple gigs within the same area.

Enjoy your holidays

A holiday side hustle can be more than a way to increase your income. Getting out and enjoying the holiday atmosphere is a great way for you to feel the spirit of the season, ease the stress and create amazing memories. Giving is always better than receiving. But if you can combine both with a holiday side business, that’s a great reason to celebrate.

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