How to Download Subtitles from YouTube Videos

How to Download Subtitles from YouTube Videos

When you’re trying to learn a language, subtitles can be a huge help. Many of the videos you can find on YouTube and other platforms have subtitles in English or other languages. Subtitles are essential for those who want to learn the English accent and pronunciation.

You may not have an internet connection at all times, so you’d have to download YouTube videos in order to access them offline. It’s a problem that not all YouTube downloaders allow you to download subtitled videos. In most cases, you will end up with videos without subtitles.

How can you download YouTube videos with subtitles? We have a few solutions for you.

The Thing with YouTube Premium

If you didn’t know, YouTube Premium allows you to download YouTube videos offline. You will need to pay for this service to get the best results. The offline feature is only available on Android and iOS. If you want to watch these videos on your desktop, then you will need another app.

YouTube Premium downloads subtitles automatically. It’s not necessary to do any extra work. Download the video you want in the best quality. The subtitles will be downloaded as well. You can select the subtitles you want to play when playing an offline video by selecting the appropriate option in the menu => Captions. The auto-generated English subtitles may not be available in this mode.

The problem is that you cannot move the downloaded files or subtitles. This could be an option if you’re comfortable with the YouTube interface. You can also try the other options listed below.

You can download subtitles for YouTube videos easily using these methods. These methods can be used even if you do not have a YouTube premium subscription.

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Method 1: Use Software like YouTube Subtitle Downloaders

It is the easiest way to download subtitles for YouTube videos. You can then download a program that will help you download subtitles via a dedicated interface. You get more features when compared to the Online YouTube Subtitles Downloader.

You can choose between different formats of subtitles. For example,.TXT allows you to copy subtitles easily without the timestamp while.SRT lets you have text and subtitles. You may also be able to download subtitles in bulk, add timing information, or download subtitles for a certain amount of time.

Before you click the download button, you can also select the language for the subtitles. It’s useful when you don’t want to keep all the files of subtitles that you may not need. This program is very efficient and saves you time.

YouTube Subtitle Downloader Software is a good choice if you want to use subtitles downloaded for different purposes. For example, You can choose TXT subtitles if you wish to easily copy and paste the content. You can use this when downloading online videos for learning, as the captions are very helpful.

Method 2: Online YouTube Subtitle Downloaders

You can find online YouTube downloaders that offer subtitles if you are looking for portability. You don’t need to install or download any software to access the offline downloads. You must paste the URL of the YouTube video instead, as you would with any video.

There are many websites that offer online subtitles downloads. Choose websites with short URLs to make it easier for you to access them. They are useful when you need to download a subtitle without having to go through the hassle. It turns out that there are also other benefits.

You can download subtitles for other streaming services, like Vimeo, Facebook, or TED, using the same online platform. The next time you download a TED video from its official website, you will be able to download the subtitles as well.

You may lose out on some features, such as bulk functions. If you want to download subtitles from multiple videos, you will need to copy and paste each URL one at a time. This is a minor issue compared to compatibility and control.

An online YouTube Subtitle Downloader will be your best option when you’re on the go. Did we mention you won’t be charged a penny? You have so many options. We should also take into account the fact that there are many YouTube video downloaders available. You can relax.

Last Line

These are the best options to choose from if you want to download subtitles for a YouTube video. We have included a way to download subtitles for other online services, such as Facebook or TED. I hope it is helpful to all learners.

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